Sienkiewicz Gallery
Bill Sienkiewicz is my favorite comic artist.  A versatile and innovative artist that changed the comic medium more than any other single individual.  Bringing mixed media, abstraction and other popular art forms into comics, he opened the door for artists like Dave McKean, Simon Bisley, Ashley Wood, Alex Maalev, Kent Williams, Jon J. Muth and countless others.  His first works in the comic industry were often categorized as a Neal Adams clone (certainly not an insult) but his work rapidly evolved and continues to evolve.  My favorite project that Bill has done to date was the Elektra Assassin mini series written by Frank Miller.  A close second would be the groundbreaking work in Moon Knight and New Mutants where you could literally see his style take shape from panel to panel.  Brilliant.

Below is my collection of Bill Sienkiewicz Original Art.  Click on the thumbnail to see the bigger images.

Covers & Splashes

Comet Man #3 cover

Elektra Assassin # 6 pg 30

Marvel Fanfare

Moon Knight Special Edition #1 Cover

Mirage part 1

Mirage part 2

Moon Knight # 23 pg 16

Moon Knight # 37 pg 27

New Mutants # 18 pg 4

New Mutants # 18 pg 5

Spectacular Spiderman 229

Spectacular Spiderman 229

Red Sonja #8 Cover


Comic Pages

Big Numbers #3 pg 23

Critical Mass #1 pg 20

Mister X unpublished

Moon Knight # 11 pg 26

Moon Knight # 18 pg 19

Moon Knight # 18 pg 21

Moon Knight # 19 pg 9

Moon Knight # 20 pg 21

New Mutants #? pg 18

New Mutants #28 pg 19

Shadow # 1 pg 27

Shadow # 3 pg 10

Elektra Assassin #7 pg 11

Shadow # 6 pg 25

Batman 533 pg 11

Batman 534 pg 11


Elektra - full figure    sketch

Elektra - headshot   sketch

Elektra sketch - partial tear

Rogue sketch

Stray Toaster/Batman sketch

Magik sketch

Moon Knight Sketch


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