Special For Sale Gallery

In this gallery you will find pieces that are usually not for sale on my website but put up for sale for a limited time.  How long will depend on many factors and some pages will be here for months and others only for a few days .  As with all my art, art is subject to availability.  I may not have updated this list since a piece has sold as I usually only get around to updating the site every few months but will try to keep this page more up to date.  My goal is to change this gallery every week or two but we will see how that goes. 

Eduard Risso - Batman 621.  Fresh of his legendary run on 100 Bullets, Risso brings all his style and atmosphere to the world of the Dark Knight.  Here we see one of Risso's beautiful women and bar scenes.  The lighting and use of contrast is among Eduardo's greatest skills and this is full effect with the reverse lighting in the second panel.  The perspective in the lower panel is brilliant and wait...could those be Batman's eyes in the background?  This is one of those one and done type pages where you have everything in a Risso page in on a single page.    $1250

Ozzie and Babs #4 Cover - unknown good girl artist.  Fun teen comic from 1948 published by Fawcett.  This lot also includes the stat mock up of the cover.  Although a teen comic in the footsteps of Archie, there are good girl elements to this cover including the short skirts and headlights.  Art of this era and quality from Fawcett is rare, especially covers.  $1500

Marvel Team-Up #6 by Gil Kane - 1973.  Classic bronze age page with great images of Spidey in every panel!  If this exact page had been published in ASM in this same era it would be over $10K.  You can't ask for a page with more Kane Spidey on it than this.  $6000

Don Martin MAD Magazine #242 - "One Fine Evening During Prime Time"   Great self contained single page comic by the great Don Martin.  Another one and done type page with everything you could want in a Martin page from a classic era.  Like many of the MAD pages of this era, there is a color overlay that comes with the art.    $6500

Capcon's Street Fighter II Sticker Album art by Oliver Frey - this image would have been broken up into 4 stickers the owner would have put together like a puzzle within the sticker album.  Guile - Dragon Suplex with Ken.  Stickers #86-89.  Image area 5.5 x 4.25 inches.  Prime, early video game related art.  This piece will ring your nostalgia bell just like Ken is about the get his bell rung.  Frey had a long career as an illustrator starting in the 1970's.  $800

Jeff Pitarelli - Buster Crabbe as Flash Gordon.  Painted art by well known artist.  Jeff brings his abilities at creating challenging pieces to this iconic actor of the golden age. Done on art board 15 x 20 inches.  $300

Neil Vokes - Shuriken #2 cover.  Eternity comics 1989.  This character/comic was a hit during the black and white indie boom of the 80's.  I have not seen this piece published as a cover, perhaps as an interior splash but I cannot confirm.  Art from this series is extremely rare so here is your chance to add a fun, nostalgic piece to your collection.  $700.