New Art

Warning Some Images contain Nudity!

New Art  July 16, 2022
It has been a busy 6 months since my last update.  Some cool new things added to my collection.  I went to both TCAF and Heroes conventions since the last update.  Like my last update more of a European and manga focus with most of the rest of the attention going to comic strip art. 

Comic Art
Herge - Quick et Flupke page from 1930! 
Peyo - La Faim des Schtroumpfs page - unused - redrawn here. 
Gibrat, Jean-Pierre - Matteo T3 page by European superstar.  Hidden pencils under panel 4
Vance, William - Xiii page.  Finally...this one has been a long time coming.
Pratt, Hugo - Young Corto Maltese tier.
Crisse, Didier - Atlantis page
Andrea, Jean-Baptiste - Manie pin-up
Bolton, John - Black Dragon 2 page 18
Cho, Michael - 2 covers.  X-men Masterpiece #2 and Avengers Masterpiece #2
Golden, Michael - two pages from the Nam series.  #6 page 27 and #8 page 4.
Quitely, Frank - two consecutive pages from Authority #20.  Page 10 and 11.
Cho, Frank - Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #1 page
Springer, Frank - Dazzler #16 page 15 - fun, goofy 80's stuff from the team at Marvel.
Robbins, Frank - Human Fly unused cover
D'Armini, Simone - Adventure Time Cover.  Published.
Hughes, Adam - Betty and Veronica #2 page 21.
Mahfood, Jim - Tank Girl page
Bertam, Ian - House of Penance page
Weeks, Lee - some new scans of old art.  Daredevil #380 unused cover illustration and small headsketch.
Chancellor, Reed - Sad Religion back cover - punk rock icon biography
Krenkel, RG - ERB Land of Terror cover piece also an interior plate - Canaveral press. Published
Manning, Russ - Tarzan illustration unknown date but early.  Back.
Marsh, Jesse - Tarzan and the Forbidden City cover illustration and a plate illustration page 245. Published cover and illustration here.
Cady, Harrison - Happychaps from 1908 published in this.  As published
Panda, Chris - illustration - Neon Genesis. 
Stelfeeze, Brian - prelim page to Gun Candy 2

Dragunas, Joe - Dragon illustration and prelim and Knight illustration
Bence, Tyler - sketch page and back
Beezer, Steven - Horror sketch and Kaneda from Akira con sketch x 2.
Murphy, Bob - print of my friend Bob Murphy's hand coloring of copies of art he owned. 

Strip Art
Caniff, Milton - I am happy to add some dandy Terrys to my collection including the fifth one ever.  10/26/34, 4/22/35, 5/13/39 and 6/12/39, and a Dickie Dare strip from 11/1/33.  I also got my previous 3 Dickie Dare dailies that were glued together on one board back from restoration only to discover that they were panels reassembled from 5 different strips.  I am still trying to figure out what to do with these. Here is Dumb Dora strip the Caniff was the ghost artist on from 11/22/33 for Bill Dwyer.  Prints - Steve Canyon cast, Normandie Drake, Merrily Drake, Burma/Dragonlady, Pat Ryan, Terry, Connie, Flip Corkin, Dragon Lady with Handsmaid and sitting Miss LaceMiss Lace cards and this original that I think is a copy/homage to Caniff but possibly by Caniff's hand too. 
Sickles, Noel - Scorchy Smith dailies 5/28/36 and 11/7/36.
McWilliams, Alden - Twin Earths single panel daily 5/28/62, 2/20/69, 2/21/69 and 2/22/69.
King, Frank - Gasoline Alley dailies 25/2/22(single panel) and 7/31/29 plus a single panel tier from Aug 18, 1929 Sunday (published Sunday).
Gross, Milt -  - one of the big innovators of comic art
Foster, Hal - Tarzan panel from 2/10/35
Raymond, Alex - Rip Kirby Daily from 7/1/48
Prentice, John - nice Rip Kirby Daily from 3/22/58
Godwin, Frank - early Rusty Riley Dailies from 7/28/48 and 11/4/50.
Andriola, Alfred - Charlie Chan Daily 5/13/39.
Fisher, Ham - Joe Palooka daily 3/6/41 with boxing.
ary, Jim - King of the Royal Mounted daily 1/22/48
Boring, Wayne - Davy Jones Daily 11/22/70
Forrest, Hal - Tailspin Tommy Sunday 11/7/38
Taylor, R.W. - Million Dollar Kid Sunday 1913

Manga Art
Tezuka, Osamu - Cover to Shonen Club 1958
Ito, Junji - Tomie panel - this is an impossible item, I don't know of any other artwork by Ito in the wild.  Note written on back.
Mizuki, Shigeru - splash from Fantasy Romantic Cat Princess, back
Uchiyama, Mamoru - Burn Koshien splash and page 110 and 111, 122 and123 - Baseball themed.
Urano, Chikako - Attack No 1 page - girls volleyball theme.  Betsuma Magazine (Shueisha)
Hisamatsu, Fumio - Yatteran page - Time Gokan
Takai, Kenichiro - Minus Kid - Hitler Has Arrived! page
Morii, Oono - Kunitachi Monogatari page


New Art January 19, 2022

There are a few themes to this update, strip art, international art and Archie. 

Crepax, Guido - I can't get enough art by this Italian genius.  (Not work safe)
Manara, Milo - nice tier from Giuseppe Bergman story line. 
Munoz, Jose - Alack Sinner page
Breccia, Alberto - Viajero des Gris
Kearon, Ted - Archie Robot page Lion Magazine Sept 1965 (and another that has moved on already)
Blasco, Jesse - Steel Claw 3/9/66 Valiant comics and Return of the Steel Claw Valiant 104 1973.
Pratt, Hugo - Young Corto Maltese tier

Studio Ghibli - Porco Rosso cel featuring Gina and Curtis and another with Porco in his cockpit
Otomo, Katsuhiro - Akira douga with Kaneda on his bike.  Akira cel with Kaneda on his bike from same series. with douga (framed) and Tetsuo on throne.
Okazaki, Toshio - 2 painted pieces from early 1980's featuring mech warriors I know nothing about other than they are cool and kitsch.1 (published image) and 2  (published image)
Sailor Moon cel featuring Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Venus by Toei Animation
Mizuki, Shigeru - two pages from Oho No Otoko.  page 32 and 88
Yokohama, Mitsuteru - color page with strong Tezuka influence
Hisamatsu, Fumio Kaze No Fujimaru page  - cool Tezuka influence samurai page (published)
Hanazawa, Kengo - "I Am Hero" Shikishi

DeCarlo, Dan - Pep #159 5 page story from 1962.  pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. and 3 pages from Betty and Veronica Summer fun #13 3, 4, 5
Frese, George - Archie Giant #3 3 page story from 1956.  1, 2, 3.  Very distinctive style. 
Lucey, Harry - Archie Giant #30 page 3 from 1964, and Archie #114 page from 1960.
Montana, Bob - Archie Daily 7/26/52.
Moore, Tom - Archie #93 page 1, 2, 3 and Laugh 87 one page gag.
Schwartz, Samm - Jughead Annual #8 5 page story from 1960 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Archie's Pal Jughead 64 page 1, 2, 3 ,4.

Strip Art:

Herriman, George - Krazy Kat Sunday with a brick throwing gag 7/20/38
McDonnell, Patrick - Mutts daily 6/2/2000
Frazetta, Frank - Ace McCoy daily 1/22  I got this in trade for my other example of this. 
Trudeau, Garry - Doonesbury daily 9/1/97
Segar, E.C. Nice daily featuring the first chapter of a story and the first appearance of the Sea Hag.  The final panel is great.
Johnston, Lynn - For Better or Worse Daily 4/20/80, 6/17/92, Sunday 5/26/91
Myers, Russell - Broomhilda daily 3/6/79.
Gray, Clarence - Brick Bradford Sunday 2/20/53
Messick, Dale - Brenda Star cutout 1951
Hamlin,V.T. - Alley oop daily 10/19/38
Dumm, Edwina - Tippy Christmas sunday from Life Magazine 1930's.
Davis, Jim - Garfield Sunday 7/20/80.
Caniff, Milton - Terry and the Pirates Dailies from 6/18/37, 4/1/39, 4/30/46 and 5/27/36Steve Canyon promo piece.
prints of the Dragon Lady with her hand maids1, 2, Miss Lace 1, 2, Dragon Lady, Copper Calhoon, Grett Murmur, Herself Muldoon and a duplicate Steve Canyon
Sickles, Noel - Scorchy Smith partial daily 10/3/36
Stamm, Russell - Invisible Scarlet O'Neil daily 6/21/51

Buscema, John - Thor 231 page 2 - Hercules and Thor
Garcia-Lopez, Jose - Deadman #6 page
Williams, Louis - Daredevil 237 page 19. 
Miller, Chris - Alien Worlds #1 - Blackthorne 1986
Adams, Neal - Storm illustration
Steacy, Ken - Marvel Fanfare #22 splash
Brigman, June - Power Pack #17 cover

Rolston, Steve - The Escapist #9 page 10 - gift from comic writer Brian K Vaughan along with this signed print
Tommaso, Rich - Spyseal page and Dragon Lady commission

Here is something new for me.  Two sets of Disney animation pencils from Disney studios.  I like the energy these contain.  Mickey Mouse 1932 (from Nightmare) and Donald Duck 1934(from Orphan's Benefit)

New Art update September 13, 2021
So, 2021 is 2/3 over.  It is time for another update.  I have been trying to shrink my collection but it seems like a bit of a losing battle as I keep finding new art to add.  A few big items this time.  In fact, the two biggest single piece I have ever purchased.

Tezuka, Osamu - god of mang.  Here is an incredibly rare, 7 page story from 1959.  Akebono-san is the name of the story and it was published in Ribon Shojo manga under the Soyokaze-san series which began in 1955.  This might be the single most important art I have owned to date.  Page 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5 6, 7.  Also a tier from Metropolis trilogy manga circa 1950.  From Tezuka studio a few anime cels - Blackjack, Dororo and Princess Knight

Sticking with the manga/anime scene
Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli - cels from My Neighbor Totoro 1, 2 and Kiki's Delivery Service
Mizuki, Shigeru - Jigoku page and a GeGeGe no Kitaro anime cel.  Genga included 1 and 2
Watanabe, Masami - 2 great Urutoman A paintings/covers. 1, 2
Ozawa, Satoru - Alien Rock cover painted comic art.
Keimei, Sharyou - Samurai manga page.
Sera, Suruga - Ai No Renkinjutsu - 4 pages from hentai story with nice witch manga art before the story deteriorates.   2, 3, 4, 5

Kiuchi, Chizuko - manga page in the Shojo style influenced by Tezuka.Suisei no Yukue page 44
Sakabashira, Imiri - color illustration from Billiken gallery exhibtion May 2005. 
Yatate, Hajime/Sunrise Studio - Cowboy BeBop cel of Spike eating ramen.  Genga.
Triangle Studio - Lain, Serial Experiments cel and genga
Misc. cels - Aika cel 1, 2 and Yokio cel 1 and 2

Strip art
Foster, Harold - Prince Valiant Sunday 3/12/39 - great Sunday from early in this landmark series.
McCay Jr., Winsor - Little Nemo Revival 1937
Raymond, Alex - great Rip Kirby with Pagan Lee and the Mangler from 8/30/46
Caniff, Milton - Terry and Pirates daily 7/17/46 - art on back  and 7/1/39 and my favorite story line.
Dirks, Rudolph - Captain and the Kids Sunday 8/22/43  attached to Hawkshaw below
Mager, Gus - Hawkshaw Detective Sunday 8/22/43  attached to Captain and the Kids.
McLusky, John - James Bond Dailies - 116, 118, 381, 390.
Infantino, Carmine - Batman daily 1/15/91
Wunder, George - large Dragon Lady illustration
 Davis, Jim   Garfield Daily 1/4/79 - early Garfield from the first year of the strip.  I really like the earlier renditions of Garfield when he was fatter and walked on all fours.  I know many of my comic art friends roll their eyes at these but there is no denying the success of this strip. 

Chaykin, Howard - Black Kiss #6 cover.  Cool,black and white cover from one of the most innovative barrier breaking comics of its time. 
Barbucci, Alessandro - Sky-Doll cover.  This image was used as a cover for several versions of this comic as well as for a print. In print for Image comics
Green, Randy - Witchblade #31 splash.  I know, I know....not what I'd usually buy. 
Kane, Gil - Green Lantern #23 page 14 - fun DC Silver Age goodness. 
Infantino, Carmine - pages 24 and 25 from Mystery in Space #90.  The bottom panel on page 24 is similar to the published cover image.  Murphy Anderson inks. 
Mignola, Mike - Cosmic Odyssey #1 page.  Some nice images of the Batman.
Mooney, Jim - Superboy 1, 1990 TV series comic page.  Ty Templeton inks.
Hanselman, Simon - Megg, Mogg and Owl page from 2015 Megg and Mogg in Amsterdam. 
Varenne, Alex - Erma Jaguar page
Baldazzini, Roberto - Dragon Lady and Corto Maltese commission.  Prelims 1, 2, 3, 4.

Ditko, Steve - prelims for Aarghhaa 1, 2, The Cape 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6 and Miss Eerie 1, ,2 ,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.  Produced in 2011 for his comic A. 

New Art  Update April 25, 2021

Here is my first update for 2021.  Since I am trying to cut down on new purchases (failing at that miserably), it is a bit smaller an update but some fun new pieces.  This update shows how much my focus on collecting has shifted towards strip art and European artists.  I also did an interview with Bill Cox on Comicartfans Live.  Link is here to youtube

Chaykin, Howard - Black Kiss #6 cover (as printed)

Shimizu, Yuko - cover to the Red Threads of  Fortune (published).

Toth, Alex - Terry and Pirates Portfolio piece 4 or 4.  Dragon Lady Press.

Martin, Don - another fun one pager from MAD #198 from 1978....peak era MAD.  (with overlays)

Calafiore, John - Akira pin up for Anime Invasion (as published)

Schwartz, Sam - Archie Pals and Gals #14 - 8 page story 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8  (looks like Vigoda to me)

Vigoda, Bill -  Archie #111 - 6 page story 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Brinkley, Nel - pioneering female artist from early 1900's - 2 illustrations - other

Erte - Madame Butterfly costume design 1923.  Back of art.

Hernandez, Jaime - Penny Century page - NWS - Nudity

Strip Art -
Gottfredson, Floyd - Mickey Mouse daily 11/20/37  - restored/conserved (see before/after here).
Montana, Bob - Archie 7/26/48 - restored/conserved (see before and after here).  This is not a new piece for me but afer restoration, I am very happy it will be safe for many more decades to come. 
Goldberg, Rube - early Goldberg Machine daily
Godwin, Frank - a big update for me.  Some key new pieces.  Connie Sudnay from 10/4/36, Roy Power Eagle Scouts daily from 1938 and 4 swell Rusty Riley dailies from the Haunted Castle story line.  11/20/56, 11/21/56, 11/22/56 and 11/23/56.
Raymond, Alex - Rip Kirby Daily 6/13/49.  Nice Pagan Lee images.
Caniff, Milton - Terry and Pirates  1/11/39, 2/15/39, 5/26/39, 6/10/42.  Clearly I have a problem, I can't so not to a good Terry, especially from 1939.  There are some really spectacular ones in this lot.  Here is an uncolored Miss Lace print.
Outcault, Richard - Buster Brown Sunday - fun medical theme.
Murphy, John Cullen - two nice boxing dailies 2/23/59 and 3/19/59.
McManus, Geo - Bringing Up Father daily 6/16/43
Young, Chic - Dumb Dora 10/12/28 - before there was Blondie, there was this Flapper themed series
Fung, Paul - Dumb Dora 2/27/31 - Paul Fung took over this strip after Chic Young moved on to create Blondie.
Momand, Pop - Keeping Up with the Joneses
Orr, Carey - Kernel Cootie daily 11/1/21
Schmidt, Charles - Radio Patrol Sunday 8/20/59
Branner, Martin - two nice, early Winnie Winkle the Breadwinner dailies 12/5/24 and 3/27/21.
Voight, Charles - Petey Dink daily 1908
Dumm, Edwina - two fun Cap Stubbs and Tippie dailies 8/4/32 and 29/12/26
Westover, Russ - Tillie the Toiler daily 1928 no month/day - perhaps a specialty piece.
Ratcliff, Ernest - Lindy Daily 1953
Norris, Paul - Jungle Jim hand colored and personalized print

European art
Toppi, Sergio - Flash Gordon homage and the art for a portfolio about the
Battle of Tuotoberg Forest
Frollo, Leone - Naga page NWS
Pratt, Hugo - L'Ombre page and another Sgt. Kirk page
Magnus - page from I Briganti with some art on the back
Sire, Denis - Lisa Bay page 2 NWS
Serpieri, Paolo - Druuna hand painted color guide to a page I own the art for. 
Minus, Walter - fantastic Dragon Lady commission with 3 prelims included 1 ,2 ,3
Cirovic, Slavisa - 2 fun cover prelims -  a cheeky Franco-Belgian homage and European cowboys

New Art as of December 7th, 2020

It has been a
really great year for my collection.  In addition to my previous update, this one has lots of goodies that meet many of my collecting goals.  Without a doubt, the pandemic has been bad for travel but good for comic art. 

Where to start?... Let me start with Caniff again.  This has been a huge Caniff year for me starting with the Male Call daily I posted in my last update. But before Caniff, a commission inspired by a Caniff print.

Manara, Milo - large Dragon Lady Homage colored art.  This was a once in a lifetime experience and opportunity.  Prelim

Caniff, Milton - Dickie Dare Sept 14-16, 1933.  Terry and the Pirates 4/10/37, 10/12/38(great Burma), 1/10/39 and a spectacular Dragon Lady kissing one from 9/29/39.  In addition, a few another Steve Canyon print that was cropped but came with a letter landed in my collection.  Also, another Dragon Lady which is the first I have seen in this midsize format. 

Pratt, Hugo - hugely influenced by Caniff was Pratt.  Here are two Sgt Kirk pages (1 and 2) from the mid 50's and L'Ombre page from 1964 (colored on back and as published). 

Meynet, Felix - a Dragon Lady and Corto Maltese commission with prelim

Gerhard - Corto Maltese commission with prelim

Outcault, Richard - two Buster Browns from 1/2/10 and another from 1912 with a hanging/suicide gag.  Also, a nice illustration for Judge Magazine from 1900.

Strip Art
Calkins, Dick - Buck Rogers 1935
McManus, George - Mismatched Rosie Beau Topper from 10/9/38 and the Bringing Up Father bottom from 4/16/44
Salinas, Jose - Cisco Kid 9/28/57
Gould, Chester - Dick Tracy10/22/32 - from first few weeks of the second year.  Last panel used for collectible cardsFrame is pretty impressive and includes some vintage toys
Merkle, George - Hy Score FBI Agent Sunday 4/5/42.
Davis, Jim - Garfield 8/31/79
Smith, Sidney - Gumps Daily 12/31/25
Mazure, Georges - Jacqueline Daily 1960 - Dutch
Jordan, Sydney - Jeff Hawke daily H6821
Raymond, Alex - Rip Kirby 1/27/49 - lots of Raymond girls.
Fisher, Ham - Joe Palooka Sunday 2/23/41
Godwin, Frank - Rusty Riley Daily 7/18/55

Boucq, Francois - Bouncer #7 page 29 with great vistas, Bouncer, his horse, his dog  and a girl.

Cossu, Ugolino - Glamour book Illustration 1980's.  Italian comic art magazine.

Gibrat, Jean Pierre - Jeanne and Francois from Flight of the Raven and a Cecile illustration.  The Cecile was traded to a friend who introduced me to Gibrat's work. 

Mancini, Piero - Cover to Italian comic by this great artist with influences from Dino Battaglia.  As published.

Ravard, Francois - great looking Nestor Burma page. 

Pichard, Georges - Kama Sutra page (Nudity warning, NWS) 

Royo, Luis - The Philosophers Gone - F

Serpieri, Paolo - First nations illustration

Dodson, Terry - page to Songes II

Mayo, Gonzalo - Vampirella #54 page - I have owned this before. 

Leon, John Paul - DMZ #42 cover (as published)

Peters, H.G. - Wonder Woman tier from the early 1940's.

DelRey, Vanessa - pages 9 and 10 from Daredevil Annual and a page from Constantine

Johnson, Daniel Warren - Akira commission with thumbnail.

Canette, Eric - Spiral illustration

Middleton, Josh - Scarlett Witch and Dazzler illustrations (both traded to a friend)

Frey, Oliver - Capcon's Street Fighter II Official Sticker Book art 1992 62-65, 86- 89, 150-155 and 161 -164

Momiko, Peach - Alita illustration

Mahfood, Jim - Neon Genesis Evangelion commission

Vigoda, Bill - Betty and Veronica Annual #6 1959. 

Stanleigh, Mark - Corto Maltese drawing - local artist

Kaluta, Mike - Corto Maltese and Dragon Lady commission - done but not shipped yet

New Art as of August 1st 2020

It has been a fantastic few months for collecting despite Covid.  Many trades and deals came through and I am happy to be adding some swell art to my collection.  At the same time, I have been downsizing so many pieces leaving my collection which has help fund most of the new pieces.  I last updated in February, pre-pandemic...how the world has changed in these past few months. 

Caniff, Milton - I now own a Male Call daily and not just any Male Call, but THE Male Call.  This will be my biggest piece for the year (I can't imaging anything bigger).  In addition I have added Terry and Pirates dailies from 12/5/35, 12/14/35, 8/19/36 and 10/9/41 (Death of Raven Sherman sequence).  Also, two neat specialty drawings of Delta and Happy Easter from 1946.  I also came across this rather strange tribute piece reverse painted on plexiglass. 

Leonardi, Rick - Cloak and Dagger #6 Cover - colored.  Normally I don't care for had colored art but this piece was so striking, I am happy with the colors (even though different from the red color used on the printed cover).  Austin inks and signed by everyone.

Addams, Charles - Dracula and Castle Illustration done for Interior Design Magazine 1982.  As publishedOut of frame

Ferris, Emil - Warm and charming illustration for the second volume of My Favorite Thing is Monsters.

Rackham, Arthur - illustration for The Vicar of Wakefield.  Out of mat. Varies from published piece. 

Flagg, James Montgomery - The Shameful Confession

Prohias, Antonio - MAD #67 Spy vs. Spy - nice early example from 1961.  It comes from the Gaines estate.

Martin, Don - MAD Magazine #242 one page gag. With overlays in place. 

Montana, Bob - Pep #32 splash page, 1942.  This is from the first year of Archie by its creator.  A rare page.  Also, a daily from 7/26/48

Crepax, Guido - Valentina splash from Reflections.  Published in English in Heavy Metal Magazine Dec 1980. 

Berkey, John - Painting done for commercial project. I have always admired his space ships but this was such a nice one and I liked the dynamic imagery. 

Kane, Gil - Green Lantern #23 page - nice, campy 60's twice up DC art.

Marsh, Jesse - Tarzan from Four Color #161, 1947.

Breccia, Alberto - it seems no year is complete without some new Breccia art.  Here is page 1 from Nadie #4.  As published.

Blasquez, Joaquim - Vampirella # 48 story.  Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Del Castillo, Arturo - Indians page masterfully done. 

Woggon, Bill - Katy Keen Summer Fun #7 page.  Jungle girl Katy. 

Strip Art: 
Murphy, John Cullen - Big Ben Bolt daily 3/17/59 - nice boxing action
Calkin, Dick - Buck Rogers daily
McWilliams, Alden - Dan Flagg daily 6/12/63 - ghosting for Don Sherwood
Thornton, John - Flamingo Daily 1/12 and 3/12
Davis, Jim - Garfield Sunday 1/25/81. 
Gould, Chester - Girlfriends Daily 1920's
Smith, Sydney - The Gumps daily 3/6/35
Webb, RH - Hawk dailies 35 and 36.
Forton, G/Shull - He-Man dailies 1 and 2 got for a gift for a friend.
Weare, Tony - 2 first dailies in storys from Matt Marriot 1 and 2.
Starr, Leonard - On Stage daily 6/6/59
Grace, Bud - Piranha Club Sunday 2017
Crane, Roy - Wash Tubbs daily 11/11/47
Wilhelm, Jack - Frank Merriwell School Days

Vess, Charles - creepy pencil illustration
Baxa - Dungeons and Dragons original art from Dragon Magazine.  Beholder and Eye of the Deep. published 1 and 2.
Beezer, Steven - Trash City and St. George pin-ups used for banners at C2E2

King Features 1949 Card Set - perhaps used in Mutoscope machines.  1, 2, 3, 4

King Feature Puzzles 1, 2, 3.

New Art Update Feb 17, 2020

A quick update.  the 2020's are off to a good start.  Only a few pieces so far but some notable ones.

Sienkiewicz, Bill - New Mutants #18 page 25.  My favorite demon bear page making it my favorite New Mutants page from bill's entire run.  Obtained in a 3 way trade deal with to SoCal collectors.

Forest, Jean-Claude - a page from the first Barbarella story line.  A rare gem from a series to which iconic and legendary don't do it justice. 

Hermann - Jermiah page from T16.  This is an artist I have had trouble finding a page that really spoke to me, and now it is here after years of searching.

Morrison, Bill - Cover art to 4 collectors covers for TV Guide 1998 of the Simpsons. 

Lucey, Harry - Archie 82 - two page story with lots of Betty and Veronica.  Page 1 and 2.

New Art Update Jan 2, 2020

Trying to start the decade off on the right foot with updates.  It has been 4 months and a very busy 4 months with a few art trips that have added many new pieces to my collection.  Here goes.

Breccia, Alberto - one of uncontested geniuses to have ever put pen, ink, collage, razor blades and everything else to paper.  Pages 75 ,95 and 96 from Perramus, a Mort Cinder page from the penitentiary story, a page from Agente Nessuno and Nadie #6. Nadie as published

Manara, Milo - a nostalgic page from the second Guiseppe Bergman story.

Darrow, Geof - splash page from Hard Boiled

Lloyd, David - page from V for Vendetta and color guide.

Campbell, Eddie - page from From Hell #5 page 24

Vess, Charles - Pin-up from Marvel Fanfare of the Blackbolt and Medusa

Byrne, John - Hulk illustration...it looks to finished to be unpublished.

Pratt, Hugo - great looking Sgt. Kirk page with a cool inked drawing of a witch on the back.

Smith, Barry Windsor - early Kull the Destroyer page - predates Conan work.

Eisner, Will - page from A Life Force

Battaglia, Dino - 4 page story from the longer story of Italy's most famous saint.  1, 2, 3, 4.  Pages are colored on the back 1,2,3,4 so when held up the light they look like this 1, 2., 3, 4

Dragunas, Joe - Joe surprised me with this piece as a gift for my annual art collectors gathering.

Kane, Gil - fun page from Marvel Team-ups #6 with lots of Spidey!  Inks by Estrada.

Matthieu, Marc-Antoine - great graphic page from the Julies Corentin epic. Included a copy of the pencils

Nizzoli, Marco - fun commission of Kaneda and his bike picked up in person at Lucca comic con, Italy. A small dedication too.

Caniff, Milton - large Poteet Canyon chalk talk drawing from 1954 with a newspaper clipping of Caniff's visit to the OSU chapter of Sigma Chi and the drawing given to the then chapter president.  A few new hand colored and dedicated prints. Miss Lace 1, 2, Terry, Terry Cast, Christmas, Burma, vintage Dragon Lady and Pat Ryan and the girls.  Also, a cool postcard from the Quaker Oats Giveaway from 1946. 

Bolton, John - page from Sandman Desire - Winter's Edge.

Sienkiewicz, Bill - New Mutants War Child corner box art.

Bati - Nice illustration and dedication picked up at a gallery in Paris.

Darcy, Dame - 5 page Meat Cakes story 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Del Castillo, Arturo - Kraken pages from Lanciostory 1, 3, 6 and 8.

Magnus - Alan Ford #64 page 106 and Necron #8 page 50.  (Nudity warning)

Mannelli, Ricardo - Nude illustration.

Redondo, Nestor - 2 great Rex Sampson pages by the Filipino master. 1, 2

Roi, Corrado - 2 creepy and excellently executed page from UT.  Pages 32 and 35

Duronona, Leo  - Vampirella #78 page

Rubino, Antonio - Pippotto e Barbabucco page from 1920.

Liberatore, Tanino - 2 Ranxerox illustrations.  1, 2

Roach, David - 2000 AD page

Powell, Bob - True Love #15 stand alone one page advice column story.

Webb, Robert - Sheena #5 page 7

DeCarlo, Dan - Pep 129 page 18

Lucey, Harry - Archie Pal's and Gals #18 6 page story (1961) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Parent, Dan - Betty through the ages with homages to Bob Montana, Dan DeCarlo, Stan Goldberg and Dan's own style.

Ruiz, Fernando - Veronica through the ages with homages to Bob Montana, Bill Vigoda, Dan DeCarlo and his own style.

Raleigh, Henry Patrick - 2 illustration.  Harper's Bazaar 1924 and 1920 unknown.

Dedie, Joe - Dedication in Collecting Sticks and collectible stick.  Thought Bubble 2019.

Foxley, Constance - 2 illustrations from Books for Bairns 1900, Snow Queen story.  Color and pen and ink

Jenner - unknown Children's book illustration advert. 

Martin, James - Claire Danes as Juliet commission.

Severin, Alec - Franco-Belgian comics tribute commission and a sketch of Harry

Munoz, Jose - Corto Maltese dedication.  Lucca 2019.

Comic Strips
McManus, George - Bringing Up Father 8/16/21 and 1/20/44.
Messmer, Otto - Felix the Cat daily 5/21/37.
Lubbers, Bob - Long Same 11/24/54, 11/26/54, Tarzan 3912 and 3982.
Oksner, Bob - Soozie Daily 4/8/67.
Goldberg, Rube - That's Life daily 11/20/30
Leiber, Larry - Spiderman Dailies 8/10/87 and 2/27/87.
Byrnes, Gene - Reg'lar Fellers colored partial Sunday 1/1/24.

ART UPDATE Aug 6, 2019

More than another half year since I updated last.  A number of new additions including some rather important pieces to me.

McCay, Winsor - 3 Rarebit Fiends dating from Feb 22, 1905, 1907 and March 4, 1909.  All are quite different and impressive for quite different reasons. 

Ware, Chris - finally, a Building Stories page from Oak Park Newspaper.  Everything I want in a Ware.

Smith, Dan - a nice, large illustration done for "Helen in Search of a Charming Prince." Illustration for the series "Love Through the Ages" by Smith, published in The Atlanta Constitution, March 26, 1933.

Flagg, James Montgomery - Liberty Magazine illustration 4/12/30.

Gruger, Frederic - nice illustration for Agatha Christie feature in the Saturday Evening Post. 

Jones, Jeffrey - early zombie/Frankenstein art by Jeffrey circa 1972.  The previous owner picked it up for $20 directly from the artist in 1970 at a convention in Toronto. 

Breccia, Alberto - those that know me know I can talk endlessly on Breccia.  Happy to add 4 new pages from his early prime period although perhap not his most experimental works.  Pages 6 and 8 from Acqua Contro Uranio published in Corriere dei Piccoli 1971(hand colored on the back(6, 8) to produce this image when held up to the light page 6 and 8) and pages 3 and 8 from Nadie Agent Nessuno 1978. 

Woverton, Basil - Wolvertoons illustration page 59. "MASTICATOR FOR BRASH BOLTER......AND MORE".  On the back is written "I don't intend to get heartburn".  Unsigned but unmistakably Basil.

Sandoval, Tony - I met Tony in person at Angouleme in 2019 although I had been a fan of his work for years.  I got this dedication and this led to some correspondence that resulted in these pages.  From Futura Nostalgia #2 pages 14, 18 and 41 and from Mille Tempetes page 4, a watercolor page and 2 illustrations First Kiss and Poetry
Herriman, George - Archy Does His Part page.

Steacy, Ken - wrap around cover for the Sacred and Profane trade published in 1987 by Eclipse with pencil prelim.  Speaking of Ken Steacy, here is a nice 80's girl with sunglasses and a parody piece of a Super Agent Dawn Pharoah of H.A.C.K.  Also, Fantastic Fear 4 page story where we learn of the true inspiration for the Fantastic Four. Page 1, 2, 3, 4.  An unexpected piece referencing the Sacred and Profane with a fun note on the back.  A super hero by Steacy and two colore pages 1 and 2 from other projects.  Lastly, Ken having a bit of fun with Steranko

Manara, Milo - small dedication in his newest pin-up book.  This is a souvenir of a studio visit and lunch with Manara just before Angouleme this year.  A lot more to the story and circumstances but that is for another time. 

Maroto, Estoban - 3 more pieces by favorite Spanish artist.  1984 Magazine #3 pages 25 and 28 and a Conan book illustration

DeCarlo, Dan - Jetta of the 21st Century #7 splash. 1953!

Lucey, Harry - Archie Joke Book #46 gag page. 

Auraleon - Vampirella 95 page.

Nicholas, Charles - Charlton Romance page.

Sutton, Ronn - The Bird Lady page 1 1973. Written by Jeffrey Morgan

Bergara, Mathias - Dragon Lady and Corto Maltese Commission.

Caniff, Milton - no update is an update without some Caniff.  First up is a large "Chalk Talk" illustration of Poteet that was done Caniff's old fraternity and given to the then Chapter President.  His family contacted me after his passing and the piece now has a new home where it will be well cared for.  3 more common Dragon Lady prints 1, 2, 3 although the second two are large format and my first of that size and then a very rare, early, small format Dragon Lady that cost a small fortune.  Two of them came with letters 1 and 2.  Also, prints of Merrily Sandhurst and Princess SnowflowerTerry and Pirates Christmas daily from 1940 for sale on behalf of a friend.

Strip Art - this is a large part of the update.
Davis, Phil - Mandrake Daily 6/6/38.  Nice daily with Mandrake, Lothar and a magic trick.
McWilliams, Alden - Davy Jones Dailies 4/19/62, 4/20/62, 4/21/62, 7/14/62, 7/16/62, 7/18/62 and Twin Earths Sunday 8/19/56.
Kilgore, Al - Bullwinkle Dailies featuring Bullwinkle, Rocky, Natasha and Boris 9/8/64 and 9/11/64
Starr, Leonard - On Stage daily 2/22/66.
Lynde, Stan - Rick O'Shay Sunday 7/26/59.
Godwin, Frank - Rusty Riley Sunday 9/21/58.
Good, Edmund - Tarzan Daily 2416.  7 try out dailes for Knight Rangers trailer, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6., and a partial piece.
Holdaway, Jim - Modesty Blaise Daily 1353.
Bushmiller, Ernie - Nancy Dailies 10/11/46 and 10/12/46.  A Fritzi Ritz Sunday I have had for a while but missed posting 5/8/41.
Gray, Harold - Little Orphan Annie Daily 7/26/58.
Mavlian, Vatche - page 89 and unused page from Phantom. 

Dahm, Evan - page 29, 239 and 243 to Island Book which was premiered at TCAF this year where I got a nice dedication from him in the book.
Morgan, Jeffrey - 3 pages of Johnny Slaughter from Vortex Magazine.  1, 2, 3
Baudoin, Edmund -  Salade NiÁoise - La Promenade des Anglais p24
Neuray, Olivier - Nuit Blanche page
Hino, Hidashi - Spotted Egg page 5.
Kago, Shintaro - splash.

Dedication: I went to Angouleme and TCAF so far this year for conventions.  A few dedications. 
Vianello, Lele - Corto Maltese dedication - Angouleme. 
Sandoval, Tony - Dedication in Futura Nostalgia - Angouleme
Thompson, Craig - Blankets dedication at TCAF.
Jason - dedication in Almost Silent - TCAF
Kirchner, Paul - dedication in the BUS - TCAF
Stan Lee - sketch and signature from 1974 with Jerry DeFuccio and Michele Urry (MAD and Playboy)
Kaluta, Michael and Wrightson, Bernie - 1975 sketch "The Windsock's Nightmare"
Carmona, Williams - last but not least.  A fine art painting by Cuban born artist reflecting on the negative impact Cuba has on South America.  Americana Latrino

Dec 2018 Update

Another half year has passed and some significant additions to my collection I am happy to have acquired. I have been trying to be more focused in my collecting and in making choices that further my collection and curation of that collection rather than just accumulation. 

Ditko, Steve - Tales to Astonish 47 page 6 featuring the old school Tin-man Iron Man and a villian who's nefarious powers are so self evident they require no explanation, the Melter.  Fun art from an era at Marvel Comics where magic happened daily.  Inks by Don Heck

Crepax, Guido - two pages from his prime era.  The first is a chaotic Valentina page from The Magic Lantern.  The second page is a great example of his innovative panel designs from the more erotic Histoire d'O.

Fisher, Seth - a favorite of mine.  Two nice piece by Seth, an inside cover to Tokyo Pop and a Batman Snow page. 

Sienkiewicz, Bill - Dazzler Pin-up from Marvel Fanfare.  I have been after this one for years.  I have a nice companion piece plus the color guide for it and my first time at San Diego Comic con was the right time to add this one.  Here is is framed with the other Pin-up I have. 

Caniff, Milton - Nice specialty piece for a publisher(with a letter), a nude drawing of Miss Lace, a later gift drawing for a fan and a nice Terry daily from 1935 featuring Normandie Drake. 

In recent years I have taken a lot more interest in Spanish artists, in particular those that worked for Warren in the 1970's.  Here are a two Vampirella pages and then some art by another Spanish artist I didn't know until recently who had art in the Warren books as well.
Mayo, Gonzalo - Vampirella #113 page 7.
Gonzalez, Jose (Pepe) - Vampirella #67 page 10
Mozos, Luis Garcia - pages from the Last Winter 1, 6, Law of Life and Nova 2

Waller, Reed - Omaha Cat Dancer page 112.  Great page that has faded a bit with time.

Hama, Larry - Kazar #14 page 6.  Inks by Jack Abel.

Pellejero, Ruben - painted prelim for Dieter Lumpin cover/pin-up.

Martin, Don - 6 prelims for MAD Magazine. 

Oksner, Bob - Angel and the Ape #1  page 29.  Oksner Inks too. 

Archie Art - another relatively new focus of my collecting is vintage Archie Art from the 50's and 60's.
DeCarlo, Dan - PEP #178 page 1.  Possibly Joe Edwards. 
Lucey, Harry - Archie Joke Book #46 page.

Daley, Shawn - I met Shawn at Toronto Fan Expo in 2018.  I bought two pages from his self published Samurai Grandpa (pages 92 and 112) as well as adding a Dragonlady and Corto Maltese commission from him.  I like his art and style plus a really nice guy to deal with.  

Manga art - Although the list is long of Manga-ka that I'd like art from, it is not common to find art by anyone.  I picked up this page on my most recent trip to Tokyo by Hiroshi Kaizuka from Zero Senkoushinkyoku.  Here are a series of page from artist Jiro Ishikawa Brain 1, 2, 3, Daisuku 1, 2, 3, 4.  2 pages by Tomie Kimura from Dokuzetsu Momohei Tsyoi ka Yowai Ka! from Shuukan Young Jump page 1 and 11.

Dragon Lady commissions - carrying on with the Shawn Daley commission, I added a Dan Morton Dragon Lady piece which was a gift from a friend and a Mark Hempel Dragon Lady specialty piece he created decades ago. 

Serpieri, Paolo - I met Paolo for the second time when attending the opening of his show at the Scott Eder Gallery in New Jersey.  Nice little dedication. 

Strip Art - This seems to be where my focus has been this year.

Caniff, Milton  - Terry and the Pirates Daily 8/27/35.  I always like the Normandie/Ryan relationship.
Sickles, Noel - Scorchy Smith Daily 10/18/35. 
Ward, Bill - Torchy Daily 1943.  Another San Diego Pick up.
Sterrett, Cliff- Polly and Her Pals Daily 6/13/34
Kotsky, Alex - Apartment 3 G daily 6/2/61 from the first few weeks of this series.
Gray, Harold - Little Orphan Annie 7/26/58
Lynde, Stan - Rick 0'Shay Sunday 7/26/59
McWilliams, Alden - Twin Earths Sunday 8/19/56
McWilliams, Alden - Davy Jones - 3 consequitive dailies 4/19-21/62
McWilliams, Alden- Pagan Lee illustration.
Salinas, Jose Luis - Cisco Kid Daily 11/13/51 which is sequential with another I already own.

Caniff Prints and Other Terry and the Pirates related material
Elias, Lee - Cover for Terry and the Pirates #25 by Harvey which includes the color guide.  Also a cover color proof for the Terry #21 cover featuring Hot shot and Terry with a harem of girls.  Included a publishing receipt from 1949. 
Terry and the Pirate Children's Tattoo unused sheet.  A rare find. 
Caniff Prints Galore - large format colored and dedicated Dragon Lady, Princess Snowflake, Hot Shot Charlie and Steve Canyon montage.  A really cool girls of Steve Canyon piece that is hand colored but not signed or dedicated.  Unused prints of Princess Snowflake, Poteet,, parka girl, leather suit girl, Summer Smith Olsen, Canyon Montage, Savannah Gay, Reed Kimberley, Holly Hale, Happy Easter , Miss Missou, Madame Lynx, Miss Lace with GIs and without, FetaFeta, Doe Redwood, Steve Canyon with Bomber Jacket and 2 Different Flight Suit Steve Canyons.

New art  Updated June 7, 2018

It has been about a half year since my last update.  Several new things to add to the site, many of which were on my want list for some time.

Gorey, Eduard - not comic art but a favorite and long term want list item.  Quirky, odd and macabre.  Illustration entitled the Swimming Pool from a book entitled The Dream World of Dion McGregor.  Art was accompanied by a book and a record.

Ledroit, Oliver - large, mixed media painting - Tribut e to Otomo.  More images to come.

Bernet, Jordi - 3 nice Corto Maltese themed pieces which are the end result of a larger commission that didn't quite work out as planned.  1, 2, 3.  Also a nice little Torpedo sketch recreating a cover.

Crumb, Robert - a very Not Work Safe page from Bijou Funnies #4 page from a Projunior story.  Crumb at this best/worst.

Williamson, Al - Flash Gordon #5 page 2.  All Flash, all Al.  A long coveted item finally found its way into my collection.

Hewlett, Jaime - Tank Girl pages from Deadline #4 and #25(page 10).  Pages from this series are nearly impossible to find and I have been looking for a long time.  Now two reside in my collection including and awesome first Rocket Boob/Bra image that would later be used again.

Mezieres, Jean-Claude - Early Valerian page from Pars Les Chemins de l'Espace and published earlier in Pilote from La Planete Triste page 8.

Murphy, Sean Gordon - Tokyo Ghost #1 pages 20 and 21.  Comic rock superstar SGM's best work to date.

Williams, J.H. - 2 Batwoman DPS by another modern superstar.  Batwoman #17 pages 10-11 and Batwoman #13 page 16-17.  Williams innovative use of panel design to enhance his artwork made me take notice of his work as the content is outside of my regular collecting focus.

Dragunas, J.M. - added a nice Harry Potter published illustration
from Harry Potter a Cinematic Gallery, an illustration submitted to Spectrum and a smaller illustration to be published in Joe's first art book coming soon, Fanciful Ridiculousness

Krenkel, Roy - a nice, relatively finished illustration of Tarzan.  Always nice to add more art by this classic and influential artist to my collection.

Dahm, Ethan - Pages a and b from Rice Boy and pages a and b from Vattu #2.  Ethan's books are amazing and favorites of mine.

Cravath, Glen - illustration of Isa Miranda. 

Caesar, Kurt - Il Vittorioso page 23.  Great sci-fi images from these normally war related stories.  Hand painted on back as color guide.

Strip Art - No update is complete without Strip art and perhaps a bit of Caniff.  This time, a lot of Caniff.

Counihan, Bud - Betty Boop Daily 11/12/34.  Rare from this short run of dailies. 
Harman, Fred - Stellar Red Ryder Daily from 12/24/45.
Good, Edmund - 7 tryout dailies for Knight Master - fun looking Good Girl art - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and panel
Caniff, Milton - Terry and the Pirates dailies from 12/21/35, 5/15/39, 6/3/39 and 3/24/45.  All stellar examples with 3 featuring the Dragonlady.  2 are from my favorite storyline from 1939.  Also, later, hand-colored Steve Canyon print with dedication and another Steve Canyon print to add to the growing archives. 

Dedications - I got to meet 2 of my manga heroes this year and both times I was fortunate enough to get a dedication.  Naoki Urasawa in Angouleme, France and Inio Asano in Toronto.  I got to shake hands, get a small sketch and a picture with them. 
I also met Lewis Trondheim in Toronto and got a nice Monster dedication which is a favorite of mine and my kids.

New Art as of Jan 14, 2018
It has been over a half year since my last update.  Several new things with a focus on European art although I did add a few important strip art pieces too. 

Miller, Frank - Cover the Elektra Saga #4.  Very nostalgic piece for me.

Herriman, George - Krazy Kat Sunday Dec 26, 1920.  A KK Sunday has been a long time coming and was worth the wait.  Great, early example with all the main players and many of the secondary cast.

Tardi, Jacques - 120 rue de la Gare.  A great page from one of Tardi's most famous comics.  Nestor Burma, Paris street scenes, bar scene and a girl...this page has it all.

Kirby/Everett - Tales to Astonish 82 page 5.  Kirby Hulk with my favorite inker, Bill Everett.  Technically Kirby layouts and Everett art by Kirby Layouts were only slightly less detailed than his pencils were during this era.  Lots of bouncing Hulk.

Crumb, Robert - Motor City Comics # 1 Lenore Goldberg story page.  Everything I could want in a Crumb on this page.

Williamson, Al   - Flash Gordon #5 page 2.  Some artists were born to do a particular character and this is true of Al and Flash.

Eastman, Kevin - TMNT: Raphael #1.  1985 Turtles art by the original creators.  This one-shot was published between TMNT #3 and #4.

Jones, Jeffery - Jeff Jones painting of a woman from 1984.  Sublime.

Kinstler, Everett
Raymond - one of the few comic pages this great illustrator dablled in.  Police Line-Up #2 inside front cover.

Mayo, Gonzalo - Vampirella cat-fight page.  As cool as they come.

Caniff, Milton - 3 vintage Miss Lace original color illustrations done for AFA Squadron #41 from 1950 to 52 to later be hand painted on to ties.  Really... you can't make this stuff up.

Breccia, Alberto - Viajero des Gris page.  Somber, atmospheric page. 

Dragonlady commissions by - Sorgone et Arhkage, Gerhard, and Kaleb King

Caniff prints - nice set of 15 prints unsure of source(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 ,15) and  a nice hand colored Cooper Calhoun small format print.

Nizzoli, Marco - Daredevil and Elektra commission. 

Akira commission from Eric Klaus.

Higashiura, Mitsuo - Kodomo no Higashi splash/cover picked up in a little hole-in the wall, old school manga shop in Tokyo.

Mezieres, Jean-Claude - Valerian color illustration

Backderf, Derf - Punk Rock and Trailer Parks page.  Cool sketch in My Friend Dahmer book. 

Bagge, Peter - Neat Stuff Girly Girl page.

Stelfreeze, Brian - Moonbeam McSwine illustration

Dyer, Jamaica - Heavy Metal pin-up (pencils and colors) and Lake Imagio page. 

Bennett, Andrew - Valentina tribute.

Bonhomme, Eric - illustration

Donaldson, Kristian   - DMZ page.  I have had this for years but missed posting it.

Miller, Gregory - 2 pages from Tales of Reverie.  Pages 6 and 7.

Willumson, Connor - sketch/illo in book.

Frollo, Leone - aviatrix page Naga #14 La Vera Figlia Dello Zar

Micheluzzi, Attilio - Florence Nightingale page

Koeb, Bill - 2 mixed media pieces (1 and 2) and Faultlines page.

Cullum Jared - SPX story page.

Johnson, Louis - Williamson inks on this Daredevil #237 page

Ware, Chris - a little Quimby Mouse throwing a brick in Monograph.  I met Chris at SPX 2017.

Strip Art - I included the Krazy Kat as my second item in this update. 
Buelle, Marge - 2 Little Lulu comics.from Saturday Evening Post both circa 1930's.  Self Defense and Book Store.
McWilliams, Alden - Dateline Danger Sunday 12/15/68.
McCoy, Wilson - Phantom Daily 6/24/49 - more Gwena than Phantom. 

New Art June 4, 2017
It has been a half year since my last update.  My collecting focus seems to have drifted back into a more European trend of late.  I blame having gone to the Lucca comic convention and other factors for this and I am happy to have discovered more great material to read and collect.  I still have some goals but from my original list, very are left. 

Toppi, Sergio - I started out 2017 with 3 new Toppi pieces.  A nice partial splash from Finche Vivrai from which I already own a great page, Biancaneve pin-up and two color pin-ups.  One is from Puccini's opera, Tosca and the other is an unidentified spy/espionage piece.

LeDroit, Olivier - large mixed media painting from Fees&Amazones.  New York suite. 

Druillet, Phillippe - vintage Vuz page.

Gimenz, Juan - unknown painted Blade Runner style page.

Breccia, Alberto - Viajero de Gris page.

Janjetov, Zoran - Before the Incal page.

Pichard, Georges - page from La Religieuse(nudity/torture warning)

Pelajero, Ruben - Deiter Lumpin page.

Achde - Lucky Luke in Washington page

Solano-Lopez, Francisco - El Eternauta page 305 and 358.  This might be the best comic I have read in years. 

Nizzoli, Marco - Corto Maltese in the Moonlight pin-up

Sorgone et Arhkage - "Serpentine" Asian girl pin-up (nude).

Matania, Fortunino - Princess Caribou illustration

Coching, Francisco - Mara-Bini page from 1941.

Crumb, Robert - an all in page from Motor City Comics #1

Wood, Wally - Warfront #37 page 7

Purcell, Howard - Seadevils #16 page 8.  Fun page from this great series.  Howard Purcell Sea Devils is a long time want list item for me. 

Ha, Gene - Showcase '95 #11 page 6.  Very Bollandesque art featuring Batman and Poison Ivy

Woggon, Bill - 4 pin up pages from Katy Keene Holiday Fun #7.  Pages 9, 43, 58/59 and 64

Strip Art - strangely, not a lot to add here other than the Caniff related material that is lower down and none of that is original art.
Kotsy, Alex - Apartment 3G daily 8/9/66
Marge - 3 early Little Lulu Saturday Evening Post cartoons inkwash c1935, 10/16/37 and 11/7/42.

Caniff - Several cool additions to my evergrowing Caniff prints collection
Miss Lace - hand colored and signed.  This is rare one, the only copy of it I have seen.  I also added a second copy of this Miss Lace to my collection. 
Christmas - colored - I have both of these in black and white but the hand coloring is magical. 1 and 2
Copper Calhoon - handcolored and signed.  This is a smaller format print. 
Dragonlady reference print.  This appears to a later reworking of the classic image as there are some differences in the hair from the prints of the 1930's.  File copy from Shel Dorf. 
Dragonlady and Terry Paper doll poster.  I have seen elements of this before but this cool poster from 1942 is a first for me.  Perhaps the only one still in existence.  
Three postcards - the first is a color one from the 1944 Quaker Oats Terry and Pirates Print promotion (the prints are also in display in my gallery) and then two later collage postcards likely assembled by Shel Dorf or other Caniff assistants.  Steve Canyon and Terry and the Pirates

Here are a few King Mutoscope prints/cards.

D'Errico, Camilla - Neon Genesis commission.

Mignola, Mike - Hell Boy in Hell page #7.  Last panel used as back cover.

Dungeons & Dragons and MTG related art - I am a sucker for vintage AD&D art and think the art for Magic the Gathering cards has lead to some spectacular art.  I will slowly be adding to this wing of my collection as these rare items become available.
Prentice, David - Player's Handbook cover recreation oil painting.
Roslof, Jim - page from Endless Quest - AD&D version of Choose Your Own Adventure books.  Page 61 is my favorite with an Intellect Devourer  Volume #27 the Lair of the Lich pages 2, 17, 61, 71 and 89.
unknown - Pale Custodian Magic MTG card art.

New Art as of December 2nd, 2016
I have let things get away from me again.  It has been a busy few months for art and some interesting art has come into my collection.  I also had a recent trip to comic conventions in Tokyo, Japan and Lucca, Italy.  There is art from that trip here too.

Totleben, John - Swamp Thing #35 page 1 splash.  The first page after the magical Rites of Spring issue. 
Tezuka, Osamu - Phoenix partial, unused page from Phoenix.  Found in a manga shop in Tokyo.
Windsor-Smith, Barry - a Marvel Comics Presents #84 from the Weapon X series and a nice page from Rune #5.
McWilliams, Alden - pin-up art likely from Wings Pulp magazine circa 1940's
Matania, Fortunato - Illustration Charles Riding
Buscema, John - SSOC page with Alcala inks.  Already gone in trade.
D'Errico, Camilla - I visited with Camilla this summer and came home with some art.  Helmet Girl 1, Helmet Girl 2, Ice Cream piece, Tentacle girl and Grant Morrison DVD image (as published)
Dragunas, Joe - Several cool pages from the Sires of Time. Camelton and pages a and b.  
Prentice, David - I met David at Fan Expo 2016.  Monster Illo, Mind Flayer commission, Eye of the Beholder commission and Player's Handbook cover recreation.
Estrada, Ric - unknown romance page.

Strip Art
Raymond, Alex - Flash Gordon Sunday 7/26/42.
Caniff, Milton - 4 nice dailies 12/6/35, 12/12/35, 2/8/39 and 2/9/39Dragonlady, Burma, Steve Canyon and Terry/Pat/Connie hand colored prints.  Aviation Hall of Fame Print sets 1978, 1979, 1984.
Segar, E.C. - Popeye/Thimble Theater daily 9/1/32.
Kotsky, Alex - 3G daily 89/66.
Capp, Al - L'il Abner daily 4/11/40.
Turner, Leslie - Captain Easy Daily 10/2/48.
Lane, Ralph - Vic Flint Daily 12/15/45
Smith, Dan - The Zoozoos strip circa 1910. 

Dragonlady by Tim Sale and Scott Chantler

European art including the haul from Lucca
Ricci, Roberto - Urban/Blade Runner commission - layout choices, pencils, inks and color prelim.  I got to meet Roberto in person and have lunch with him and two friends.
Toppi, Sergio - Rocky Balboa.
Nizzoli, Marco - Valentina commission(pencil prelim), Dylan Dog pin-up and sketch cover dedication(I Gatti de Rigga). I got to meet Marco in person.
De Vincentiis, Adriano - Two pages from Viva Valentina 9 (with prelim) and 10.  As published.
Brandoli, Anna - Alias page
Breccia, Enrique - Swamp Thing Bad Seed #1page 2. I got this signed in Lucca.
Caesar, Kurt - 3 pages from Vittorioso.  A top tier page from 1938 and two later pages from 5 (color on the back) and 13(color on the back).
Fortunato, Allesio - Dampyr page
Gattia, Alarico  - Western page
Trigo, Gustavo - Unknown Sci-fi splash
Lalia, Horacio - Argentinian artist.  Torture page and a 14 page gothic romance/horror story 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 ,11 ,12, 13, 14.
Roi, Corrado - Tex page.
Murphy, ? - War page
Zaffino, Jorge - Winterworld - Wintersea page 23.
Massagli, Paolo - Four page

Art from Tokyo
Takeshisu/Burakura duo - schoolgirl illustration Dojinshi con
Unknown Dojinshi artist Kaigai con - illo 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
unknown - Unknown space Manga  - pages 1, 6, 7, a, b, c
unknown - unknown jungle manga (Tezuka style) a ,b
unknown - crazy Japanese manga scene
Kato - war painting (?Model box)
Okuda, Tatsuo - unknown horror manga pages 1, 30, 31 and end.  

Peak, Bob - Olympic commissions for the US Postal Service - Swimming and Soccer.
Hartman, John - a large oil, a pastel and a drypoint.

July 12th 2016 Update
Some great new things added. 
Sienkiewicz, Bill - New Mutants #20 page 06 - A great Demon bear page.
DeCarlo, Dan - Gorgeous Betty and Veronica pin-ups from 1962.  Betty and Veronica Spectacular #26.  A nice prelim by DeCarlo on the back of the Ronnie pin-up.
Miller, Frank - Ronin #1 page 7.  My favorite work by Frank.  Underneath half the panel are original pencils and some unfinished inks by Frank that are pretty cool. 
Jones, Jeffrey - 2 page visual poetry for the Forbidden book. 2001.  Sketch on the back of the first page.
Kirby, Jack - Thor 127 page 2.  Twice up Kirby-Thor.  Colletta inks.
Kurtzman, Harvey - EC page from Vault of Horror
Eisner, Will - page from New York Stories with prelim.
Romita Jr., John - X-Men #206 page 3 - Mohawk Storm.
Mezzo - Les Desarmes page 12 and prelim.
Nizzoli, Marco - a nice piece from his new book, a Dragonlady commission and a dedication in his book.
Sicomoro, Eugenio - Lanciostory #26 pages 3 and 4.
Frollo, Leone - Lucifera #14 page 50.
Miyanishi, Keizo - 3 unknown pages.  114, 117 and unnumbered.
Sukekiyo, Fujisawa - 16 page Hentai manga. (nudity warning) page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16.
Tegenchi - unknown illustration.
Sim, Dave - early art pre Cerebus.
Guerra, Pia - Yorick and monkey sketch TCAF 2016.
O'Leary, Jay - DPS from Push #2, Art for Tyrannohipsterex and He-Maxx toys.  Gaming art and unknown comic page.
Wenzel, Bill - unknown gag. 
MacDonald, Andy - cover (I have had this for years, never scanned for some reason).
Bergin, John - The Law of Life painting 1991

Strip Art-
Schulz, Charles - Peanuts Daily 4/6/62.
Raymond, Alex - X-9 Daily 6/4/34
Robbins, Frank - Early Johnny Hazard from 8/11/44
Miller, Frank - Barney Baxter undated Daily - Victory in Europe
Caniff, Milton - Terry and the Pirates Sunday Jan 1, 1939.  The beginning of my favorite year for Terry.  First appearance of Sanjak and April Kane in this beauty.
Barreti, Antonio (Broxton, Jimmy) - Goldtiger dailies.  Art from a kickstarter project featuring me as an evil scientist.
Daily 1966 Lily Gold in Rio and the Death of Dr. Singh.  Sketch of Jack Tiger and Lily Gold.  Full Dr. Singh sequence.
Godwin, Frank - Rusty Riley sketch.
McWilliams, Alden - Dan Flagg Daily (signed Don Sherwood) 8/30/63.
Sherwood, Don - Dan Flagg Dailies from 3/28/66, 5/25/66, 12/12/66 and 7/10/67.
Fuller, RB  Oakey Doaks 12/7/37? Daily.
Graf, Mel  - Adventures of Patsy Daily 4/30/38.

Caniff, Milton... the Prints.  I have an extensive collection of Caniff prints and I have a large number of new additions as I come close to completing this niche of my collection. 
Dragonlady with mirror - hand colored prints.
Dragonlady cut out doll
Normandie, Burma and the Dragonlady
Steve Canyon with Copper and Feeta
Steve Canyon Stock Co.
Steve Canyon Farrell's print also used as a fanzine cover.
Steve Canyon with plane print.
6 Quaker Oats prints from 1944
Christmas cards 1 and 2 print art
Herald specialty print.

New Art as of April 30, 2016
A short update.
Sienkiewicz, Bill - New Mutants #20 page 25 featuring the death of the Demonbear. 
Williams, Kent - Daredevil and Elektra poster art done for Marvel circa 1991.  Published poster.
Risso, Eduardo - pair of stripper pages from 100 Bullets #4 page 11 and page 12.
Godwin, Frank - Rusty Riley daily with horse racing from 9/14/56 and illustration for Liberty Magazine.
Lee, Janet - final page to Glamor, a horror story.  C2E2.  Dragonlady commission too. 
Heath, Russ - girl pin-up.  Not sure where this is from or if it was ever published.
Parlov, Goran - Y the Last Man #21 page 7 and a Punisher page wtih a Spidey vs. Rhino sequence that turns into a hockey fight.
Guera, R.M. - Scalped #10 page.  Final panel is replaced original art, here is a scan with original art under
Templesmith, Ben - quick sketch done from a Kickstarter project, TOME II.
Nickel, Scott - Eek dailies.  All of Me, Island, Onegative, Pinochio, smurf, superman, tumor, wolfman, 9/8/07, 9/22/07, 10/1/07, 10/6/07, 10/13/07, ghost, minion, Mad Scientist.
Caniff, Milton - prints - Burma, Steve Canyon, Delta, Hot Shot Charlie, Terry and combo Dragonlady, April Kane, Burma and Big Stoop.  

Akira commissions from Langdon Foss and Joe Dragunas (with prelim).
Dragonlady Commissions from Janet Lee (C2E2) and Marco Nizzoli.
Corto Maltese Commission by John Paul Leon - Havana


New Art as of Feb 16, 2016

A quick update in the middle of a cold spell.

Byrne, John - Alpha Flight cover to Marvel Role Playing Game Module. Also a World's Finest drawing by Byrne and inked by Roy Richardson (likely lightboxed).

Artopan - nice first page from BD Nuits Indiennes (adult content, nudity warning) as well as a nice little dedication drawing inside a copy of the book. 

Caniff, Milton - small specialty drawing of 3 nudes.  Possibly from Dutch Treat Club publication.  Signed, personalized and colored (and laminated) Dragonlady print.  Small Delta illustration - likely tryout/copy by amateur artist over Caniff copy. 

Murphy, Sean Gordon - Joe the Barbarian #7 page 6-7 2 page spread.  Nice page from rising modern superstar.

D'Errico, Camilla - Little Nemo Dream Another Dream page. 

Manara, Milo - early Jolanda 33 page.

Moreton, Simon - Plans We Made page from Kickstarter campaign.

Strip art
Gray, Harold - Little Orphan Annie daily 10/17/35
Robbins, Frank - Johnny Hazard daily 8/15/44
Gould, Chester - Dick Tracy 11/23/44

And now for something completely different -
Tone - Corto Maltese and Dragonlady commission.  Tone is a urban street/fine artist out of Montreal.  I have several Tone pieces around the house and I thought he might do an interesting take on the 2 characters.  Here it is with Corto in the middle of Dragonlady in her pre-war and wartime personas.

New Art as of Jan 1, 2016
Another year has passed and it was a good year for collecting.  Here is my latest update.

Giraud, Jean  (aka Moebius) - vintage Blueberry page from the 5th Tome.  Full upper page splash. 
La piste des Navajos published in 1969

Crepax, Guido - Valentina  page from Trotsky. 

Caniff, Milton - Terry and Pirates 21/6/39.  This is from my all time favorite Terry story line and I couldn't be happier with the purchase.

Toppi, Sergio - I started this year with a goal of adding a Toppi or two to my collection.  There are now 7 Toppi pieces in my collection.  Here are the latest 4. King Illustration, Queen Illustration, Helios Illustration and Ubica page 22(.
Ombre virtuali 3(Ken Parker magazine, no.31, agosto 1995)

Breccia, Alberto -
Agente Nessuno page published in Skorpio magazine in 1977

Eisner, Will - Spirit page June 10th, 1951.   Assistant Klaus Nordling and Jim Dixon.  Nice girl art and a kiss.

Ricci, Roberto - Bianca illustration.

Jones, Jeffrey - Young Woman statue.

Sienkiewicz, Bill - Ape and Man illustration.  Found to be published in Spanish book Terra Nostra.

Campi, Fransceco - two illustrations.  Witches' Queen is Dead and Il Nio Cassetto Gigante.

Seth - Music illustration

Girard, Pascal - Reunion page 121 and self portrait at desk

Caniff, Milton - Princess Snowflower dedicated and signed hand colored print.

Salinas, Jose - Cisco Kid Daily 9/29/51.

Godwin, Frank - Rusty Riley 1/15/57 from the Haunted Castle storyline.

Dragunas, Joe - Miyazaki theme art for print, Sires of Time(redone with 2 colors) page and Morgana Illustration from Sires of Time.  

Dekal, Jeff - Dragonlady commission.  Fan Expo 2015.

Orchard, Eric - Bera Cover, pages 7, 44, 48, 102.

Findley, John - 16 page Texas Arcana story from Heavy Metal Magazine.  Pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 ,11 ,12, 13, 14, 15 ,16.

Wunder, George - Terry and the Pirates Sunday 8/24/47.

Prentice, John - Rip Kirby Daily 9/9/58.

Bagge, Peter - Girly Girl page from Neat Stuff 1986.

New Art as of August 30th, 2015
It has been a good month.  With the exceptions of the commissions and art from those artists, most of the art came in on trade deals.

Kirby, Jack - Captain America #198 page 14.  Inks by Frank Gioacoia

Manara, Milo - Large, finished pin up for some Children's Adventure project.

Royo, Luis - detailed prelim for wrap around cover for Heavy Metal Magazine 25th anniversary edition.   

Dragonlady Commissions from Jim Silke with 6 prelims (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) and Corey Furman with his Mucha take on the theme.

Corto Maltese commission from Kwanchai Moriya and 2 other oils.  Homecoming and Beacon.

De Vincentiis, Adriano - page 17 from Succubes #2, prelim for page 18, roughs for page 48 and nice dedication in the book.

Schultz, Mark - Morgana illustration for Sires of Time.

New Art as of July 25th, 2015 
Some cool things found their way into my collection since the last update.  Some big want list items checked off.  I expect to be quiet in collecting for the next half year or so although I am sure some things will trickle in including a few ongoing commissions.

Foster, Hal - Finally, a full Sunday.  Dated 5/18/69 and although later in the series than I would ideally own, it has many great panels with all the main characters featured. 

Bilal, Enki - La Vaisseau de Pierre page 17.  Nice, early, detailed page with classic Bilal imagery.  As published.

Toppi, Sergio - a nice Illustration and a page from Finche Vivrai which reminds me of the Demonbear art by Bill Sienkiewicz.  The Finche Vivrai page is painted on the back to indicate colors when printed and when held up to the light has a nice effect.

Godwin, Frank - Photoplay 1928 Illustration. As published.

Forest, Jean-Claude - illustration from V Magazine 1962.  As published

Fernandez, Fernando - Beagle cover prelim, Spy cover painting, El Hombre de Cuba page, La Fiesta pages 2, 3, 4, 8.  Some of the finest art I have ever seen.

D'Errico, Camilla - Elephantmen #6 Cover, Butterfly Helmet Girl Illustration and Coloring book cover.

Sire, Denis - Bettie title page.  Heavy Metal era art. Nudity warning.

Saito, Takao - Golgo 13/Bond page. 

Pope, Paul - Guide to Burlesque page from GQ Magazine April 2008.

Studio Ghibili - Porco Rosso cel.

Sale, Tim - Corto Maltese and Gwen Stacey commissions.

Stelfreeze, Brian - Furiosa illustration from Mad Max.

Dalrymple, Farel - This Will Hurt pages 288, 299, 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 319, 329, 331, 332, 339, 343, unknown pages and pin-up Omega 6 page 18

Finch, David - Neverland #1 Cover.

Severin, Alec - Front and rear cover to La Machine a Explorer les Temps. Brazil illustration.

Furman, Corey - Nymph and Satyr (after Boughereau) and commission.

Dragunas, Joe - Sires of Time #2 page with prelims 1 and 2.

Graham, Brandon - Wicked and Devine #9 cover.

Brown, Jeffrey - multiple small drawings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5Changebots page.

Kim, Mira - Halloween page 3.

Baczynski, Kristyna - Measure of Space pages 4/5, 6/7, Scratcher 1/2, Nelson 2, 3, Galactic Savings, Sapling, Dinner for Eight, Sasquatch and Coral Reef.

Wiebe, Jacob - Aligator illustration 1 and 2, ballerina, dog and goats.

Strip Art -
Caniff, Milton - Steve Canyon Dragonlady colored print and Princess Snowflower reference print.
Jordan, Sydney - Jeff Hawke Dailies 4411, 4928 and 5949.
Marge (Woody Kimbrell) - Little Lulu 7/3/53 and 1/15/68
Godwin, Frank - Rusty Riley Daily 1/29/55.

Manga/Anime art -
Miyanishi, Keizo - pages from unknown Manga. 1 and 2.
Miyuki, Saga - Horror panel.
Lamantia, Jonathan - Blackjack illustration.

Mahfood, Jim - Dragonlady commission from Emerald City.

Matania, Fortunino - Rosamund illustration

Paxton, William - 1933 Pin-up.

Scalera, Mateo - Batman and Poison Ivy commission.

Jung Gi, Kim - Dedication in a book.

Sevy, Phillip - Powerpuff girls illustration. 

Matthews, Menton - sketch.

Burns, Charles - sketch in book.

New Art as of Feb 25th, 2015.  I was doing pretty good at not getting anything new.  I went almost 6 weeks but I fell off the wagon in February last year.  I had also taken a few weeks off buying around the new year this year too.  Here are the new additions since last.year.

sketches by Jon Muth, Kent Williams. Rick Geary, Rich Koslowski,
Peter Kuper, Craig Thompson and two unknowns 1 and 2.  Also, 2 nice sketches from my friend Alec Severin 1 and 2, Noel Tuazon and 2, Reinhart Kleist, Pete Sickman-Garner and Cam Stewart.

Shepard, E.H. - Illustration for Punch Magazine August 20th, 1919. (as published)

Schuiten, Francois - La Dolce page 21.

Sale, Tim - Femme Fatale from Yeah Baby!

Krenkel, RG - nice, 2 sided prelims for John Carter cover.  Side 1 and 2.

Williams, Garth - Miss Bianca - A Fantasy page 19 (1962)

Alexander, Jason Shawn - Dororthy's Breathe Oil painting.

Sienkiewicz, Bill - no update is ever complete without something by Bill.  Here is a great New Mutants #18 page 20 from the Demonbear storyline and 6 prelims from his Little Nemo, Dream Another Dream project. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.  Also, a nice nude illustration

Fried, Pal - nude illustration.

Thorne, Frank - (Nudity warning on all pages).  An 8 page Ghita story 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and pages 4, 13, 26 and 46 from Lann.

Zulli, Mike - Puma Blues #15 page 18 with flying manta rays.

Correia, Dave - Illustration - strange gothic illustration.

Nizzoli, Marco - nice panel page from the Italian master.

Magnus - page from L'Uomo Che Uccise Che Guevara 1983.

Baldazzini, Roberto - cool and stylish Rip Kirby Tribute.

Maroto, Estoban - Creepy 73 page and color pin-up for Conan and the Sorcerer

Storey, Barron - a bonus piece Barron sent along after a misunderstanding.  Reworked commission piece on wood.

Oksner, Bob - Angel and the Ape #4 page 22 - Wally Wood inks.  Pages from this series are not easy to find and I should know as I have been looking for some time. 

Gajic, Aleksa - watercolor painting.  I don't know a lot about the artist or the piece but I like it.

Woodring, Jim - nice early Frank prelim circa 1995.

Miller, Frank - Sin City page 12 from Hell and Back.

Day, Dan - Master of Kung-Fu #111 page 18. 

Andru, Ross - Showcase #28 page 1.

Percival, Nick - Slaine page from 2000AD #1033.

Dowdle, Max Miller - Shattered With Curve of Horn page from Kickstarter.

Laci - Sherlock Holmes T1 page 14. 

Pittman, Aaron - Sundown #1 page 10 and 11.

Lee, Ryan - The Naturals #1 page 3 and 17.

O'Malley, Bryan - pages from Scott Pilgrim.  #4 page 44, #5 page 7 and #5 page 80.

Baker, Matt - Seven Seas #3 page.

Andru, Ross - Showcase #28 splash - Frogman from the first Frogman story.

Blum, Alex - Tugboat Tessie unpublished story for Seven Seas.  pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Corben, Richard - Swamp Thing #7 page 3 splash.

Vilabos, Ramon - Cloak and Dagger commission.(gift from friend)

Worthy, Thomas - illustration from Judge Mazaine 1880.

Mooney, Jim - Spiderman in the Electric Company magazine page with inks by Espisito.

Dragonlady commission and art from Robert Hack, Joe Dragunas, Cody Shibi, Aaron Pittman, Peter Kuper, Aype Bevens (RIP), Eric Orchard and Jason Pearson.

Corto Maltese by Jim Keefe, Pablo Peppino and Nathan Fox

Blade Runner Commission by Tony Moore.

Harbin, Dustin - 2 cool pieces picked up at TCAF.  A little con gag featuring Chester Brown from Diary Comics webcomic.    The second from This Day in History historical comedy strip.
Caniff, Milton - 3 great specialty pieces and a Burma color print.  The three specialty pieces includes a regret panel for San Diego, a Steve Canyon reading comics and an original illustration of Steve Canyon that was later used to make prints.
Darrow, Geof - Shaolin Cowboy published splash, the Alternative cover to Dark Horse Presents #1 and a Totoro illustration.

Del Castillo, Arturo - El Cobra pages 5, 7, 10 and 12

Davis, Jack - Nice, vintage 2 page MAD art set. 

Petersen, David - Dark Crystal promotional piece for Archaia Press (color version)

Malavia, Nimit - nice girl illustration with a Gibson girl feel to it.

Burns, Charles - Cover illustration for Believer Magazine of Francisco Goldman from 2004

Sala, Richard - cool page I got in a trade with a friend.

Cruz, ER. - GI Combat #269 page 21 by a favorite artist which was subsequently traded to a friend for a Ghosts #3 page 11 also by Cruz.

Catan, Vic - GI Combat 403 page 4. 

Carrillo, Fred - Two pages from The Witching Hour #66.  Page 3 and 4.

Santos, Jesse - some 70's Tragg goodness from Mystery Comics #3 page 67.

IKO (aka Giuseppe Ricciardi) - Tenebres #1 page 43 and #2 page 19.

Messmer, Otto - 3 pages from Felix the Cat #41.  Pages 17, 19, 20.

Tuazon, Noel - A page from Family Ties, a dedication in his new book Foster and a paper bag sketch to go with it.

Zullo, Chrissie - way cool Miyazaki poster art. (published)

Wrightson, Bernie - City of Others #2 page 19 and 22, #3 page 6 and 10, Nightmare Theater #1 page 8, Shining prequel for TV guide illustration and Hunter Illustration for webdesign.  A great new page from 1969 Witching Hour #5 page 3.  A neat, unpublished splash for a Spirit project.

Finlay, Virgil - The Screaming People illustration from Fantastic Magazine Jan 1959 and "The Blonde from Outerspace" from Amazing Stories 1950. 

Roslof, Laura - Vintage Dungeons and Dragons illustration used in an ad for a Dungeon Hobby Shop.

DeCarlo, Dan - Betty and Veronica #202 pin-up.

Unknown - Archie pages from Archie Joke Book #26 page 14 and #36 page 24.and Little Archie #5 page 1.

Black, Bill - a Tara pinup and Splash from AC comics. 

Bollinger - Two medical themed gags. 1, 2

New artists for me.  I met Joe at C2E2, Eric at TCAF, Rodrigo via CAF, Brandon via his work and Jay via Kickstarter.

Luff, Rodrigo - Totem and Nectar.  Two beautiful illustrations by this Australian artist.

Dragunas, Joe - I met Joe at C2E2 and we were instant friends.  I love his work, very much in the vein of his buddy Jeremy Bastian.  Here are a few pieces.  The Sires of Time page 1, 2 and 6Stag, Queen, Totoro, Leaning Girl and Dragonlady/Corto commission.   Since meeting Joe, we met up again at NYC and I picked up the prelim and final illustration he did for a Little Nemo Tribute book.

Graham, Brandon - Vancouver artist who's work seems to be a hybrid of Moebius and Seth Fisher.  Walrus DPS with William Gibson Neuromancer theme(as published) , Thickness page with 2 prelims 1 and 2, Multiple Warheads back cover, Mutliple Warheads page, King City pages 112 and 158 and the cover to Cinema Sewer #18(prelim and as published).

Orchard, Eric - Maddy Kettle pages 1, 2 and 3, Marrow Bones splash and Fox in Boat Print art(with prelim and final print) and Puck.

O'Leary, Jay - a tattoo artist from Idaho trying to make it in comics.  Great layouts. Torso art (giant, poster sized), PUSH page 12 pencil prelim and prelims 1, 2, 3, on strike 1 and 2, bang 1, 2 and 3.  Then came the original art to Push #1, his self published comic.  Cover and pages 2, 3, 4/5, 6, 7 and 12 plus prelims of the cover and pages 2, 2, 4, 4/5, 6, 6, 7 , 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 plus a pin-up prelim.

Peppino, Pablo - a great Argentinian artist who was an assistant to Eduardo Risso.  I found him at the NYC comic con and really liked the work I saw from his kickstarter project.  I bought a page (his first) and had him do a commission and dedication (also both his firsts).  He was as thrilled as I was about the whole thing.  I bought a page from Skies of Fire (page 15) with and without patch and here is the dedication and commission he did of Corto Maltese.  Finally a dedication for a friend.

Strip art:
Foster, Harold - Prince Valiant 5/18/69
Godwin, Frank - 3 great dailies.  4/13/55, 7/16/59 and 8/11/59.
Taliaferro, Al - Donald Duck Daily 11/12/56

Romero, Enrique - Modesty Blaise daily 9929 and AXA Daily #57
Waugh, Colton - Dickie Dare Daily 8/29/35
Hart, Johnny - B.C. Daily 1/4/71
Morse, Wesley - Bazooka Joe Gag 1-62-9
Dirks, Rudolf - Captain and the Kids Sunday 1/23/44
Ross, Russell - Jane Arden Daily 4/20/46
Weare, Tony - Matt Marriott Daily 36 and 37.
Dodd, Ed - Mark Trail Sunday 1/6/49
Prentice, John - Rip Kirby Daily 3/11/69
Raymond, Alex - Rip Kirby Daily 6/21/50, 10/27/53 and 6/8/54
Moriera, Ruben - Rubimor Tarzan Sunday 2/9/47
Greene, Vernon - Shadow Daily A7 circa 1940 (?tryout pre-publication)
MacNelly, Jeff - Shoe Daily 1/25/83 and 2/9/80
Maxon, Rex - Tarzan Daily #48, 1935
Caniff, Milton -  Terry and the Pirates Daily 8/11/37.
Capp, Al - Lil Abner Daily 5/22/45 and 9/14/40
Adams, Neal - Ben Casey Dailies 4/5/66 and 7/9/66.
Longaron, Jorge - Friday Foster Sunday 1973
Browne, Dik - Hagar daily 12/20/76
Wright, David - Carol Day daily 1323
Kelly, Walt - Pogo Daily 5/23/55
Drake, Stan - Juliet Jones Daily 7/18/73

Ducks.  It has taken me a long time but I think Disney and their ducks are finally catching on in my interests.  Here are 3 Carl Barks prelims/layouts for Junior Wood Chucks #10 with attached images of the final pages in Gold Key as well as the Dann Jippes European versions later published by Gladstone in North America. 1 , 3, 10.  Also, a Dann Jippes Donald Duck #90 cover and a Junior Woodchucks #73 cover by Pete Alvarado and Bill Wright. 

New Art as of January 17th, 2014.
  Wow! I started this update in January 2013 but didn't get around to finishing it until now.  It is big because a lot of smaller fun pieces and prints found their way into my collection this year. Hopefully I'll do better than an annual update going forward.

I have been using Mylar bags for my comic strip art for years.  I bought a large batch at that time and slowly they have all been used up.  I ordered another, larger batch.  I have had many people ask me about the bags for years.  I got enough made than I can sell a few.  $4 each in lots of 10 or 25 ($40 and $100) with shipping of $25 anywhere in North America.  The bags are 24 inches by 8.  Shipping to Europe will be a lot more.  Contact me if interested.   Here are some pics of the bags. 1, 2 , 3.

My biggest piece to date.  It is by my all time favorite artist Bill Sienkiewicz and came to me from a friend who has had this piece for years.  I had always admired it but it was always untouchable.  Here it is, the cover the Elektra Assassin Trade Paperback.  It is a large 30 x 40 inche painting and is far more impressive in person than a scan can do justice too.  In addition to the big piece, there were a number of really cool pieces by Bill that were added this time too.  5 commissions.  Corto Maltese (my favorite of the commissions), Stray Toasters splash recreation, Miller Elektra pencils commision theme piece, recreation of Moon Knight splash with Elektra and a Elektra Lives cover redo by Bill.  The last piece is a cool mixed media piece with a very scary clown used for part of the cover of Batman Blackest Night. 

Pratt, Hugo - here is an artist I have been waiting my whole life to discover.  I read the recent reprint of the Ballad of the Salt Sea with Corto Maltese and I was taken.  I have searched for the other reprints but they are 30 years out of print and not easy to come by but a friend leant me most of them and I have enjoyed them all.  I have a new favorite character and you can see a few commissions starting to show up in my gallery of my new found hero.  Pratt art is not easy to come by and especially not Corto art.  I am happy to add this page from the Ernie Pikie storyline published in Hora Cero #9 by Pratt.  A prime non-Corto example of his work.

Uderzo, Alberto - Jehan Pistolet page.  I grew up reading Asterix and Tintin.  These were my favorite comics.  To own a nice piece by Uderzo is such a milestone.  Unlike some of his older works, Johan Pistolet was later and by then Uderzo had developed his signature style that he would use in Asterix. 

Raymond, Alex - Rip Kirby with Honey in Peril and Rip about to come to the rescue.  If only Pagan Lee were in there somewhere.  Speaking of Pegan Lee, here is a gorgeous Raymond print of her. 

Kubert, Joe - How to Draw Double Page Splash.

Elvgren, Gil - Uncle Sam Wartime ration promotional piece.  Published in both Life and Saturday Evening Post.  As published from tearsheet.

Ehrhart - Puck Illustration.

Caniff, Milton - Not originals but I have taken quite a liking to his prints.  Through a trade deal I got a number of unsigned and uncolored prints that were file copies of Milton Caniff via the collection of long time Caniff assistant Shel Dorf.  In a second big deal, I purchased the Caniff items from the Estate of a photographer of Caniff's around 1946 - 1954.  Many photos, negatives and proofs.  In addition, many prints, some colored, some signed and two originals. 
The highlights are the originals.
Terry and the Pirated daily from 8/3/35 featuring Normandie.
Steve Canyon catfight panel used for a magazine article. I found a copy of the reference photo used by Caniff. 
Holly Hale original used for a print.
Pat Ryan headshot and a nice letter
Portrait of Bill Mitchell used in the Aviation Hall of Fame.
Creations - all of Caniff's major series represented here.
Cooper Calhoun
Doe Redwood
Feeta Feeta
Happy Easter
Miss Lace
Miss Lynx
Miss Mizzou
Reed Kimberly
Steve Canyon
Steve Canyon
Steve Canyon
Steve Canyon
Summer Smith Olson
and 4 cool publicity photos of Caniff in studio and with model 1, 2, 3, 4.
From the estate and other purchases, prints of
April Kane, Miss Lace 1, 2, 3, 4 Princess Snowflake 1 and 2, Steve Canyon 1, 2, 3, Cooper Calhoon1 and 2, Deen Wilderness, Delta 1 and 2, Feetafetta 1 and 2, Happy Easter colored and uncolored, Madame Lynx, Maid IX, Miss Mizzou uncolored x 2, Herself Muldoon, Summer Smith Olsen 1, 2, 3.

Dragonlady commissions from Big Wow and a few online deals.
Dragonlady sketch by Shel Dorf, Kyle Holtz, Thorny Silas, Art Adams, Sergio Aragones, Danny Bulanadi, Richard Sala, Mateo Scelera, Dave Williams, Alex Nino, Bruce Mutard, Sanya Anwar, Deam Yeagle, Ian Gibson and Comiccon Caniff Tribute by Randy Reynaldo.

Also in Dragonlady commission theme group but worthy of a few words on its own, a commission from Barron Storey of Corto Maltese and the Dragonlady.  This was an amazing experience and Barron worked through many prelims and problems in his sketchbook.  He made a printout collage of sorts of the images he drew and put it on the back of the art.  The final bonus were the 2 pages from his sketchbook/journal he included. 

Corto Maltese Commissions by Bill Sienkiewicz, Alphonso, Michael Cho, Darwyn Cooke, Tom Yeates and Stephane Roux

McKeever, Ted - large mixed media piece. The King of Los Moertos.

Jean, James - large pencil and pencil crayon illustration by James Jean published as advertising for AND1 shoes.

Colan, Gene - Tomb of Dracula #54 cover by the legendary pairing of Colan/Palmer.  (without overlay).  Also,  page 20 from issue #34.

Romita, John Sr. - TV Guide Spiderman Cover.  Layouts by Romita Jr. but pencil and inks by Romita Sr.

Stelfreeze, Brian - Clarie Danes from Romeo and Juliet.  She will forever be Juliet in my eyes. 

Sale, Tim - Femme Fatale illustration.

Siner, Nicolas - La Grise fantasty illustration painting.

Moore, Terry - two great pin-ups of Francine and Katchoo that I believe are published.

Adlard, Charlie - great Walking Dead pages.  Issue #42 page 16 and Issue #81 page 20.

McKean, Dave - Rogue Trooper #6 cover - mixed media and large.

Akira commission by Thorny Silas

Duranona, Leo - Eerie #96 pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.  Very Toppi-esque.

Flowers, Dan - 3 girl gags 10/16/67, 1/14/66 and 5/15/67.

Chaykin, Howard - Robin Hood Protfolio art. Also, a piece I have had a long time but never posted before. The cover to Amazing Heroes #29 and the first appearance of Ruben Flagg (predates American Flagg by several months).  It is done several layers.  Here it is as composite image.

Strip art.
King, Frank - Gasoline Alley Daily Feb 6, 1941 and May 31st, 1940
Wright, David - Carol Day 60 and 61 which I have coveted for some time.
Davis, Jim - Garfield Daily 3/10/86,
Ernst, Ken - Mary Worth Daily 7/9/77
Andriola, Alfred - Kerry Drake Daily 7/27/77 and 3/29/47.
Roy, Jim - USS Mothball Daily (undated)
Armstrong, Tom - Marvin Daily 11/2/82
Fagan, Kevin - Drabble Daily 10/15/90
Stansbury - Smart Chart daily 6/27/80
Flash - Showbiz daily 12/25/?
McFeatters, Dale - gag panel.
Bollen, Roger - Funny Business Daily 2/9/76
Hancock, Mal - Fenwick Daily for Chronicle Features 8/9
Bates, Bill - Ping Daily (undated)
Tomey, Jim - Sherman's Lagoon Daily 5/30/91
Frink, G.D. - gag panel
Nellor, William - Funny Fizzle daily 12/19/76
Disbrow, Jay - 8 strips from a tryout series done 2 per page. 1, 2, 3, 4.
Montana, Bob - Archie Daily 2/1/51.
Bald, Ken - Judd Saxon Daily 11/22/58.
Robbins, Frank - Scorchy Smith Daily 6/16/4?.  Nice early daily from before his Jonny Hazard run which began in '44.
Walker, Addison Morton - Boner's Ark Daily 4/18/78
McWilliams, Alden - two Twin Earth's Dailies from 9/10/60 and 10/8/62.
Dodd, Ed - early Mark Trail daily from 9/25/47.
Ferrier, Arthur - Eve Dailies from the UK. 1, 2, 8, 10, 11, 53, 68, 69, 104, 123, 128, 129, 248, 275, 296.
Striebel, John - Dixie Dugan Sunday 10/29/44, Sunday 1939, Daily 1940's, Sunday top tier 7/3/54 , Daily 1/18/43 and 2 pre-strip era inkwash of Dixie from Liberty Magazine circa 1928 and another.
Pirarro, Dan - Bizzarro 1987 panel.
Yeager, Rick - Buck Rogers partial Sunday #336 from 1948.
Good, Edmund - Scorchy Smith Sunday from 3/10/4?

Nizzoli, Marco - Italian artist with a style influenced by Manara and Moebius.  Card art for Nathan Never series 1, 2, Faerie art and Forest Illustration

Brereton, Dan - Dreck Odin cover.

Sala, Richard - Cloak and Dagger commission.

McDougall, Larry - Tree Witch Illustration

Bagge, Peter - Neat Stuff #12 page 28.

Moldoff, Shelley - Batman cover recreation.

Ribic, Esad - Dylan Dog cover painting (reinterpretation).

Montserrat, Guido - Blondine Cover

Bachman, Evelyn - little girl illustration.

Sanjulian - (nudity) Racy Western paperback cover for the Lasiter series.

Nenzioni, Gabriele - Snow White Illustration.

Darrow, Geoff - published Shaolin Cowboy Adventure Magazine illustration.

Bradstreet, Tim - Hardlook page1 illustration.

Bernet, Jordi - Scalped #50 pin-up and a wonderful illustration of Clara in a sketchbook.

Colwell, Guy - 3 nude illustrations.  Cave, Forest and Architecture.

Gibson, Ian - Halo Jones commission and a Dragonlady commission.

Manara, Milo - early Genius splash page.

Maroto, Estaban - Conan illustration plate.

Jones, Jeffrey - nice pencil sketch and a Game of Thrones original ink illustration.

Kirby, Jack - pencil storyboards for FF the Frightful Four.

McCann, Gerald - pages from John Wayne #14 pages 1, Men and Guns pages 28, 29, 30, 3
1, 32, 33 and Navy page .

Sakai, Stan - nice, early Usagi Yojimbo finished illustration.

Woodring, Jim - 2 neat pieces. The first is an illustration entitled Frank in the Lofty Realms and the second is an unused panel from Weathercraft.

Storey, Barron - sevarl nice pieces.  What Despair Does Factum 1 and 2, Go Your Own Way Factum 1 and 2 and Bob Dylan piece.

Buscema, Sal  - Marvel Team-up #52 page 17.  Sal did the layouts, Mike Esposito and Dave Hunt did the rest.  Great bronze age Cap and Spidey page.

Bachalo, Chris - cool Steampunk pagefrom issue 12.

Kubert, Joe - Sgt. Rock Special Edition #1 page 1.  Originally intended for publication in Sgt. Rock #317 in 1978. 

Kaluta, Mike - nice, vintage girl illustration with help from Tim Conrad.  It looks like all Kaluta to me.  I'll have to ask Mike if he remembers what is what on this piece.

Mutard, Bruce - one of the highlights of every year is the TCAF comic convention.  This year I met an Australian artist named Bruce Mutard who I became a fan of.  I am the first person to ever buy art from him and to get a commission.  I have pages 9, 39 and 92 from A Mind for Love and the cover, color pin-up and pages  12, 30 and 34 from Stripshow.  Both are self published comics.  Here is the Dragonlady commission Bruce did for me.  Art on the back of page 39.  Last, a small dedication sketch in one of the books. 

Oliffe, Pat - Color guides for Akira #4 page 15, #35, #37, #37 page 44, #38 page 13.

Telgemeier, Raina - Babysitters' Club splash.  I got this for my daughter who is a huge fan of all of her books. A little sketch too.

Yap, Guan - Dragon Ring pin-up.

Torri, Kazuyoshi - Professor Toilet (Toitetto Hakase) color page and two pages likely by the same artist from Cha! Oh, Big Brother page 167 and 170.

Hernandez, Jaime - New Yorker Illustration for An Anonymous Island from Sept 12, 2011. 

Dezuniga, Tony - Red Sonja illustration.

Muth, Jon J - Mystery play page 62. 

Orlando, Joe - Classics Illustrated 147a Crossing the Rockies page.

Santos, Jesse - Tragg page from Mystery Comics Digest #3.

Jodloman, Jess - Secrets of Haunted Houe #6 page 1.

Stintsman, John - Wizard X-men special pin-up.

Templesmith, Ben - Tarot card art for Kickstarter project LUST.

McLeod, Kagan - Lone Wolf and Cub illustration

Hayakawa, Naomi - Hentai art for pin-up.  Pencils 1, 2 and 3Color and shadow casting sheets 1, 2, 3.  Another illustration.

Edwing, Duck - a Spy vs. Spy prelim by MAD favorite. 

Brown, Chester - sketch in Paying for It and the signing of a New Yorker piece I have which was deemed too racy to use.  It was drawn to accompany an article on a movie Cowards Bend the Knee.

Gigi, Robert - Magician page.

Lehmann, Matthias - illustration.

Friers, Rowel - illustration.

Soelberg, Dan - Cheryl Illustration from the Oddities of West Blankshire and a Character study for a play.

Yeagle, Dean - Mandy sketches.

Hernandez - 2 jungle girl illustrations 1 and 2.

Hernandez, Jaime - sketches from TCAF of Maggie, Flash, Ironman and Wonder Woman.

Hernadez, Beto - sketches from TCAF of Casimira, Batgirl, Hulk.

Ghibli Studios - Porco Rosso genga 1 ,2 ,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

Tezuka Studios - Astroboy cels 1, 2, 3 ,4, 5, 6 , 7, 8, 9 10, 11.

Stewart, Cam - girl illustration.

Aragones, Sergio - sketches of Groo and a border gag commission done on a MAD page by Duck Edwing.  Also a jungle girl sketch gotten for a friend. 

Sketches by Richard Sala, Seth, Brian O'Malley, JasonTurner, Ulli Lust,

Sprang, Dick - Joker sketch, cover recreation prelim sketch.

Takemiya, Keiko - Kaze to Ki NO Uta replica page.  Framed and produced by artist.

Saito, Takoa - Golgo 13 replica page signed by Saito.

Unknown - 12 page Trotomundo story.  Page 1, 2.

New Art as of December 30th, 2012.
Last update of the year.  Amazing last few months.  Lots of transition in my collection.

Schomburg, Alex - Goldenage cover superstar interior panel page from Jon Juan by Toby press 1950.

Woodring, James - nice, large oil "Manhog Celebrates".  Features Manhog, Frank and Pupshaw.  

Serpieri, Paolo - Morbus Gravis I page from the first Druuna storyline. 

Pope, Paul - Splash from 100%.  Same chapter as my other 6 pages.

Battaglia, Dino - Ivanhoe page.  Cool watercolor on back and when held to the light - Eureka.

Baru - page 328 from L'Autoroute du Soliel.  I love the movement on this page.

Murphy, Sean - Cover to Punk Rock Jesus #6 plus full size prelim3 other pages by Sean, 1, 2, 3.

Staples, Greg - Swamp Thing #16 cover.  Amazing painter.

Alexander, Jason Shawn - painted splash to Damn Nation.

Nizzoli, Marco - Night Ledge and Eggs Illustrations.

Dragonlady Commissions - Jori Bolton and Matt Kindt.

Guarnido, JuanJo - sketch and dedication by the creator of Blacksad.

Tocchini, Greg - Cover to the Last Days of American Crime #2.  A very special and heartfelt gift from a friend.

Taylor, Dave - pages 5 and 26 from Batman: Death by Design.

Maeda, Toshi - met him at the NYC con.  First Hentai translated into English back in the day.  La Blue Girl #1 page 23, 132, 164, 168, #2 page 42, #3 page 36, La Blue Girl Evil #2 page 53, 58 and 65.  Unknown La Blue Girl page and a page from Urotsukidoji.  I also had a Urotsukidoji cover but that has since left in a trade deal.

Strip Art -
King, Frank - Gasoline Alley 8/16/32, 2/18/36, 1/12/4?.
Smyth, Reg - Andy Capp daily from 29/10/88.
Parker Brant - Wizard of Id from 7/27/71, 8/29/71, 1/9/72(sunday with color guide), 4/22/72 and 11/24/72.
Lane, Tim - Beligerent Pianos daily.  Great smoke effect.
Millionaire, Tony - Maakies Daily.
Thaves, Bob - Frank and Ernest daily 10/22/74.

O'Keeffe, Neil - Dick's Adventures Sunday from 2/12/56.
Mosley, Zack - Smilin' Jack Daily from 9/9/36.

Johnson, Lynn - For Better or Worse Daily

Hernandez, Jaimie - Love and Rockets #30 page 18.

Dodson, Terry - Songes II page 22. Prelims on the back.

Montana, Bob - early Archie page circa 1945.

Maroto, Estaban - great page from 1984 #4.

Matthews, Menton III - 2 cool new oils by friend and great artist Menton.  Not sure about a title on this one but the second was called Something Close to Vice.

Brown, Jeffrey - Cats page.

Kuper, PeterSpy vs. Spy prelim and Seattle Weekly Cover.

Hamilton, Craig - Nice Peter Pan/Neverland page plus title logo and map art.

Suayan, Mico - 3 pages to Immortal Warriors Fat Cobra page 1, 2, 3.

Prat, Enric Torres - Romance Cover art Hunter's Moon.

Ibarra, Hannibal - 2 nice fairie paintings. 1 and 2.

Steranko, Jim - Avaiation illustration.

Moebius - dedication book - 40 Days in the Desert

Heath, Russ - Our Army at War #197 page 5 - partial page.

Schaffenberger, Kurt - Superman Family #197 splash with Giella inks.

Infantino, Carmine - Supergirl #19 page with Oksner inks.

Liefeld, Rob - Onslaught page.

D'Errico, Camilla - Tampopo commission NYC.

Bastian, Jeremy - Corto Maltese commission.

Caniff, Milton - cool Burma print.

Burchielli, Riccardo - DMZ #2 page.

Cloonan, Becky - Flight #3 page.

Zanotto, Juan - Voces En Las Estrellas page.

Rotundo, Massimo - Brendan page.

Alcatena, Enrique - unknown page.

Black, Stephen Russel - cool illustration received as a gift.

October 29th, 2012

Trying not to get too far behind on my updates this time but it failed.  Wow, over a year.  Lots of new art.  A few bigger pieces but many pieces just fleshing out my collection in certain areas. 

Sienkiewicz, Bill - Two of the bigger pieces I added since the last update where by Bill.  Here is a cover for New Mutants #28 that was lost prior to publication and so an alternative cover was used.  It is a large painting by Bill in his vintage style and I am happy to finally add a New Mutants cover.  The second is a large painting Bill did while preparing the work for Santa.  It never saw publication but it is a fully finished oil on board as Bill liked the Snow Griffin character and did several extra pieces.  I have also added a pin-up from HellRaiser by Clive Barker.  This piece is cool as it has nails and lace attached to the piece.  I also picked up the Warlock pin-up from New Mutants #23.  Also a recent Straytoasters #1 page 42 large panel page with some drawings on the back.  Finally, at C2E2 in 2012 Bill added the most amazing Dragonlady piece to my themed collection.

Burns, Charles - I only started reading comics by Charles Burns this year and I wish I had discovered these earlier.  They are fantastic and his art has always intrigued me.  Here is an unknown commercial illustration. 

Manara, Milo - a nice large, painted piece by Manara of two girls cooking (not work safe as if you'd expect any less from Manara).  A great panel page from parfume. Also 2 drawings from Kama Sutra , 27 and 35.  Also a recent addition of 2 pages from X-Women Girls on the Run pages 16 and 37, one of which has already left my collection in a trade deal. Finally a Sandman Endless Nights page that came and went before this update was completed. 

Adams, Neal - Strange Adventures #209 page - Deadman.  Finally a vintage Adams on Adams page in my collection.

Caniff, Milton - a nice Terry and Pirates Sunday from June 13, 1943 from the Taffy Tucker storyline.  3 excellent dailies from 7/3/36, 4/25/39 and 3/7/41A great portrait Caniff did for a friend.  I also added another 2 nice Dragonlady prints (second) , Ms. Lynx, Miss Missou, Summer Smith Olsen, Popteet, Steve Canyon and Hero(NCS) prints as well as a partially stated autobiographical Daytona Kid pin-up.   There was one more Terry daily that came and went before this update.

Smith, Jeff -  A few sketches from the NYC con by Jeff as well. One for a school and one for a good friend's wonderful kids

Byrne, John - cool double page wrap around cover to Marvel Universe.  Also, a neat historical piece, pencil tryouts for the Fantastic Four.

Williams, Kent - large painting of image from Blood comic book.  This is a later fine art recreation of a much smaller but very popular image by Ken. 

Bastian, Jeremy - 3 new pieces by this amazing artist.  Themes from Miyazaki, Tintin and Little Nemo.

Zulli, Michael - one of my all time favorite artists.  I remember reading Puma Blues and staring at the endplates and wondering why someone with this much talent was doing comics.  Here are 3 pages from his newest book, Fracture of the Universal Boy 1, 2, 3 and from Miss Finch
Puma Blues #9 page 8.

Kubert, Joe - Our Army at War #224 page 13, page, Star Spangled War Stories #137 and Brave and Bold Firehair page , Sgt. Rock #334 Cover, twice up Our Army at War #137 page, Showcase 86 page(Firehair) and an Unknown Soldier sketch.  I finally got around to scanning a sketch I have had in the Abraham Stone Graphic Novel for some time.  Sad to hear of his passing.  Here is how I will remember him, strong, vital and generous at C2E2 in 2012.

Jones, Jeffrey - 2 early and unpublished pieces from Witching Hour and Jungle Jim.  Plus a nice pencil sketch.  And a small painting, Ancient Tomb.

Colan, Gene - cover to Comicbook Checklist with inks by Joe Rubinstein.1982.  Tomb of Dracula #6 page 28 with nice images and theme on this one.  Little Shop of Horror's #1 page 35.

Zullo, Chrissie - a neat page from Madame Xanadu from NYC and a Dragonlady from C2E2.

Heath, Russ - Frontline Combat #1 page and twice up Our Army at War #104 page 5 artwork.

Sale, Tim - Great Daredevil Yellow page as well as several commission pieces including Poison Ivy, Mary Jane, Yellow DD and Karen Page and an inking of a copy of my Frank Miller Elektra sketch.

Zeck, Michael - cool color preliminary and finished illustration of everyone by Mike Zeck.  Both are 100% original.  And yes, the color is the prelim for the second piece which was done in a sketchbook.

Dragonlady commissions - a lot of action on this front.  Some great con and studio pieces by Bill Sienkiewicz, Sanjulian, Brian Stelfreeze, Frank Cho, Kyle Bice, Jori Bolton, Jim Keefe, Keron Grant, Lee Leslie, Mike Okamoto, Stephane Roux, Scottie Young, J.K. Woodward, Arantza 1, 2, J.P. Leon, George Perez, Justin Guenet,
Chrissie Zullo, Middleton, Josh, Emi Lenox,  and Adam Warren.

Tintin commissions/art - Jori Bolton, Chester Brown, Guy , Nick Maandag, John Martz, Renee Nault, Luke Pickett, Ethan Rilly and Dalton Sharp.

Arantza, Sestayo - in addition to the 2 Dragonlady pieces above a nice watercolor that came in as part of a trade deal.

Schomburg, Alex - Jon Juan page.  Rare Schomburg interior page.

Blade Runner commissions - only one great additions - Nathan Fox.

Flash Gordon commissions - small editions by Jori Bolton and Lee Leslie.

Kane, Gil - prelims to Red Sonja and Daredevil Giant Size (published)covers.

New Theme - I have this great Frank Miller Elektra sketch that I finally got around to getting printed on blue line comic art board and I have asked a few creators to ink it and add material to make it their own.  So far the results have been outstanding.  Tony Moore, Tim Sale and Stuart Sayger.

Tony Moore - in addition the getting one of Tony's commissions this time round I also got some great pages from the Exterminators issue 10 page 4, #24 page 13, #28 page 12 and 16 and a 6 page story from NYC Mech 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Tochhini, Greg - I picked up a large lot of art from The Last Days of American Crime.  I just loved the way Greg was working on these pages.  Issue #1 pages 28, 29, 30, 40, 41, 42, 47, 57 Issue #2 pages 15, 19, 35, 42 Issue #3 pages 2, 23, 30, 32, 33, 35, 43, 45, 51.

Bolton, Jori - several great commission by Jori including the Dragonlady, Tintin, Corto Maltese, Daredevil and Elektra, Miyazaki theme, Sheena and Rulah and Flash Gordon.  Also, a cool little Terry sketch and a Little Nemo.

Crilley, Mark - everyone remember Akiko.  Fun comic and very kid friendly.  My kids enjoyed this comic and even though out of print for years, still a great read.  I was very happy to meet Mark at a Detroit convention and got a cover, page and commission from him.  I also got a back cover to his Miko books.

Strip Art - this has been a spectacular update for strip art. 
King, Frank - sublime, dreamlike Gasoline Alley from Feb 8th, 1941. Also 3/29/21, 4/6/21, 8/28/22, 6/20/24 and 12/5/33. Finally, perhaps the finest original comic strip art piece I now own - 8/5/25.  Yet another added last minute 1/12/32.
Raymond, Alex - nice Rip Kirby featuring the lovely Pagan Lee from 6/22/49.
Caniff, Milton -
Terry and Pirates Sunday from June 13, 1943 from the Taffy Tucker
storyline.  3 excellent dailies from 7/3/36, 4/25/39 and 3/7/41.
Salinas, Jose - 2 nice Cisco Kid Dailies from 11/12/51 and 1/19/51.
Drake, Stan - nice early Juliet Jones from 3/4/57 and a great one from 11/29/68.
Williamson, Al - Secret Agent Corrigan dailies 1/30/73, 8/27/74, 10/27/74, 9/30/75, 11/12/75, 11/14/75, 11/17/75, 5/25/76, 6/8/76, 6/14/76, 12/28/76.

Barnes, Bob - Better Half Dailies from 10/14/62, 3/6/64, 6/18/64, 10/6/64, 4/29/65, 2/5/68, 6/28/71, 3/26/72, 4/6/72, 12/4/72, 1/9/78, 4/26/78, 5/6/78, 11/10/78, 5/18/?, undated 1 and 2.
Anderson, Brad - early Marmaduke 1955, otherwise undated. A second from 9/13/71.

Gould, Chester - Dick Tracy 4/2/57 with wristwatch radio.
Debeck, Billy - Barney Goodle Daily 8/11/31 - trade deal with a friend
Ernst, Ken - Mary Worth Sunday from 8/26/62.
McManus, George - Bringing Up Father Daily 6/18/47.
Mosley, Zack - a great pair of sequential Smilin' Jack Dailies from 1/31/38 and 2/1/38.
MacNelly, Jeff - Shoe Daily from 3/6/85.
Starr, Leonard - Mary Perkins 3/1/65.
Keene, Bill - The Family Circus 6/11/82.
Tuthill, H.J. - Bungle Family Sunday and Short Stories topper 2/26/39.
Johnson, Lynn - early For Better or For Worse daily Sept 9th,1981(might be earlier year).
Wood, Wally - MAD Parody of Dick Tracy by Gould.  From MAD #46.
Messick, Dale - 10 consecutive Brenda Starr dailies from 1945. 10/22, 10/23, 10/24, 10/25, 10/26, 10/28, 10/29, 10/30, 10/31, 11/01.
Tuthill, Harry - Bungle Family Sunday (colored) 4/7/29.
Parker, Gladys - 4/20/57 Mopsy daily.
Sniederman, Sylvia - Flapper Fanny panel.
Falk, Wally - Family Car gag 5/16/57.

Illustration art
Williams, Garth - a few pieces from Little House on the Prarie series, The Farmer's Boy page 13, 21, 25 and 355. Also, a gorgeous piece from the Rabbits Wedding.
Cravath, Glenn - probably best known for his movie poster art but these illustration pieces are amazing.  I have to thank my friend Alec Severin for the introduction to this artist.  New Yorker/Saturday Evening Post Illustrations.
Vacation Days "On the River" art and print, "The Hikers" art and print, "The Surf Board" art and print. Versatile Vera "As a Gymnasium Instructor" art and print, "As a Dancing Teacher", "When Mary Comes Home From College" art, prelim and print, "Now and Then" art, prelim and print, unknown tribute inkwash, tightrope walker, "Settled Out of Court", "Now and Then" hairdressing, "Lucky Man" and "Always Fishing".
Freas, Kelly - nice girl illustration.
Munson, Walt - wartime pin-up.
Krenkle, RGK - Tarzan pen sketch.
Jean, James - interesting and delicate drawing of faerie.
unknown - illustration -
Beaumont, E - Centuri cover.
Berger, William Merrit - Girl illustration. 
unknown - 5 fashion illustrations circa 1950. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
unknown - 4 magazine illustration 1, 2, 3, 4.
unknown - young girl fashion illustration.

Severin, Al - several illustrations, 2 that accompanied a letter by my friend.  A nice Corto Maltese illustration.

Manga art - Tezuka, Osamu - Mr. Mustache panel.  10 cool genga from Akira including a great cityscape 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.  Also, a Chobits genga.  I have about 200 other genga I bought recently but probably will never see this site. 

Cebollerro, John - Dreamdoll 8 page story (adult content)  2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Iger studios - vintage Sheena #6 page.  How could I pass on a vintage Jungle girl page.

Chiodo, Joe - Daredevil page.

Chan, Ernie - 3 pages from SSOC #29.  Pages 6, 8, 27.

Kurtzman, Harvey - a great 3 page prelim set from Little Annie Fanny 1, 2, 3.

Brereton, Dan - cool Red Sonja page.

MacDonald, Andy - Ghenghis Con (comic con) poster, Superman 80 page 7 and 8.  Fun storyline.

Moritat - 3 Spirit double pages Issue #2 pages 1-2, 11-12, Issue #3 pages 17-18.

McKeever, Ted - Plastic Forks page 60 splash.

Vess, Charles - stunning painting from Stardust.

Muth, Jon - Apparations Pin-up.

Moebius - Blueberry sketch.

Battaglia, Dino - Moby Dick page.

Bernet, Jordi - Torpedo box sketch.  Found on an old package from Jordi.

Risso, Eduardo - 100 Bullets #1 page 3 - part 2 to the shower scene.

Stoupakis, Doug - Monocyte comic splash. Full painting.

Smudja, Gradamir - VanGogh painting.

Mattotti, Lorenzo - a nice little illustration.

Carnevale, Massimo - Scorpio #36 cover.

Hampton, Scott - lovely watercolor of a girl.

Andrews, Esao - beautiful painted cover to House of Mystery #30.

Staples, Greg - Rusting Golem Magik card art.

Dorman, Dave - Rust cover painting.

Fisher, Seth - Cliff illustration from the former collection of Walt Parrish.

Decarlo, Dan - Josie splash page from PEP #193.

Breccia, Enrique - son of the great Alberto and a fine artist of his own right did this prelim for a cover of Swamp Thing 11.
Les Sentinnels page 4

Micheluzzi, Attillio - Corriere dei Ragazzi #1 page.

DeCarlo, Mike - 8 page Phineas and Ferb story 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Kelly, Ryan - NYC Four and Five pages.  NYC4 page 101 and 105 and NYC5 page.

Suydam, Arthur - spacegirl sketch.

Wilson, Charles Paul III - Stuff of Legends pages 6 and 32.

Romita, John Sr. - S.H.I.E.L.D. cover prelim.

Petersen, David - Harry Potter sketch.

Renaud, Paul - Red Sonja cover art.

Mellon, Kevin - Lovestruck con sketch.

Starlin, Jim - Thanos vs. Thing illustration.

Garcia-Lopez, Jose  - Brave and the Bold #164 page 10.

Fabian, Stephan - Almuric portfolio illustration.

Bachalo, Chris - Captain America #22 page 14.

Cruze, Howard - Stuck Rubber Baby page 118.

Bisley, Simon - vintage Lobo sketch/illustration.

VonEeden, Trevor - Batman #401 page.  Toth like.

Leonardi, Rick - Cloak and Dagger con sketch NYC 2011. Also, nice page from Cloak and Dagger #1 page 25.

Moore, Terry - Strangers in Paradise #44 Cover - 9/11 Tribute.

Caretta, Fernando - 4 pages 1, 2, 3, 4.

Wood, Brian - DMZ promotional art pre DMZ.  Zee sketch and DMZ #8 cover.  There is a stat over the head and this was removed for this scan

Woodring, James - Congress of Animals page 82 with Frank.

Goldberg, Stan - Archie's Double Digest 153 cover and Bettie and Me #199 cover.

Staton, Joe - Eman #4 cover - Watch Out! This comic book is going to EXPLODE

Fastner and Larson - Witch color illustration.

Lee, Jae - Witchblade trading card art.

Hernandez, Gilbert (Beto) - Luba page, Fear of Comics front and back covers.

Lepp, Royden - Rust cover recreation sketch.

Edwing, Duck - MAD page featuring the execution of Sergio Aragones.

Mahfood, Jim - poster art.

Silke, Jim - Betty Page pin up.

Spiegle, Dan - Space Ghost illustration.

Herndon, Christopher - Cover and page from Terra Tempo #1.

Bianchi, Simone - Thor 1 page 15.

Morse, Scott - Elektra sketch.

Toth, Alex - Batman sketch.

Mayo, Gonzalo - Vampirella #54 page.

Romita, Jr., John - Wolverine #21 page 5.

Foss, Langdon - page from Get Jiro 5, 12, 13, 29, 35, 39, 60, 64, 98, 145.

Sim, Dave - splash from Glamorpuss and several prelims 1(Alex Raymond), 2(Stan Drake), 3, 4 and 5.

Lomax, Don- Vientnam Journal #14, 21 pages out of 26 page story.  Graphic. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26.

Kibushi, Kazou - Amulet sketch and dedication.

Lenox, Emi - Emitown poster art.

Bruins, David - several Cowboy, Ninja, Bear sketches and dedications for the kids.  1, 2, 3.

Davila, Claudia - Luz dedication for my daughter.

Nock, Diana - Dedication for my kids and a sketch.

Runton, Andy - Owly sketch.

Acton, Allison - Zombie card art. 

Powel, Nate - dedication.

Stout, William - dinosaur sketch.

Serpieri, Paolo - 2 dedications in Druuna 1 and 2. Western page from L'Histoire du Far-West or
Battere il colpo.

Meynet, Felix - dedication.

Berthet, Phillipe - dedication.

Maynegre, Remi - decidication.

Dodson, Terry - sketch in Songes.

Middleton, Josh - Dragonlady commission and cover art to the Keepers teen book.

Goffaux, Gerard - 2 dedications. 1 and 2.

Pearson, Luke - dedication.

Warren, Adam - Captain America headshot sketch for my son.

McCarthy, Alana- sketches Thor cat and Wondercat.

Starking, Richard - Shhhh! for my sister the librarian.

New Art as of Sept 4th, 2011.

! It has been a long time since my last update of new art.  It has been a busy year.  I keep hoping the new website will finally be done after several years but for the time being I have updated this one.  Hopefully by the end of the month I will have removed all the pages that were sold or traded to relieve some of the clutter and perhaps even get the strip art page up to date.  Too much to try and prioritize but I'll try to put the best up front and maybe something special at the end of this update.  I have had so much positive feedback on the way my site is, old fashion, big but people like it so I am keeping it for now and I will run the new site concurrently when it is up and see what people seem to prefer.

Tezuka, Osamu - God of Comics would almost be an understatement.  There is no western equivalent to him except maybe combing Herge, Disney and Eisner into one person.  A Tezuka piece was on high on my list of things to get this year.  I got lucky this year and won a Tezuka panel from a Japanese auction.  Not a month later I was offered a great Tezuka Black Jack page from a french collector which I bought and it looks great.  There is a dark lining to all this manga goodness, it appears that the Blackjack page may be of questionable origin and despite what looks real to me may indeed be a fraudulent or stolen page.  The investigation continues.  Here is a copy of the published page.  I know the panel I got is legit.  From that same questionable source I got a Miyazaki watercolor piece.

Crepaz, Guido - another top ten on my want list for years.  This piece was one of the last he worked on before he passed away.  It was sent to a publisher for a portfolio and is considered a prelim.  Most of Crepax prelims were destroyed after the print was made but he passed away before this piece shared that fate.  There is something really magical in the lines, grace and movement that is uniquely Crepax.

Manara, Milo - X-Women cover preliminary.  This was the cherry on top of the cake for the NYC con in 2010.  I had bought a Serpieri page from a dealer in Brussels.  He was bringing it to NYC for me to pick up and we arranged a dinner together the night before the con started.  I was getting together with some friends and we all met up.  When I flipped to this piece in the porfolio my convention was over before it began.  Although I let it slide for about 15 minutes as I looked at all the other art it was the kind of piece I would never forgive myself for passing on.  It is NOT the final cover but damn close.  When Marvel was getting Manara to do this project, he was required to submit to preliminary covers.  This is one of them and the other my friend Rob bought that night.  Marvel chose this one and other than some tightening of the lines and a few small changes this is as close as it gets to the final cover.  Milo is not selling any of his X-Women work.  Images of the published cover with and without logo.

Moebius - page from Blackbeard and the Pirate Brain page from an early edition of Metal Hurlant.  Vintage Moebius, it doesn't get much better than this.  Also added to my collection, a Moebius sketch in an Arzach book, a Blueberry sketch by Giraud and an original art piece with Major Fatal done for a portfolio along with the print.

Serpieri, Pablo - Nudity warning!!.  Another top 10 want list item.  Not Druuna but it might as well be.  This piece predated Druuna. 

Bernet, Jordi - Probably my favorite part of this update.  First, a Terry and Pirates commission from Jordi.  He really, really went all out here and produced one his all time finest pieces here.  Another equally as great bonus piece added to the deal.  I have a real soft spot of April Kane and my favorite part of the Terry and Pirates strip was when the Dragonlady was teaching Terry to dance for the big ball with April Kane.  In addition to this Bernet piece, I had the rare and very fortunate opportunity to meet with Jordi in Barcelona.  We spent the better part of a day together at his house, walking in the city and having a great meal with Jordi, his wife, my wife and two great friend.  In addition to the art, a little thank you note from Jordi and the cover for Andrax #4 from another source.  I have a few dedications by Jordi 1, 2, 3, 4

Frazetta, Frank - it took me until my seventh entry to get to an Amercian artist:)  I think it reflects my changing interests in artwork.  Here is an unpublished daily from Tiga by Frank Frazetta circa 1952.  There were a doze of these made. They were submitted for syndication and rejected.  They later saw publication in Squa Tront #2, the EC fanzine and again in Witzend by Wally Wood.  Wood changed the order of the panels and the text and hence the glue stains on the art were created by wood some 20 years after the art was originally drawn. 

Wrightson, Bernie - vintage piece from the Witching Hour #3 page 5.  I once owned another page from this book but sold it and have always wanted to look at it again as the inking left such an impression with me as new collector.

Segar, E.C. - Popeye daily from 1/26/38 featuring Popeye, Goons, Jeep and Olive.

Bolton, John - keeping with the same theme of art I really loved and left an impression but traded or sold too early is this Thor page from Bizarre Adventures.  The inkwash on my first page was magical and is an image I have never forgot.  I have also added another page from Kull showcasing John's brilliant inking and wash.

Fisher, Seth - Zendra #5 cover.  I was an instant fan when I saw Tokyo Pop on the comic book shelf and chased down Seth by emails.  We had some fun conversations and I am glad I got to know him a little before his death.  It was a shock to everyone and the circumstances were that much more confusing.  I have since met Seth's mother and she has put my mind more at ease about how he passed away.  This cover is a piece I have been eyeing for some time.  I think it might be favorite cover and I was happy to work out a trade deal to see it join my collection. 

Severin, Alec - I met my long time friend and artist extrodinaire in Brussels just over two weeks ago. It was such a great meeting and if for not other reason than chocolate and Alec, I will certainly visit again.  Two sketches by Alec, one from a letter and a second he gave me as a gift from the visit. 

Williamson, Al - Easily the largest part of my update.  Al Williamson is to me the artist's artist.  He was naturally gifted but always striving for more and he came from a history of appreciating other artists work both in his formative years and in his later years.  I have an interesting addition from all periods of his career in this update.  The first 3 pages are from EC Crime Illustrated #3 by Williamson and Torres.  I bought them all with the Frazetta attribution on inks but it seems this was an optimistic oversight on the part of the sellers.  Regardless, great pages including the page 1 splash, page 4 and 9 to go along with a previous page I own from the same story.  These pages were never published by EC as they stopped publishing comics before these came out but it was later published by Russ Cochran.  Also, an Atlas era Gunsmoke Western splash to go along with the previous panel page I have from this same story.  Also, an EC era Weird Fantasy page by Al.  19 new Corrigan X-9 dailies, one by Stanley Pitt.  Most of these are thanks to Al's widow Cori.  I gave away 2 of these as gifts on my recent Europe trip so the new art section is the only place to see these scans.

2/1/67 - Historic third daily from the series. 
3/17/67 - Early example with great lighting on the portrait panel.
4/1/67 - Another nice early piece with great portraits.
5/6/67 - Nice girl art.
7/31/67 - Great contrast in this one. A gift to my friend Alec Severin.
12/29/67 - Nice daily.
1/24/68 - Beautiful portrait in the last panel.
3/4/68 - The beginning of a new adventure.
4/18/68 - Great inking in these 2 dailies from this run.
4/23/68 - One of the great strips from this series.
6/14/68 - Nice girl art again.
7/24/69 - Stanley Pitt ghosting.
2/18/70 - Great dry brush in inking in the girl's hair.
9/2/70 - Interesting lighting.
12/4/70 - Lost World story line daily.
7/19/71 - I liked the lighting in this one.
8/3/71 - Again, the lighting.
3/14/72 - Lushan - gifted to my friend Miguel.
5/2/78 - Sci-fi daily.
Al had his hand in on a few more of the pages in these updates but as inker.  I'll post those under the specific pencilers.

Rip Kirby Daily from 5/30/66 which is credited to John Prentice but it looks like Al Williamson was ghosting on most of this one.

Sienkiewicz, Bill - no update is complete with out a bit of Bill, Milton and Josh.  Here are 2 great pages to the Jimi Hendrix graphic novel Bill worked on.  I love how the background behind the panels are also pieces of artwork.  Page 16 and 19.  A really nice, studio commission Elektra pin-up, a con sketch of the Joker, 2 nice Moonknight pages from issue 22 and 25 and  a pin-up quality vintage Moonknight sketch. At the Toronto con I picked up a great Elektra piece that is the concept design work for an Elektra statue, pages 6 and 18 from the Question #37(Deny Cowan pencils), an unused Big Numbers #3 tier of panels and Vesper Lynd illustration from Casino Royale which is looks enough like the Dragonlady to fit in to my theme gallery.

Middleton, Josh - Nice cover from NYX #7 featuring X-23 and Kidden.  This was done as 3 seperate full page pin-ups of the girls and brought together in a graphics program and colored for the final image. Images  1, 2 and 3. Image of the cover as published.  Also, the splash from that same issue 1,

Caniff, Milton - great vintage Terry specialty piece for his fraternity that was never published.  A nice early Terry Daily from 10/12/35 and a later daily from 4/26/41.  Two nice Steve Canyon dailies from 4/24/51 and 4/27/51.  Also, 4 nice prints colored by Caniff Miss Lace 1, Miss Lace 2, Pat and the Ladies and the Whole gang.

Pope, Paul - 6 pages from 100%.  This book really spoke to me and was easily Paul's best and most personal work to date.  A romantic story for modern times.  pages 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Jean, James - Fables painted page.

Walking Dead - this was a surprise to me, I really liked these comics and continue to read the trades.  I am not a zombie fan but it is more about the characters than zombies and a great read.  Here are two pages, the first is by Tony Moore and is the first page to issue #2 and the second page is by Charles Adlard from issue #20 page 2 and one more from #35 page 8.  I also met Tony at c2e2 this year and got this great commission from him. 

Dillon, Steve - Keeping the theme of popular new comics, a great page from Preacher #30 with Arseface.

Smith, Jeff - Bone original pencil, ink and color illustration from a special edition of the Bone Collectors Edition box set.  I picked these up in Toronto at the comic con and managed to get several sketches including one for each of my kids, a nephew and some other kids i know will love owning them. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.  Jeff also dedicated the book in the set.

Dragonlady themes - some serious updates in this catergory.  The crown jewel on this was the Jordi Bernet I posted earlier but great examples by Tim Vigil, Eddy Newell, Greg Tocchini, Felipe Echavarria 1 and 2, Fred Hembeck, Shane White, Tim Sale, David Peterson, Gus , Jay Hepburn, Mahmud Asrar, Farel Dalrymple , Paulo Siqueira, Tom Grindberg, Geoff Isherwood, Enric Romero, Jeff Lemire and Eric Meador.

Blade Runner theme is a new one I have been playing with at cons as well.  Here are a few that I have gotten. Steve Mannion, Dan Parent (lots of fun), Leonard Kirk and Michael Cho.

Kubert, Joe - nice Viking Prince page from Brave and the Bold.  Twice up.  Also, a page from Showcase from the Firehair storyline.

Wood, Wally - great MAD Magazine Parody strip on What if famous writers wrote comic strips.  This one is a Rex Morgan parody with text that can be sung to Oh Beautiful Morning from Oklahoma and hence the Hammerstein attribution in the last panel.  Also, a great EC War page from Two Fisted Tales #22 with what I suspect are Kurtzman layouts.

Davis, Jack - Vault of Horror page.

Elias, Lee - fun Black Cat page #26 page 22.

Krigstien, Bernie - EC Valor page.

Strip art - in no particular order, but some real gems in this lot.
VanBuren, Rae - Abbie n' Slatt's daily 10/12/49 - great first panel.
Hamlin, V.T. - Alley Oop daily from 4/17/45.
Miller, Frank - Barney Baxter daily from 10/14/42.
Young, Chic - Partial Blondie sunday from 1931.
McManus, Geo - dailies from 12/23/41, 12/29/41, 4/26/43, 10/6/44 and a sunday from 12/10/50. Some sketches on the back of the one from '43.
Wright, David - 4 killer Carol Day dailies, #231, 276, 424, 425.  Some of the finest art ever in comics.
Sparling, Jack - Hap Hopper daily 8/5/42.
Godwin, Frank - Rusty Riley sunday from 12/1/57. Also, another tryout daily titled Rusty Ryan a18.
Kamen, Jack - Candy daily from the EC and good girl master. 
Lowell, Tex - Miss Carstairs daily undated.
Holdaway, Jim - 2 nice Modesty Blaise dailies #397 and #450.
Coll, Charles - Myra North daily.
Raymond, Alex - 5 nice Rip Kirby dailies from 10/10/49, 4/22/49, 3/14/51, 4/9/54, 11/29/55,
Robbins, Frank - Johnny Hazard daily from 4/23/57.
Shuster, Joe - partial Superman daily circa 1940.
Lubbers, Bob - Tarzan 4055, gorgeous girl art with a tear.
Delbo, Joe  - Superman Sunday from 10/23/83.
Grindberg, Thomas - 3 try out sundays for Tarzan 1, 2 and 3. Also, 2 prelims 1 and 2.
Voight, Charles A. - Petey Daily from circa 1920.
Flowers, Dan - 2 great Glamour Girl Sundays 1 and 2
Burns, J.M. - Seekers Daily Q171 - very Modesty Blaise like.
Royer, Mike - Saint daily from 5/4/50.
King, Frank - nice depression era Gasoline Alley from 8/24/38.
Capp, Al - sexy Lil Abner panel - unknown year.
Barry, Dan - Amazing Tarzan 2882.
DeBeck, Billy - Barney Google Daily 11/28/31 featuring Sparkie.
Turner, Leslie - Captain Easy Daily 5/16/67.
Martin, Edgar - Boots and Her Buddies Daily 7/25/46
Mosley, Zack - Smilin' Jack Daily 9/2/41.
Anderson, Carl - Henry daily from 10/6/38.
Kling, Ken - Joe and Asbestos daily from 10/31/3?

Matthews, Menton - One of the highlights for c2e2 2010 and for me since my last update was meeting and befriending an artist everyone should know about now but will probably know about soon enough. Menton Matthews III.  Self taught, an accomplished musician who decided he wanted to do comics.   His first, self published book Ars Memoria was deep, compelling and very autobiographical.  I could go on for pages about Menton but I'll let his art speak for itself.  I am privelidged to have earned Menton's trust to be the owner of his most personal work yet, the cover to Ars Memoria. Also, pages 10, 12, splash and another page from Ars as well as a preliminary of the main character, Augustus. Menton had a great run on Silent Hill, here is his iconic cover to issue #3 (as published) and a page from Silent Hill #3 page 1.  Another Memento Mori painting and a torso sketch Menton did at the con.  Finally, the best for last from Menton, a challenging Daredevil and Elektra commission... his first.  Oils on board.

Echevarria, Felipe - The artist that stole the NYC con for 2010 for me was Felipe.  I really liked his art, I can see some Sienkiewicz and Pratt in there but there is a unique vision in there.  I ended up with a neat Elektra painting, Savage Beauty 1, 2 and 3 paintings.  I also have a page from Psycho on the way by Filipe.  Our meeting led to two interesting Dragonlady commissions as well, 1 and 2.

Tocchini, Greg - On the theme of artists making a show for me.  c2e2 was the show for Greg Tocchini.  He came up from Brazil for the show.   I was blown away with his art.  I had never heard of him until a week before the con when I came across some of his art from the Last Days of American Crime and thought they looked pretty neat.  Seeing them in person was quite another thing.  I bought up a third of his porfolio at that show and would have cleaned him out if I had more money:)  I have the cover the Last Days of American Crime #1 (a great read by the way and soon to be a movie), page 3 from issue #1, page 1 and 10 from issue #2 and page 9 from issue #3.  I also bought 2 neat illustrations from 6 cents, 1 and 2 plus a strip art like piece from the same series with art on the back.   Metal Linguagem #1 page 1Wolverine Father #1 page 20.  An amazing cover to X-men Evolution #5 cover with Emma Frost(as published). Lastly, Greg added a Dragonlady to my themed collection.

Fox, Nathan - a longtime email friend and a fantastic artist who I have met for the second time in 2010 at the NYC con.  I arranged a larger trade deal that had some nice pages from Fluorescent Black (Heavy Metal) find their way into my collection.  Pages ?, 8, 9, 10, 40 from issue #2 and an amazing partial splash... page 7 from issue #3.  I also got a cool DMZ page by Nathan.

Storey, Baron - the artist's artist.  A cool painting from his Victims series, a piece from his Bob Dylan series, a vintage Missiles piece and 3 pieces from the Krishna series 1, 2, and 9 (1 and 2 were given to my sisters as gifts).

Wood, Ashley - all around nice guy and great artist.  A Popbots painting, a nude painting, a page from Duo-stars, Hellspawn #8 page 18, an illustration I have called faces and another I have called legs

DeCarlo, Dan - in the last year I have developed a deep respect and appreciation of Dan's work, especially his earlier works.  Here is a great page from Archie Christmas 1957.  Two later beach pin-ups of Betty and Ronnie

Berg, Dave - Nice early Archie  #48 page.

Kirk, Leonard - keeping with the Archie theme, a sketch cover by Leonard.  This book was an interesting dilemma for me.  I have never owned a CGC book, they don't make sense to me.  They offered free slabbing with this Hero's Initiative purchase.  I wasn't sure how I'd store this art/comic otherwise so I went for it.  I still don't know how I feel about it.

Montana, Bob - a nice, early Archie Joke Book page.

Fernandez, Fernando - I had the pleasure of meeting the artist's widow while I was in Barcelona.  I am very pleased to add two great cover from paperbacks 1 and 2 and a mermaid page and a romance page from his comic work.  Some really great art from an artists I didn't know before.

Chaykin, Howard - a cool American Flagg comic con poster used in Europe in 2010 and 2 vintage Starreach pages that I once owned and have found their way back home.  Issue #4 page 11 and another page

Sale, Tim - a neat Daredevil pin-up and a great Superman for All Seasons #2 page with a great panel of Lois.

Colan, Gene - a sad day today, it is the day I heard of Gene's passing. A great loss.  Tales of Dracula #34 page 20, Alien 1 and 2 pencil pages and a Detective #543 page with Alcala inks.

Pitt, Stanley - cover to an Australian Sci-Fi comic.  Great Aussie artist who followed in the footsteps of Alex Raymond.

Silke, Jim - 3 cool pages from Betty Page Spicy Tales, 18, 19 and 20.  19 has an original art paste up on it.

Vess, Charles - a page from the Bone spin-off Rose. 

Romita, John Jr. - a great partial Typhoid Mary/DD splash from Daredevil #266.

Miller, Frank - vintage Daredevil con sketch.

Carnevale, Massimo - another neat Skorpio cover.

Williams, Garth - 5 illustrations from Little House on the Prarie pages 125, 130, 199, 202 and 207.

Dalrymple, Farel -  a great page from Strange Tales (Buscema How to Draw the Marvel Way homage), a sketch page and a Terry and the Pirates commission.

Buscema, John  - Conan #155 page 1 splash and Savage Sword of Conan #16 page 18 with Alcala inks!  Also a great page from Sub-Mariner #1 with Giacoia inks and a cool illustration on the back.

Springer, Frank - 2 cool pages from Dazzler Movie special with some provocative Dazzler images 9 and 11.

Perlin, Don - Defenders #89 splash with Daredevil - Pablo Marcos on inks/finishing.

Lopresti, Aaron - Zena cover.

Wilson, George - Space Family Robinson Lost in Space #22 painted cover.

DeZuniga, Tony - cool Wierd Western #19 cover - unused/alternative.

Truman, Tim - Red Sonja pin-up (gaming?).

Zulli, Michael - 2 cool pages from Puma Blues.  #13 page 11 and splash to issue #22.

Seth - Palookaville preliminary page.

Hernandez, Jaime - Love and Rockets page 17 from Wigwam Bam.

Hernandez, Gilbert (Beto) - Luba #4 page 5 and a page from Girl Crazy.

Sala, Richard - Mad Night page 152.

McKeever, Ted - Metropolol #3 page 13.

Hornschemeier, Paul - Forlorn Funnies #5 splash/cover.

Fidley, John - Texas Arkana page from Heavy Metal.  I remember this series from my teens.  First and only page I have ever seen from it.

Echo - pinup/painter.  These are all prelims to finished pieces.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Baldazzini, Roberto  - pin-up.

Robertson, Darrick - Boys #12 page 7.

Bruzzo, Giovanni - Mr. No page.

DelCastillo, Arturo - Three Muskateers page.  One of the greater illustrators ever to work in comics.

Harris, Tony - Ex-Machina #39 page 13 and 14.

Fink, Gus - funny money and a Complicated Monster painting.

Duranona, Leo - 2 pages from a Warren publication 1 and 4.

Genzianella, Nicola - Dampyr page.

Gigi, Robert - 2 pages from Agar Le Magicien and Scarlett.

Hayes, Michael C.   - preliminary drawing for painting. 

Gianni, Gary - Prince Valiant prelim tipped inside art book.

Jones, Jeffrey - another great loss to the art world in recent months.  A really early illustration, shades of Sienkiewicz before Bill was on the scene. 

Bastian, Jeremy - a neat sketch. I am glad to own any art by Jeremy now as his art is never for sale anymore. 

Kirby, Jack - Kamandi #21 splash.  Kirby monster... nuff said. color guide.

Marinkovich, Nick - Kenk original print/stensil.  Nick makes these one of a kind pieces instead of sketching at cons for this book.  Not a bad read.

Keown, Dale - x-mas card art.

Ketchan, Hank - Dennis the Menace illustration with art on the backNice sketch inside of a book, a gift from a friend. 

Cole, L.B. - Terrors of the Jungle #21 preliminary sketch.  Done later for a recreation.

Manning, Russ - Magnus, Robot Fighter #8 page 9.  Everything you could want in a Magnus page.

McWilliams, Alden - Flying Aces magazine aviation illustrations 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Gibson, Ian - Steed and Ms. Peel cover(as published).

unknown - Pantera Blondi cover paintings.

Magni - Pantera Blondi cover.

Snyed, Doug - 3 Playboy prelim color illustrations. Nov 1997(Cheerleader), Jan 2005(X-mas) and Feb 98(Nude).

Smujda, Gradamir - Skydoll page and Toulouse Lautrec painting.

Pearson, Jason - Tom Strong page.

Krenkel, R.G. - girl partial illustration. Also a Marlene Dietrich pin up with studies on the back.

Rickard, Jack - girls, girls, girls illustration.

unknown - 3 really fun Scooby-Do #7 pages. 1, 2, 3.

Aragones, Sergio - Incurabably MAD illustration 1 and 2.

Ormstrom, Dean - Testament #17 splash.

Wilson, Colin - Tex #14 page 98.

Pollard, Keith - Thor #310 page 21.

Toppi, Sergio - Il Treno Doro #47 page 6.

Johnson, Dave - Unknown Soldier #7 cover. (as published)

Warren, Adam - Gen 13 page.

Crilley, Mark - Akiko sketch.

unknown - Diablo - Philipinnes art.

Stelfreeze, Brian - I finally got all my Gun Candy #2 pages inked.  As Brian was unlikely going to get to it, the great Tim Townsend agreed to ink these for me.  Pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22.

Nino, Alex - 2 double page splashes from The Last Sorcerer.  page 5/6 and 7/8.

Maroto, Estoban - 2 great and large pin-ups from 1979.  Kiss and Sorcerer.

Kane, Gil - Superboy #42 cover (New Adventures of).

Lark, Michael - great Daredevil #95 page with the prelim.

Leonardi, Rick - Cloak and Dagger #15 page 3.

Rude, Steve - Nexus #99 page 6 - great panel action.

Alcazar, Vincente - Secrets of Haunted House special #1 page 1, 2 and 3.

Romero, Enrique - 2 great page commissions.  One of the Dragonlady and another jungle girl/sheena piece.

Branch, F. - 4 pages from Emergency Comics. 3, 4, 11, 15.

Chan, Ernie - Savage Sword of Conan #29 page 7.

Brudon, Lynn - illustration.

Mills, Walter T. - Private Lives art.

Last piece, the Winsor McCay piece I have has been restored by Roger Hill.  A fine job he did.

New Art as of May 15th, 2010.
I have been much busier than I was expecting for the first third of 2010.  I think I could easily say it has been my best year for new acquisitions to date and it is only 4 months old.  One piece in particular made my year although there have been some amazing pieces come my way I could not have foretold 4 months ago.

Sienkiewicz, Bill - the star of the show.  I grew up with this poster on my wall.  I knew I would never own the original but I am very pleased to own a great, full-on recreation by Bill.  I was speachless when I saw this. There is a long story behind this but sufficient to say that in this case the ends make me forget the means.  The promotional poster for Elektra Assassin recreated by Bill Sienkiewicz.  Here is a scan Bill sent me as he was working on the piece as it started to come together.  Image of it framed here.

Bernet, Jordi - equally as mind blowing to me is a great commission I got from Jordi Bernet.  A big thank you to Miguel for putting together another great trade deal with Jordi.  I asked Jordi to do a jungle girl panel page and Jordi really outdid himself.  I might have to say that this is the best Jordi Bernet commission I have seen and maybe his finest panel page but of course I am bias:)  Also as part of the deal a few great sketch pages 1, 2, 3, 4 and Jordi even drew on the packing material he sent the art in. 

Risso, Eduardo - I know I have long extolled the virtues of Eduardo but this update found me adding what may be the 2 most important Risso pieces to my collection.  First is the page that started it all for me, the shower scene from 100 Bullets #1.  To me this page was like an urban myth.  By the time I had caught on to the Risso/Azzarello magic it had disappeared in to someone's collection.  I have long given up on ebay as a source for art and have stopped looking altogether but one day, for some reason I looked and there was this page.  I think destiny might have played a slight hand in this page finding its way to my collection.  The second Risso piece is a commission.  Not my commission but my favorite Risso commission.  I got it from a fellow collector and friend who knew I was interested in it.  Kojima's Lone Wolf and Cub ala Risso.

Williams, Kent - Hellblazer #37 cover - painted.  Huge and framed. Here is a scan of the printed image.

Williamson, Al - vintage western page from Gunsmoke Westerns #38 page 11.  Some of the finest work by Al I have ever seen.  The page was signed by Al and dedicated to Joe Orlando.  Also, an unused page from EC Crime Illustrated #3 that did not get published until years later in a reprint by Russ Cochrane.  Angelo Torres and Frank Frazetta get inking credits on this one.

Aragones, Sergio - huge Sergio double page spread from MAD Magazine.  This is a recreation done about a decade ago.  I was told that the originals no longer exist.  Huge, poster sized art.  Also, another funny, funny MAD gag.

Pope, Paul - Spiderman Tangled Web page.  After owning my first Pope piece I knew it would not be long until a second found its way into my collection.  Just about everything I like about Paul's work on this page.

Darrow, Geof - Great Big Boy and Rusty page.  The page speaks for itself.

Carnevale, Massimo - 4 covers by the Italian master.  Scoprio, Lancio, scorpio and Martin Hel #6.

Matthews III, Menton - easily the highlight of my trip to c2e2 (Chicago) was being introduced to Menton.  A brilliant new artist and a very grounded and wonderful person.  Look for more art by Menton in future updates.  I bought 3 of his Mememento Mori pieces 1, 2, 3, a page from Shuddertown and a pin-up/interior cover for Zombies versus Robots by IDW.

Kirk, Richard - look this guy up.  Great and challenging illustrations.  "The Longleggers Call on What is Required" and "One Imagines the Other".

Lemire, Jeff - Nice initial cover to Sweet Tooth #1 that was rejected and was redone.  Having seen the originals for this and the published cover, I think this is the better image. 

Severin, Alec - my good friend and great artist from Belgium sent me this as a gift for some artwork I sent him and to mark the occassion of me adding a McCay piece to my collection.  Alec never fails to amaze me.  As with every letter, remarkable doodles along with the text. 

Cooke, Darwyn - 911 tribute piece. 

In my ongoing love affair with Milton Caniff's Terry and Pirates strip, a few more Dragonlady themed pieces have found their way into my collection.  Artists corrupted include Mike Hoffman, Peter Gross, Doug Snyed, Guy Davis, Adriano Batista, Ray Fawkes, Richard Cox and Kelly Tindall.

<>Strip art - lots added here.
Godwin, Frank - nice early Rusty Ryan daily from a try out that turned into Rusty Riley.  A-27.
Bald, Ken - 2 Judd Saxon Dailies from 8/15/61 and an early one from 7/3/59.
Bollen, Rog - Animal Crackers Daily from 2/12/71.
Young, Chic - Early Blondie Daily from 2/23/31.
Meyers, Russell - 2 Broom Hilda dailies from 6/23/79 and  6/30/79.
Nofzinger, Ed - Buenos Dias daily from 4/4/81?
Stoffel, Al - 2 fun Bugs Bunny dailies from 3/17/79 and 9/27/78.
Tufts, Warren - Casey Ruggles daily 5/28/51.
Sparling, Jack - Claire Voyant strip 9/25/48.
Tune, Buford - Dotty daily 7/30/65.
Arriola, Gus - Gordo daily from 1/11/69.
Kent, Jack - King Aroo daily 6/14/65.
Hansen, Pete - Lolly daily 7/5/75.
Evans, Greg - Luann daily 2/25/89.
Elrod, Jack - Ryatts daily 3/4/74.
Elliot, Jan - Stone Soup daily 11/13/98.
Blake, Bud - Tiger daily 8/13/01.
Dorgan, Thomas (TAD)  - sports editorial cartoon 3/31/28.
Schoenke, Bob - a weeks worth of Laredo dailies.  3/23/56, 3/24/56, 3/26/563/27/56, 3/28/56, 3/29/56.

Gianni, Thomas - a nice illustration done by Gary's brother for a game called Crimson Sky.

Zulli, Mike - Seekers into the Mystery #6 page 9.

Batista, Adriano - a deal gone horribly wrong.  Some nice art that is hard to enjoy.  Dragonlady commission, Red Sonja cover and page 10 and a Jungle Girl #5 cover and an interior page.

Kindt, Matt - 2 cool tiers from 3 Story graphic novel.  Tiers from page 164 and 117.

Nizzoli, Marco - cool cover from Desdy Metus and an unknown sexy interior page

unknown - cool Popular Romance page - single page story with some alternative views to women's rights.

Strangely, Dirk - I met Dirk and family at c2e2.  Really nice art and a great person.  I got an Alice in Wonderland commission and an Excalibur commission for my local comic shop.  I also picked 2 pieces Dirk had done before - Horace the Humble and Tara.

Tindall, KellyBorderlands #1 page 19 and Proof #1 page 1

Deitch, Kim - No Biz Like Show Biz splash.  Not really sure what is going on here but I loved he image.

Wilson, Colin - large page from Thunderhawks.

Not really a new addition but something that had not been scanned before, a Sienkiewicz Shadow sketch.

Not really comic art related but I got this really large and cool painting by Tone.  One other cool piece I wanted to show, a sculpture inspired by H.R. Giger.

New Art as of Feb 26th, 2010.
I think this is the biggest update I have had to date.  Not so much by volume although there are over 100 pages but in quality and diversity.  It was also a very expensive update:)  I am sure there is something of interest to see for all art collectors, I hit the entire gamut of superhero, classic strip art, indie art, manga, european and illustration art.

McCay, Winsor - nice illustration circa 1920.  This piece was done by Winsor as a rebutal to the posted editorial cartoon by TAD, another famous cartoonist.  This was given to the owner of a bar across the street from the publisher in NYC and has remained on the wall of the bar until the current owner brought it to Illustration House to sell.  I love this one.  It has everything I could want in a McCay and second only to a Little Nemo.  I had been focused on finding a Rarebit Fiend or Sammy Sneeze but when this one came up I knew I had finally found the right piece for my collection.  It is quite large and signed in full by McCay.

Finlay, Virgil - nice pulp illustration.  I do not know what his if from but I really liked the way the figures were rendered and the sense of motion and fluidity in the piece.  True illustrative skill on display here.

Raymond, Alex - Jungle Jim sunday 1/22/39.  It is hard not to like Raymonds work.  This is a gorgeous, prime period piece and I am really happy to add it to my collection.  I had that great Flash Gordon Sunday I got a few years back and parted with last year.  It wasn't because I don't appreciate Raymond is that for that price tag I need to be knocked off my feet by the art and that didn't happen with the Flash Gordon so I am quite content to settle for a few nice Rip Kirby's, and x-9 and this great Jungle Jim.  The first panel is a bit strange, a little stiff and that leg bothers me but the other 3 panels are all gorgeous and girls galore.    Also added in this update is a Rip Kirby Daily from 1953.

Kubert, Joe - Ragman #4 complete 5 page story.  Pure story telling with no dialogue as published.  pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  Also, 2 new sketches by Joe, Enemy Ace and Hawkman as well as a Brave and the Bold page.

Andru, Ross - Amazing Spiderman #142 page 26.  This page is really not what I collect but it came to me and I love it.  The energy and fun in this page is tangible. 

Lee, Jim - Gen 13 #0 cover.  Another item out of my usual scope of collecting.  I know I am probalby in a very small minority but Jim Lee generally doesn't do that much for me.  I like his art but I am lost by what others are willing to pay for his work.  I am really happy to add this one as it is a nice example of his work, has a great image that I like and is a bit of a strange piece because it is painted.

Powell, Bob - Sheena splash.  Finally a Sheena splash to call my own.  Very pleased with this unexpected addition.  

Sale, Tim - Yeah Baby! sketchbook illustration.  Very cool and probably as close to a Dragonlady as I am going to get from Tim.

Davis, Jack - Two Fisted Tales #25 page from the story MUD.  Gorgeous work by Jack in his EC prime.  Also, a neat KoolAid piece by Jack.  

Kojima, Goseki - brilliant ink illustration by legendary Manga artist of Lone Wolf and Cub fame.

Risso, Eduardo - I was lucky to get on Eduardo's commission list again and ended up with a cool Blade Runner piece.  I also added another stripper page from Batman 621 to complement my other page.

Fisher, Seth - Tokyo Pop #4 page by the late and greatest.

Darrow, Geof - Shaolin Cowboy illustration.

Anacleto, Jay - Aria cover in Jay's trademark graphite technique. 

Staton, Joe - E-man #25 cover.  Loved this series when I was a kid.

Adams, Art - Tom Strong Jonni Future page.

Brown, Bob - 2 great Daredevil #122 pages from a happier time with the Black Widow.  page 11 and 14.

Bernet, Jordi - nice Clara page (nudity warning)

Adlard, Charlie - Walking Dead #23 splash.  One of my favorite recent reads. 

Huge strip art update, I'll keep this short and sweet.
McClure, Darell - Little Annie Rooney Sunday 9/13/53.
McManus, George - partial Sunday from 12/14/24 and 2 dailies from 6/21/46 and 8/24/38.  I never tire of these.
Tufts, Warren - Casey Ruggles 1/1/42 - maybe the finest I have ever seen.
McWilliams, Al - 5 Gorgeous Twin Earth Dailies from 1/19, 1/24, 2/6 and 2/7 and 7/31 plus a Davy Jones Dailies from 2/21.
Robinson, Paul - Etta Kett Daily 5/26/32.
Thorton, John - Flamingo Daily 11/12/52.
Norris, Paul - Partial Jungle Jim Sunday. unknown date.
Drake, Stan - 3 later Juliet Jones Sundays from 8/5/79, 8/6/78 and 7/29/7?.
Bald, Ken - Judd Saxon Daily 11/7/60.
Young, Lyman - a nice Tim Tyler's Luck Sunday 8/25/35 and 2 Curley Harper Sundays from 9/22/35 and 2/9/36.
McBride, Clifford - 2 swell Sundays 5/5/40 and 7/30/33 and 3 dailies(1, 2, 3).
Bishop, Wally - Muggs McGinnis daily 1/28/35.
Godwin, Frank - Rusty Riley Daily from 3/23/56.
Evans, George - X-9 daily 10/1/76.
Yager, Rick - Buck Rogers 2_1-51 daily.
Caniff, Milton - Terry Daily from 6/30/39. Dragonlady, April and Terry in this one.

Battlefield, Ken - 12 page Tiger Girl story from Fight Comics #73 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

Pitarra, Nick - 4 cool pages to Astonishing Tales #3 page 2, #5 page 2, #6 page 3 and 5.  Check these out, they are a lot of fun with a great image of Spidie and Cap eating a happy meal.  Nice little homage/cameo by Seth Fisher in there as well.

Buscema, John - 4 Savage Sword of Conan pages inked by E.R. Cruz.  #204 page 43, #208 page 22 and 27 and #210 page 36.

Mortimer, Win - Spidey Super Stories interior cover Gag page.

Colan, Gene - a Demon commission and a David Bowie con sketch.

Fujitake, Dennis - Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers pin-up. Frazetta homage.

Frail, Seth - Flash Gordon commission.

Maroto, Estoban - Zantana #3 page 17 and Savage Sword of Conan #230 page 18 with Red Sonja.

Van Buren, Rae - beautiful girl pin-up.

Toth, Alex - small sketch sheet.

Post, R.K. - TSR Rulemaster gaming art.

Alcazar, Vincent - 2 page from Space 1999 1 and 2.

Chaykin, Howard - Hawkman #55 partial splash.

Gibson, Ian - cool 2000 AD page with a very Halo Jonesesque character.

Cravath, Glenn - 2 illustrations 1 and 2.

Ketcham, Hank - specialty Dennis the Menace illustration.

Lopresti, Aaron - Mermaid pin-up.

Dringenberg, Mike - Enchanter page.

unknown artist - 2 flapper era fashion magazine fashion design layouts.  1 and 2.  Delineator Dec 1926.

New Art as of October 14th, 2009
Some interesting new pieces have found there way into my collection.  Some cool commissions, my first big US con and a few trade deals have shaken up my collection these past few months.  Some great pieces so check out what I have just added.

Windsor-Smith, Barry - New Mutants Cover #47.  This came in on a huge trade deal with a great European collector. I really miss what I gave up in the trade but I don't think something like this would ever have found its way into my collection otherwise.  Here is the team battling Warlock's father. 

Lemire, Jeff - Cover to Essex County Stories #2 - Ghost Stories.  Probably the best comic I have ever read, certainly the best in the last 10 years and I got soooo lucky getting this cover.  I managed a few other pieces by Jeff including another con commission, a splash from Nobody, a great page from Essex County Stories #3 and a splash from Sweettooth that I have given back to Jeff as he has decided he doesn't want to sell any of the artwork from this book.  If you get a chance, pick up his books.  They are reprinting them in a complete volume this summer, this is one book everyone should read.  3 new pieces, the first image of Griffen from Nobody, a promotional piece for Nobody and a piece Jeff did for an interview he gave featuring characters from his 3 main works to date.

Adams, Arthur - Cover to Action Comics # 819.  A very cool cover to a comic I would never otherwise have an interest in:)  Guys like Art can get me to read just about anything. 

Risso, Eduardo - one of the biggest highlights of the NYC con was meeting Eduardo and long time friend Enrico. 
100 Bullets Issue 13 page  4, issue 15 page 16, a brilliant 2 page sequence from issue 90 pages 2 and 3 and finally the ultimate Dizzy page from issue 94 page 12.   100 Bullets #100 pages 7, 8, 10, 21, 23, 24, 38.  I was lucky to get first shot at these and I got some great pages including the final splash to the whole sheebang!  One more last minute edition, issue #48 page 9 - a great, great page. 

Sienkiewicz, Bill - it was good to see Bill up in Toronto again.  I asked him to do Magik with the Demonbear.   Being so long between updates, I actually met Bill again at a convention in Toronto and got these fine pieces. Sienkeiwicz, Bill  - I asked him to redo the cover of Elektra 4 with DD instead of Garrett and he really out did himself.  Bill also brought some art with him and I am happy to add  a nice color Elektra piece and a great page from Stray Toasters #4 to my collection.

Storey, Barron - until a few months ago, I had not heard of Barron Storey and now I find his influence everywhere in the field.  He taught Bill Sienkiewicz, McKeever, Muth, Pratt, Williams, Wood and others how to paint.  Here is a great piece with a Blade Runner quote as a theme.  A big thanks to Kasra for introducting me to such an important artist and letting go of this piece.

Bernet, Jordi - some great pieces by the Spanish genius including a Cicca en Rio page(nudity), another Cicca page, a page from Tex, a first page from Torpedo, a pin up, a sketch or two and a Dragonlady commission. 

Toth, Alex - a great page from Sinster House that also came in that big trade deal. 

Stelfreeze, Brian - meeting Brian and being lucky enough to get one of his "big commission" at the NYC con was one of the events that made the trip for me.  Brian did an O-ren-Ishi from Kill Bill for me and I also managed a Spirit illustration from Brian as well.  I have also recently picked up a nice catwoman illustration.

Fox, Nathan - also in NYC, I met Nathan who I have known and chatted with on line for a number of years.  It was great to put a face to the name and he did me a killer Dragonlady piece and I picked up this illustration as well. 

McKeever, Ted - also picked up in NYC, a commission arranged by Kasra from Ted of Flash Gordon and Dale by Ted and later an Elektra sketch.

Lots of new strip art as well with this update including
Caniff, Milton - 3 GREAT! Terry and Pirates dailies from 10/16/37, 11/13/37 and 8/17/40 plus a Steve Canyon Sunday.
Raymond, Alex - x-9 daily from 1934
Wright, David - 6 new Carol Day strips 2008, 2071, 2560, 2595, 2912, 2940
Lubbers, Bob - perhaps the best Tarzan daily Bob ever did.  3437.
Williamson, Al - a Corrigan strip from the first year, 4/28/67. 
Godwin, Frank - 3 nice dailies from 12/23/55, 4/20/49 and 6/4/56.
Salinas, Jose - 3 Cisco Kid dailies from 12/25/52(christmas). 12/26/52 smf 9/18/57.
Collins, Kreigh - 2 Kevin the Bold Sundays from 11/11/62 and 7/15/62.
Brooks, Dick - Jackson Twins Daily 2/12/5?.  Nice good girl art.
Herriman, George - Krazy Kat daily 8/31/33.  Nice later daily with all 3 playa's.
Foster, Hal - Nice Prince Valiant top tier from 16/2/64.
Messick, Dale - early Brenda Starr full page Sunday from 1941, the first year for Brenda.
Cooke, Tom - 2 great Drift Marlo pieces from 10/11/65 and 9/2/65
Sherwood, Don - a neat Davy Jones with 2 great swipes from Al Williamson's Flash Gordon here.
Montana, Bob - great full page Archie Sunday from 23/3/1947. 
VanBuren, Rae - 2 nice Abbie n' Slats dailies from 6/5/42 and 4/3/48
Hampson, Frank - Dan Dare sunday page.
Sterret, Cliff - Polly and Her Pals Sunday from 3/4/56. 
Leonard, Lank - daily from  11/26/? 
Maxon, Rex - Tarzan Daily 2491.

Moebius - not really original art but most of his great City of Fire portfolio (3 large one's I couldn't scan) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
but I did manage to add one Moebius original, a piece that I had owned previously and had traded away has found its way home... not sure what it is called.

My Dragonlady commissions thrived as well and I am a bigger fan of Caniff than I ever was.  I have finished reading the entire Terry run over the past few months and it was brilliant.  Dragonlady by Jordi Bernet, Paul Rivoche, Steve Rude, Dan Parent, Seth Frail, Gene Gonzales, Jay Stephens, Ernie Chan, Takara and Darwyn Cooke with a little sketch on the back.

Maleev, Alex - a great commission at the Toronto convention by Alex.  I asked him to do a color piece of Elektra and DD with a bit more of a romantic tone and he really came through. 

Azpiri, Alfonzo - Added a nice piece that was intended for a cover but never finished with a partially finished panel page on the back as well as a finished splash page

Toppi, Sergio - a cool page from the master. 

Bianchi, Simone - still with a European trend, I added some great paged by Simone including 2 Astonising X-men pages from issues #26 and #28 and 2 great Shining Knights pages from #2 and #4.  Simone's work really needs to be seen in person to really get what he is doing.  The layouts on his x-men pages are what really made me decide it was time to get a page or four.

Williamson, Al - great EC page from Tales from the Crypt by Al. 

Sale, Tim - a great page from Solo.  It wasn't easy to get this but a great trade deal worked out fine.

Muth, Jon - two new and great Dracula pages. 1 and 2

Williams, Kent - a great page from Blood and a fantastic painting.

Bolton, John - Classic X-men page.

Cruz, E.R.  - on of my favorites and a very underated artist.  Here is a foreign language cover and a nice piece from the Witching Hour.

Disbrow, Jay - Valgar Gunnar page 1.  These are huge.  I have a few pages by Jay but I was always hoping to get my hands on one of these. 

Nebres, Rudy - maybe the greatest inker to ever live produced this great pin-up.

Redondo, Nestor - another unrecognized master with a foreign language page. 

Hernandez, Gilbert (Beto) - amazing page from Birdland, nudity warning.

Mayhew, Mike - nice Vampirella page.

Zulli, Mike - a nice angel series watercolor painting. 

Wood, Ashley - a really great page from LORE.

Anacleto, Jay - two early pages by Jay for Aster comics.  page 4 and 9

Maguire, Kevin - cool pencil page, looks to be finished pencils so likely not inked but published from pencils.  I am guessing an Avengers story but I don't know. 

Giordano, Dick - great Batman cover for Batman Hollywood.  This was not used but with Layton inks this is as good as any Batman cover of this era out there.

Schroeder, Ernie - 2 cool and very different pages.  The first with great planes from the Green Hornet and the second from Boy Heroes #1.

Perez, George - interesting Brave and Bold page.  This came to me in a big trade deal.     

Colan, Gene - half page to Captain America #133 by Colan and Tomb of Dracula # 26 page 26 with Palmer inks.

Powell, Bob - one of my all time favorite pages, a great Warfront #1 page plus a cool 8 page Cavegirl story from issue #14.  pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Chaykin, Howard - a great painting by Howard.  Another mystery piece.

Gotto, Ray - Dinah from Ozark Ike illustration.  Not sure if it is Gotto art, it is not as polished as his published art that I own.

Drake, Stan - 2 Blondie specialty pieces.  1 and 2.

Epting, Steve - nice Elektra sketch from the Toronto con.

Keown, Dave - Hulk sketch.

Cazeneuve, Arturo - Green Hornet page.

Gibbons, Dave - Bruce Lee by the great Watchman artist.

Lark, Michael - Hawkman #41 page.

unknown - Jungle Comics #4 page 1, 2, 3 and 5.  Historic, the oldest Fiction House art that I know of and the oldest splash.

Kaluta, Mike - 3 great Shadow pages from the movie comic. #1 page 22  #1 page 23 and #2 page 8.  

Krenkle, Roy - Death Ray illustration. 

Liefeld, Rob - New Mutants pin-up

Armstrong, Jason - another great Lobster Jones page.

Meskin, Mort - great page from Black Cat #51.  One of the greats of the golden age.

Leonardi, Rick - New Mutants #52 page. 

Middleton, Josh - no update is complete without at least one piece.  A nice splash from NYX by Josh.

Pope, Robert - commission.  I asked Robert to do the Scooby Doo gang with my family, me, my wife and 3 kids.  My Mustang GT convertible makes an appearance as well.

Pope, Paul - a last minute addition to this update.  A great page from an FF back up story Paul did.  I have wanted a piece by Paul for a while and now that I have one I want at least another two:)

Pratt, George - Prince - I am a big fan of the musician despite all his quirks.  I can still listen to When Doves cry over and over again.  In France a skinny man dies of a big disease with a little name. By chance his girlfriend came across a needle and soon she does the same.  Alright, enough Prince talk, this is about the art.  I never saw this publication but I'd have bought it.  No idea if it is any good but being a fan of both Pratt and the subject matter made this an easy choice.

Buscema, John - Rampaging of the Hulk #1 page 56 with Rudy Nebres inks.  Also a Buscema/Alcala SSOC #16 page that came and went already. 

Sekowsky, Mike - Adventure into Darkness end page.  Lots of Toth and Ditko influence in here. 

Gonzalez, Gene - space girl commission.

Sparling, Jack - several great painted pieces by Jack from Sick magazine, one of the many MAD copycats like Crazy and Cracked.  Painting including a Star Wars cover, Little Bo Peep illustration, Seasick Mariner, Smoke Signals as well as a monochromatic western fight painting and a painting that looks like it might have been for Playboy or a similar publication.

Veitch, Rick - 2 gorgeous Swamp Thing #67 pages with Abby and Swampy.  pages 6 and 8.

Romita, John Jr - cool Thor #25 partial splash.

Bolle, Frank - neato Tim Holt page.

Morales, Rags - Turok #22 page.

Garcia-Lopez, Jose - great vintage Wierd Western #33 page featuring Jonah Hex.

Severin, Al - a few more nice sketches that came with great letters. 1, 2.

VanBuren, Rae - great illustration "The Main Event"

unknown - great eight  page vintage Scooby-Doo # 10 eight page story. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Allred, Mike - last but not least, a perfect Allred page from X-statix #23.

Jan 2nd 2009

I can echo the first sentence of my last update again here, so much for slowing down.  Some great new art this update with lots of strip art.

The biggest new addition for my collection is some new Al Williamson X-9/Corrigans.  By some, I mean a boatload and I couldn't be more pleased but I am because I got to meet Al and his lovely wife through correspondence.  It was great to be able to tell him how much his art meant and to thank him for having such a profound influence on the field.  So, here it is, Corrigans galore!

1/13/69 and 1/14/69 - As close as I will get a dragonlady by Al.  It seems like Al used the vehicle of Corrigan to explore and re-explore every adventure genre he desired and we as the lucky readers got to follow this great oddessy.

7/22/69  this one is not actually Al's work, this one was by the great Aussie artist Stanley Pitt.  Check out my Silver Starr page last update for more of his fine and meticulous inkwork.

2/3/70 - gorgeous portrait in the last frame.  Al drew some of the most beautiful women that ever graced the medium.

2/25/70 and 2/26/70  - two dailies that showcase Al's classic use of shadows and more beautiful girls.

3/26/70 and 3/28/70 - two more great, moody dailies.  I have sent one as a gift off already.

6/3/70 - I always find certain things interesting in artwork and the treatment of waves and rain always fascinate me.

10/21/70 - one of my favorites.  One of the those rare quiet moments before another case starts.

11/16/70 and 12/10/70 - two nice dailies from the dinosaur story line.

6/3/71 - last but not least.

Aragones, Sergio - I have long lusted after a nice Groo piece.  I have had a few sketches but this is a cover quality illustration. 

Bernet, Jordi - I don't seem to be able to get enough of Jordi's work, each piece is so powerful and I couldn't pass up on this brilliant one. 

Fine, Lou - Dollman #24 half page.

Zulli, Michael - a finished watercolor by Mike.  I have watched Michael grow as an artists since his days on Puma Blues.  This one is entitled Red Angels Wait #2.

<>Now for some illustrations. 
Everett Raymond Kinstler - a nice pulp illustration.
Noel Sickles - a gorgeous WW2 inkwashed illustration.
Roy Krenkle - a nice illustration from Analog circa 1961

Toth, Alex - it has been a while since I have owned a Toth page. Young Romance 157 page.  Apparently Toth gave this page to a married woman he had an interest in.

Corben, Richard - Banner #2 pages 11 and 14

Sale, Tim - great page from Hulk Grey #4 page 19.

Colan, Gene - nice pencils only page from Hellboy.

Chin, Joyce - Cover to Monster War #1 featuring Lara Croft, Witchblade and others.

Davis, Guy - a great Flash Gordon and Dale commission and a brilliant Buck and Wilma piece. 

Vosburg, Michael - nice dragonlady commission by Mike. 

Now for the Strip art!
Barry, Dan - the nicest Tarzan I have seen by Dan.  #2859 from 1948.
McManus, Geo - 2 great Bringing Up Father Dailies.  The art is gorgeous and the gags are timeless.  10/29/43 and 12/21/44.
McWilliams, Al - nice Davy Jones daily from 11/29/63.
Andriola, Alfred - a very early and rare Charlie Chan daily.
Caniff, Milton - gorgeous Terry and Pirates daily with Pat and April.  1/2/40.
Walker, Mort - fun Beetle Baily daily from 7/22/63.
Breger, Dave - daily panel from 1938.  Very funny.
Armstrong, Stanley - 2 Ima Dinger sundays of unknown dates but I would guess late 30's.  1 and 2.
Sparber, Howard - Timmy Sunday 5/16/48

Brown, Chester - cool New Yorker illustration.

Donato - political cartoon I have owned for about 8 years, never got around to putting it up until now.  It is framed so a poor scan/image.

Koeb, Bill - painted Hellraiser #2 page 48.

Sattler, William - painted Yang cover #5.

Buckler, Rich - Saga of the Submariner #6 page 5. Bob McCleod inks.

Astarita, Rafael - one of the great illustrators.  This is a splash from Wambi by Fiction House.

Zolnerowich, Dan - 9 page Kaanga story from Junlge #22.  Dan was one of the great cover artists of the Golden age and you just don't see his art out there.  Other than the 2 other pages I already own, I don't recall ever seeing any of his art for sale before.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Unknown- John Wayne #5 12 page story.  Excellent artwork although it looks like 2 different artists worked on this with one doing the facial likenesses and one doing the other characters and backgrounds.  Very cool, if you have any idea who the artist is, I would love to hear your opinion.  Some of the supporting characters look like the work of Bob Powell to me.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ,10 ,11 ,12.

New Art Oct 31st, 2008

Well, so much for slowing down with the collection.  This has been a rather crazy few weeks since the last update art wise.  Lots of new things to show off.  There was a bit of competition for the top spot this update but it goes to my friend, Alec.

Severin, Alec - Tintin commission.  This was an unexpected piece and I couldn't be happier with it.  This was in exchange for some artwork and it was a total surprise.  I am a fan of Herge and I had asked Alec to send me on of his Tintin covers in exchange for the art but since they are all in the hands of a dealer,  he did this great piece for me instead and it is more than I could have asked for.  There is a resemblance to me of the guy driving the car.  Singh Singh is the name of a warlord in Milton Caniff's Terry and the Pirates.  Two nice sketches that came along with recent letters from Alec.  Self portrait and cowboy.

Stelfreeze, Brian - this was a deal that started a little over 2 years ago and was well worth the wait.  26 pieces in all (27 if you count another Stelfreeze piece from elsewhere).  Included are the covers to The RideTPB issues 1 and 2 plus a portfolio pin-up and a Dragonlady piece.  Then there is the complete interior to GunCandy #2, my favorite issue from this series. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and page 22.   I'll have to let the art speak for itself.   Also, a vintage Tony Harris/Brian Stelfreeze piece of a nude woman.  

Wright, David - I have had a few Carol Day pieces before and they were nice but now that I have seen some of these earlier pieces, I am blown away.  Wright is among the finest illustrators to ever work in comics up there with Frazetta, Williamson, Godwin, Salinas and Raymond.  
  Here are 8 brilliant examples 239, 344, 486, 470, 1340, 1341, 1342 and 1867.

Speaking of Raymond and Williamson, a great new one from each. 
Raymond, Alex - a great daily featuring Honey Dorian and some great lighting from Rip Kirby 2/20/53
Williamson, Al - a great x-9 featuring a Indiana Jones look alike from 12/17/70. 

Azpiri, Alphonso - 2 great commissions from the European master, the Dragonlady and Sheena a more finished piece of Flash Gordon and Dale plus the preliminary sketch.

Jije - Belgian artist Joseph Gillain who influenced much of what we consider a European style.  Moebius took great inspiration from him.  This is a page from Tanguy et Laverdure and was pieced together from a different format.

Middleton, Joshua - it is not like I could do an update without some new Middleton art.  Here is a cover to Runaways and a con sketch of Psylocke.

Marshall, Maxx - 2 great new commissions from Maxx of the Dragonlady and Flash Gordon and Dale.  Maxx really went all out on these and I just love his line, it has a european sense to it.  Also a Tintin piece from Maxx and a piece of a woman runner

Beatty, John - 2 commissions as well for the Dragonlady and Sheena.

Bernet, Jordi - a great Chica page and a page from Jordi's run on Jonah Hex.  Both great pages for so many reasons.

Sienkiewicz, Bill -  New Mutants 22 splash.  A very cool piece that found its way into my collection. 

Darrow, Geof - Big Guy and Rusty pin-up.  This is a large 18" x 24"piece on comicart paper (normally Geof does these on vellum)

Dezuniga, Tony - Jonah Hex cover prelim.

Mahfood, Jim - A splash from Felt.  A great piece by Jim.  I love the contrast and use of negative space here.

Fingerman, Bob - a neat page from Minimum Wage #7 page 7.

Zulli, Michael - Witchcraft #1 page 6.

Crandall, Reed - Flash Gordon #11 page 24. 

English, Hal - a great Sci-Fi cover from Australia featuring Star Quake. 

Chaykin, Howard - two con sketches a friend got for me.  Princess Leia and Red Sonja.

Pitt, Stanley - Silver Starr page.  These were taken from the original newspaper strip, cut down and redesigned into comic pages with some original art to fill in the spaces.  Pitt had a style that was influenced by Alex Raymond and it certainly shows. 

Good, Edmond - Monte Hall #47 page 7 from the 50's. 

Fisher, Bud - undated Mutt and Jeff daily.  This is large and vintage piece but I am not sure when it was published.

Postic, Nick - Impailer page with me being decapitated in the last panel.  Nick had asked me for some images/photos to use as a character reference and here I am losing my head.

Godwin, Frank - Rusty Riley Sunday 1-28-58.

Ditko, Steve - Spyman page.  Very cool and classic Ditko. 

Fletcher, Richard - Surgeon Stone Sunday 6/22/47. 

Voight, Charles A. - Petey Daily from 1919

Burroughs, John Coleman - page 17 to Tarzan "Tarzan and the Devil Ogre" circa 1940.  The story was never published by Burroughs but Jesse Marsh did the story for Four Color comics #134.  This art is huge and there is a wonderful pencil prelim on velum to go with this work.  Gorgeous art and inking.

Everett, Bill - Tales to Astonish #94 twice up Subby page.  GCD credits it as Everett pencils and inks.

Campbell, J. Scott- a little Freefall sketch.

Van Buren, Rae - a large illustration from The Saturday Evening Post circa 1930.

Matania, Fortunino - two illustrations.  The previous owner had given them the fitting titles of Christmas Dinner and Music Room.

Yeagle, Dean - a nice pencil piece by the Playboy genius. 

Toronto Comic Con pickups
Bolland, Brian - Bullseye - a fantastic and very detailed head sketch. 
Sale, Tim - a fantastic femme fatale sketch by Tim.  He did this in less than 15 minutes, imagine what he could have        done in 30 minutes with this piece.
Dell'Otto, Gabrielle - a fantastic Shanna piece.  After much persuading this piece has moved on to another collector          already so it won't be on my site other than the image here for you to enjoy.
Djurdjevic, Marko - a Sheena sketch.  By far the most I have ever paid for a convention sketch.
Lemire, Jeff - Two great commissions from his Essex County Stories that mimic the covers, 1 and 2 Maybe the best comics I have ever read. Jeff showed how storytelling with sequential art takes the narative to places words could never go.  I have bought 5 extra copies of his ECS and have passed them onto anyone I can to get them to read a great comic.  Everyone should read these.
Cho, Michael - a  great Dragonlady sketch.  Michael also has a soft spot for Caniff and his appreciation of the characters is apparent.   Also, a great painting by Michael I have called Cocaine Serenity.  The caption really caught me on this one.  When I asked Mike about it, he told me it was from a book he read about the after parties and theatre groupies and he loved that line "when the cocaine runs out, this will all be over".
Eastman, Kevin - it was a real honor to meet the guy who runs Heavy Metal.  The publication is such an important one and one of the only ways we get to see some of the great European art out there.  Oh yeah, he co-created the TMNT as well.  Kevin did a great Turtle for me and then a Dragonlady later in the con.
Gray, Tony - a Dragonlady.  I liked Tony's style and he came through with a nice take on this character.
Stewart, Cameron - no sketches but a handful of pages from The Vinyl Underground.  The pages are not numbered so I have just listed them as pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
Cooke, Darwyn - a Daredevil sketch Darwyn had predone.  I'd love to see him do a DD book.

New art update August 20th, 2008

A longer period of time has passed since my last update.  I have had some pretty cool new pieces to show off.  Still hoping to have a new site and look soon...  Also, I was on TV talking about art last month, to see the clip if it is still active, click here.

Manara, Milo  -  Heavy Metal Pin-up.  I don't think I could have asked for a better piece.  I wanted a nice, finished Manara and this fit the bill in every way.  Nudity warning!

Moebius - two nice illustrations for portfolios.  The first was published twice in portfolios and the second is from 40 Days in the Desert

Krenkle, Roy - a fantastic finished illustration from the Carnavale books by the artist Williamson and Frazetta credit as one of their teachers.   This is such a fantastic piece, I have scanned it larger here.

Schulz, Charles - I never thought I would find a piece by Sparky for my collection.  Normally I wouldn't touch a sketch with most being forgeries out there but this one is good and had perfect provenance from an estate of an artist with many other personalized pieces (see caniff and others below).

Anacleto, Jay - after the Aria piece I picked up in the last update, I am happy to add a cover to my collection.  This is from Spawn Godslayer #5. 

Keown, Dale - a great page from Hulk by Dale.  Awesome finished pencils with some white paint for effect. 

Muth, Jon J- 3 great pieces by this very talented artist.  A splash from Dracula, a great page from M - Mystery Play and finally a page from one of my favorite comics of my youth, Moonshadow #10 page 6.  The M page is particularly cool as it is done in silverpoint which has been explained to me something between a pencil and pastel made with silver in it. 

Kirby, Jack - nice twice up Kirby Thor page from Journey into Mystery #110 page 2. 

Maleev, Alex - cool Daredevil  and Elektra art from Daredevil.  This is as close to published art as Alex produced for his legendary run on the series.  Alex would do these originals and then scan them in and photoshop the characters into the backgrounds he created.  These are the only originals with elektra and dd on them for the published art.  Here is a con sketch Alex did for me of Elektra as well. 

Michelluzzi, Atula - great page from Johnny Focus by the Italian master.  Ever since a friend introduced me to his art a few years ago, I have been waiting for a great example.  A bit of Caniff, Sickles and Robbins all rolled into one. 

Middleton, Joshua - what update would be complete without at least one piece:) Here is a great Mary Jane sketch.

Caniff, Milton - as I read and reread some of the Terry and the Pirate material in the wonderful new reprints from IDW I have grown to enjoy and appreciate Caniff more.  Here are a few new additions.  3 GREAT! Terry Dailies from 10/30/39, 12/12/38 and 8/8/38 plus an original sketch of Steve Canyon and a daily from 11/7/62

Speaking of Caniff, the Dragonlady collection has grown with some great new additions from Salgood Sam, Tom Yeates, Jeremy Bastian, Andy Belanger and Jason Armstrong

The Flash Gordon commission collection has grown with art by Tom Yeates and Greg Laroque.

My final collecting theme of Jungle girls has a few new additions by Herb Trimpe, Gray Morrow Sheena movie adaptation page and finally a Sheena page from Fiction house Sheena #18 page 5

Other new strip art include
    Wunder, George - Terry and Pirates Sunday from 1962.
    Young, Chic - nice early Blondie Sunday from Halloween 1937 and a partial from 1947.
    Meyers, Russel - fantastice single panel Broomhilda from 1971.
    Ridgeway, Frank - Abernathy daily from 1/30/78 and a nice sketch.
    Tuft, Warren - 2 nice Casey Ruggles from 4/2/54 and 5/18/51.
    McManus, George - another example of this timeless strip from 7/26/41.
    Webb, R. H. - another Hawk daily by the Fiction Houe workhorse.
    Gibson, Ian - Judge Dredd daily from 1987.
    Westover, Russ - very cool early Tillie Sunday from 12/30/34.
    Kelly, Walt - my first Pogo daily.  1/17/69.
    Walker, Mort - nice, large Beetle Bailey sketch.
    Tippit, Jack - 2 nice personalized sketches.  1, 2.
    Smith, Al - Cicero's Cat sunday from 4/24/55.
Cardy, Nick - Adam Pierce Daily
Johnson, Dave - cover or pin-up for Warrior Nun Areala. 

Bolle, Frank - splash to Robin Hood.  I had a page to this and it blew me away so when the splash became available, I had to pick it up.  Signed which is pretty rare for this age of artwork. 

Stelfreeze, Brian - a really cool prelim page.  When Brian is working out concepts he uses these to layout covers and then works from there.  A really cool Captain America cover workup. 

Van Fleet, John - really creepy painted cover of a clown and scissors.

Buscema, John - cool Savage Sword #101 page32.  I picked it up because of the Rudy Nebres inks, other than Alcala, easily my favorite Conan inker. 

Whitney, Ogden - fantastic Undercover Girl with lingerie, catfighting and smoking.  It is also signed by the artist, it doesn't get better than this:)  Undercover Girl #5 page 12.

Disbrow, Jay - I have always been fascinated with Jay's work and until recently had not seen any available.  I am pleased to own these 3 great examples.  One is a page from a Davy Crocket type story and the other two are pictures of Romans for a newspaper project 1, 2.
Perkins, Mike - cool page from some Holiday special.  I loved the inking on this one.

Goldberg, Stan - Chili splash from issue 13 page 7.

Kane, Gil - Action #544 page 39.

Severin, Alec - it is always a pleasure to receive a letter from my friend Al as they include brilliant little drawings. 1, 2.

Wheelin, Ed - Fat and Slat page from Moongirl by EC Comics.

Iger Studio - Fight #67 Splash.  Looks like Kamen may have had a hand in this but it is hard to tell. 

Saaf, Art - Rangers #19 splash.

Hammell, Tim - Table of contents illustration from 1975 titled Sci-fi and Sex Bombs. 

Pittarelli, Jeff - a few great pieces from Jeff.  Pris 1 and 2 from Blade Runner plus a Claire Danes Juliet commission.

Conrad, Will - Inara convention sketch.

Guice, Butch - Ironman #19 page 19.

Celardo, John - great Prince Valiant style art from Joe Yank. 

Armstrong, Jason - Lobster Jones #1 page 10 and a splash for the Spirit.  It was the Eisner influence that drew me to the table and I'd leafed through 100 pages before I found the spirit page but I had already fallen for one of the Lobster Jones pages.  I got a sketch of the dragonlady as well.

unknown - nice gauche painting for an Italian Pulp. 

Kerschel, Karl - racoon sketch from his online comic.

Land, Greg - White Queen illustration from Toronto Con.

Liefeld, Robert - tryout page for Hawk and Dove. 

Peterson, David - a cool Lion from the Wizard of Oz and a Mouseguard sketch. 

Sam, Salgood - a cool page from Therefor Repent page 48.  Interesting story behind the artists pseudonym.  I also got my favorite sketch at a recent con from Salgood a great Dragonlady.

Yeates, Tom - 2 great commission I mentioned earlier in this update of the Dragonlady and Flash Gordon as well as 2 cool pages from the Forbidden Book, pages 6 and 7.

Belanger, Andy - a cool cover and promotional piece for the comic related to the Tracy Berkowitz movie (Juno director).  Cool story behind the cover and about the David Hockney reference.  The comic was The Tracy Fragments.

Vokes, Neil - Shuriken Cover #2.  A total blast from my past.  I remember these comics so vividly and being caught up in the speculation frenzy of the late 80's. 

Dezuniga, Tony - Vampirella painting on canvas.

unknown - Cover to a Spanish Golden age jungle girl comic.  Images clearly "borrowed" from fiction house but all original art on this piece.

Taylor, R.G.  - last but not least with this update.  Two new painting that are framed and hung on our wall by Rick.  Ancient Medicine (Gerlock Gardens) and Blustery Day on Georgian Bay

I hope to have another update by Thanksgiving.  I am looking forward to the Fan Expo comic show next weekend and I am expecting some cool art right now including a brilliant Raymond Rip Kirby and a few commissions that will blow you away.  

 April 7th, 2008

It has been too long since my last site update.  I was hoping to have a new site up and running months ago and I have kept delaying an update in anticipation of this.    I still hope the new site will be possible but for the time being, the site will stay with its current set up.  It has been a crazy half year with the US and Canadian exchange rates and it is been hard to keep up.  Also, the last 6 months have shown some crazy price for art that leave me wondering if I can still play.   Lots of new art to show off and with con season approaching, I am hoping to add some nice new sketches to my theme galleries.

Raymond, Alex - Flash Gordon sunday for June 20, 1937.  I am not sure where to begin with this pieces description.  I never thought I would end up with one of these, it just wasn't something that I thought would ever happen but now that I own one...  it is all a bit surreal.  This page comes from the estate of Stanley Pitt, a well known Australian illustrator.  It came on the original art board which had a backing of dark cardboard.  I took my first venture into the world of restoration with this and 2 other pieces.  I had the art floated off the acidic cardboard and deacidified and then archivally framed behind uv protected glass. The sticker shock of this process was a bit much but in light of what I have done for the greater good of future comic art connoisseurs, I suppose it was a small price to pay.  I have also scanned details of each panel 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.  Alex's brush work on the piece is amazing and the final panel with Flash in the middle of Mayhem is as good as it gets for me.  As a side note, I entered this piece in the comicart-l Best of 2007 strip art pieces and somehow won.  Sorry for the large scans, but anything less would not do the piece justice.

Iger studios - almost as big as a Raymond in my book, a nice full page splash from Kaanga of Ann.  Just to add to this, a second partial splash.  With the Baker Tigergirls I got in this update, it doesn't get any better for a jungle girl fan. 

Muth, Jon - just when I thought it couldn't get any better with the Dracula page I picked up last year, I found myself with another Muth Dracula and a splash(might have been art for a card) from Mystery Play and a page from Moonshadow.  The Muth Dracula is something I loved and poured over as an aspiring artist in my late teens.  I read Moonshadow several times as well as a teen and it really hit a chord with me.  As an adult I still appreciate the story but on new levels and I love this page with a bit of Little Nemo imagery thrown in.

Darrow, Geof - Shaolin Cowboy Cover and illustration.  I love this series and I have been a big fan of Darrow since I started to appreciate Moebius, Seth Fisher and Frank Quitely.  Now I can't seem to get enough of his art.  I remember HardBoiled coming out and at the time it was a little to much for me but I was looking at it from the wrong perspective at the time.  A huge thanks to jsid for picking these out for me at San Diego last year.  Also, a Big Guy sketch.

Moebius - nice finished illustration.  No idea where it is from but it is quite striking. 

Campbell, Eddie - From Hell #10 page 31.  Awesome panel page without any words featuring the main character.

McKean, David - I love his artwork.  I was lucky to get 2 nice pages from Cages, Issue 3 page 43 and   #9 page 46 plus 2 illustrations. The illustration are of a Boy with a Rabbit and of a Photographer.   The pages and one of the illustrations is already on hold for someone but the at is so great it needs to be shared. 

Kubert, Joe - for a limited time Joe was doing sketches with the purchase of his Tex book.  I took advantage of this rare opportunity and got a sketch brilliant sketches of Sgt. Rock and Tarzan.  I am almost speechless about both of these, I never expected more than a quick pen sketch and these two beauties arrived in the mail.  I later got two more as gifts for friends, a Tex and another Tarzan.  In total Joe did 100 of them and I have seen scans of a little over half of them and they are all wonderful, Joe is still at his peak.  I had met him about 6 years ago at our local con and he was such a humble gentleman like all the other greats I have met.

Romita, John Sr and John Jr - speaking of legends, three generations of Romitas were in Toronto last year and I was lucky to get the Kingpin/DD sketch from the pair of them.  I also got a nice Mary Jane cover recreation sketch from the engagement issue.  The sketches I got go well with this previous ebay pick up. 

Middleton, Joshua - No update seems to be complete without a few additions to my Josh collection.  First a cover for JLA Classified, box/cover art for Heroclix and a nice Sky Between the Branches sketch which turned out to be a fake. 

Risso, Eduardo - not my commission but one I am very glad to own.  DD and the Widow.  There is so much I love about this piece and about Risso's work.  Also, 3 fabulous Batman #621 pages 10, 11 and 12

Anacleto, Jay - a nice page for Aria.  I have never seen his artwork before and so I was curious.  Very nice tonal pencil/graphite work.

Moore, Terry - Strangers in Paradise #54 cover.  I have just finished reading the entire saga for the first time from the beginning.  Great characters and an interesting story.  Katchoo is such a complicated character and I love the image and atmosphere of this cover. 

Bernet, Jordi - nice, moody Film Noir cover to issue 20 of Black (a series of Italian novels).

Stelfreeze, Brian - cover to The Ride Valkyre #1 , batgirl pin-up/sketch and a page of  sketches side 1 and 2.  Hopefully a lot more from Brian coming soon.

Miller, Frank - nice Janson/Miller page from Daredevil 189 (page 15).  By this point in the classic run Miller was likely only doing layouts. Death of stick page.

Baker, Matt - 3 nice Tiger Girl pages.  Thanks to Chris for picking these up for me and for thinking of me.  Fight Comics #54 page 7, 8 and 10.  There are some great good girl images by Baker on these pages. 

Hopper, Fran- Rangers #25 page 2 - speaking of good girls, this page has more than any other I have seen.  A neat nude seen and pure GGA. 

<>Strip art - several new additions to this part of my collection including the Raymond above.  Others of note
Salinas, Jose Luis - Cisco Kid daily.  No Cisco but a great horse panel and some lovely brushwork.
Wildey, Doug - 2 nice Saint Dailies dated 5-5 and 5-4.
McWilliams, Alden - nice Dan Flagg daily ghosted by McWilliams for Sherwood.  The female character reminded me of the Dragonlady. 10/26/66.
Maxon, Rex - nice Tarzan daily with Zeela.  #820.
Willard, Rodlow - 2 nice Scorchy Smith dailies 10-14  and  1017.  The artwork reminds me a lot of Bruce Timm.
VanBuren, Rae - nice Abbie n Slats daily from 8/27/57.
Williamson, Al - Corrigan daily dated 11/1/68.  3 great panels in this daily, I think some of Al's work on this strip was the best he ever did.
Striebel, H.J. - Dixie Dugan Sunday 11/27/49.
unknown - 2 forgeries of early Milton Caniff Terry Dailies.  The pieces were misrepresented in the late 60's when the previous owner bought them plus a Raymond Flash Gordon(i'll scan later).  I bought them knowing exactly what they were.
Yager, Rick - Buck Rogers Daily 5/19/50 - very nice daily.
Longaron, Jorde - Friday Foster daily dated 1/28/74.

Severin, Al  - my good friend and artist extrodaire did me a favor.  He sent me some sketches to use for links and emails on my new website when and if it ever gets done.  In additions, i scanned the art off our letters.  Al always includes beautiful little sketches with each letter and I wanted to share them with the rest of you. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 1011 , 12 and 13.

Phillips, Joe - large double page spread for Blade Runner.  I am not sure where this is from but is cool and from my favorite movie.  I am such a big fan/geek that I named my first son Ridley and if my wife hadn't objected to Darryl or Sean for my daughter my youngest son would have been Harrison:)  The images is from a digital pic, it was too big for a single scan or two so when I patched the 4 scans together it just didn't look right.

Pittarelli, Jeff - in keeping with the Blade Runner theme, a nice, sultry image of Rachel (Sean Young) smoking.  Reminds me to go back and watch the movie again when the new 5 disk set I just ordered on ebay arrives:)

Lim, Ron - Silver Surfer #18 page 29.  My first Lim Surfer page, very cool final panel with Galactus and SS. 

Hamilton, Craig - very nice and detailed Peter Pan and Wendy page.

Corominas, Enrique - brilliant cover art for the front and back cover of 3 Jack Vance novels.  Here are 3 artists proofs of the final published covers of books 1, 2, 3.  

Sinnot, Joe - nice Thor sketch by Joe.

Infantino, Carmine - nice Pin-up to Batman #500, Joe Rubenstein inks.  Very moody piece from a great issue. 

McDaniel, Scott - very nice Robin cover.  I don't know what it is from but I love his style although I have not forgiven him for his run on DD with the armour suit.  That run made me give up comic collecting and forced me to find something new which led me to golden age comics, then ebay and then comic art.   I have Scott McDaniel to blame for my addiction to this hobby.

Bachalo, Chris - Shade #24 page 3. 

Castillo, Tony - nice Fangoria cover.  Tony told me it will be published as a cover on 2 occasions. 

Renaud, Paul - 2 pages from Cavegirl.  1 and 2.  Unfortunately these pages were badly damaged in the shipping process.  The item was well packaged between 2 sheets of masonite which had a hole punced right through the middle of it and the package was torn in half and not in a good way.  I will add these images to my terms page just so people know what might happen if an item is uninsured.  Damaged package pictures 1 and 2.

Morrow, Gray - 3 nice piece from the over 100 a friend commissioned from Gray in a Girls of ERB series that never saw print.  Balza, Gura and Kali

Now on to the theme galleries/collections.

Dragonlady - the more I learn about this character the more she is becoming my favorite comic persona and I love the response I usually get to asking for her as a commission subject.  A great Golden age Gala by Gerry Acerno which has lots of great golden age characters in there including my favorite two jungle girls.   Sheldon Bryant, Frank Brunner, Tony Castillo, Joe Pekar, John Lucas , Michael Lark and Alex Maleev all show us their impression of this character. 

Flash Gordon - after adding the Raymond to my collection, I had further inspiration to get more commissions with this theme.  Here are pieces by Gerry Acerno, Esad Ribic and Aaron Lopresti

Jungle Girls - in addition to the Matt Baker pages above, I added several nice pages by Adrian Batista's Jungle Girl  including pages 3 and 5 from issue 0 and page 16 and the cover from issue #1.  2 nice Hildebrant jungle girl sketches 1 and 2.  A Tim Sale jungle girl sketch.  A brilliant commission by Maxx Marshall, I love his line work on this piece.

Bianchi, Simone - Elektra sketch done at a Toronto con. 

Bryant, Shelton - a nice DD piece and a Dragonlady commission. 

Finch, David - con sketches of Daredevil and Elektra

Golden, Michael - convention sketches of Dr. Strange and Cleo. 

Comolo, Giorgio - nice commission for another fan that I am happy to give a home to.  I believe the them is a Trophy wall. 

Chantler, Scott - nice Dick Tracy drawing.  I was going to start a comic strip character sketch book and have an artist draw any strip art character they wanted from Flash Gordon to Garfield.  This one and the Flash Gordon by Gerry are the first 2 pieces.  Also, a nice Blondie Illustration Scott did for a tribute in the local newspapers where he recreated several strip characters.

Dietrich, Sean - interesting pages to his book Indurstriacide.  #1 page 10, #3 page 8 and #4 page 5 pluse pin-up/cover 1 and 2.

DeMoore, Bob -  2 nice pages from the 50's.   Bob was one of Herge's main assistants on Tintin and a lot of the Tintin art we are familiar with probably has Bob's pen in there. 

Nodell, Martin - nice Green Lantern sketch done as a promo piece for a Pittsburg con. 

Aragones, Sergio - groo illustration. 

I was fortunate to have 2 European friends send me several beautiful Graphic Novels I never would seen otherwise and each had a little dedication in them.  Here are scans of the dedications.

Biancarelli, Franck -  dedication in Le Livre des Destins.
Bramanti, Jean-Philippe - dedication in McCay vol 3.  Le Gardien de l'Aube.
Cabanes, Max - dedication in Dans les Villages  La Deroute des Synapses.
Demarez, Thierry - dedication in La Geste  Des Chevaliers Dragons.
Margerin - dedication in Felix et le Bus.
Mezieres, J-C - dedication in La Cite des Eaux Mouvantes.
Mourier, Jean-Louis - dedication in Trolls de Troy  Les Enrages du Darshan.
Rossi, Christian - dedication in West (Weird Enforcement Special Team).
Walthery, F - dedication in Natacha et les Dinosaures. 

Caza - prelim for card art of She Hulk.

Alary, Pierre - sketch.

Talbot, Bryan - sketch.

Last but not least and not original art related but I managed to find a copy of Tintin magazine from Belgium Oct 28th, 1948 which has my Herge illustration published in it. 

Colman, David - a little monkeyboy sketch to be used on my future website.

New art July 6th, 2007

The last few months have been a little slower in collecting so a bit smaller of an update.  Con season has started so some art from the Toronto con.  I have had some computer and scanner issues which are being resolved now.  I am also hoping to have a whole new site in the future but those plans are also not progressing as planned.

Hesh, F.  I don't know a lot about this artist.  I have had these pieces for years and have just now scanned them.  The nude is spectacular.   Nude, Ad art 1 and Ad art 2.

Muth, Jon - Dracula watercolor page.  I remember how impressed I was with Muth's Dracula GN.  This is an unused page from that book.  It is a large piece and framed so the digital pic is the best i can do. 

Kubert, Joe - Viking Prince page from Brave and the Bold 21, page 22.

Godwin, Frank - Nice Rusty Riley Sunday from 2/23/58.

Fabry, Glenn - Painted cover to Marvel Knights featuring DD and the Punisher.

Wilson, George - Cover to Korak #34.  A great painted piece by the Goldkey cover master.

unknown - Jungle Jim cover, painted Gold Key.

Biancarelli, Franck - A nice commision of Flash and Dale.  Pencils, inks and colors.

Williamson, Al - Flash Gordon prelim sketch.

Siegel and Shuster - Funnyman page.  What can I say, a page from these legends. 

Fisher, Seth - Williworld Splashes to page 38 and 51 and a very challenging page from Happydale.  The best part of this deal was getting to hear more about Seth from his mother.  2 prelim/sketches by Seth as well 1, 2.

Maroto, Estoban - Fantastic large sci-fi illustration.  This has everything in a Maroto I could want.

Sienkiewicz, Bill - nice vintage MoonKnight sketch and an early Storm Pin-up.

Keown, Dale - nice Jam piece with art by Dale Keown, Dave Ross, Lee Weeks, Ty Templeton, Ron Wagner and an unidentified artist. 

Bolland, Brian - nice pin-up done for a friend.  Originally had a photo stat of his friend's wife's face in the pic but that was later removed and the penciled face by Bolland was inked by Bob McLeod. 

Dragonlady commissions by Marc Campos, Agnes Graboska, Louis Paradis, Aaron Lopresti, Nicola Scott, Talent Caldwell, Steve Mannion, Dan Morton, Vince Locke and Terry Moore (Francine as the DL).

Campbell, Eddie - Very beautiful and strange page from Batman Order of the Beasts. (no "bat" man but just about every other kind of -man you could come up with. 

Bianchi, Simone - Jean Reno tribute piece.  Not sure what this was done for.

Smith, Jeff - Thorn and Bones sketches.

Infantino, Carmine - Adam Strange sketch.

Alexander, Jason - cool, moody page from Empty Zone The Secret

Middleton, Joshua - no update is complete without something by Josh.  Here is a nice Phoenix sketch and a Wolverine con sketch.

Mack, David - Nice multicharacter sketch for Bulleye, DD and Elektra.

Zeck, Michael - cool Wolverine Pin-up.

Lisner, Joseph - Dawn on Kaneda's bike.  Nice commission from the Toronto Paradise Comiccon.  The theme appealed to Joseph and he went with it.  I am happy how this turned out.

Stelfreeze, Brian - cool Laci color sketch.

Unknown artists - european knock-off's of Jungle comics cover, Pantera Blonde splashinterior and mystery cover.

Bruzzo, Giovanni - Mister No page 203.  Very nice crime noir layout.

Portacio, Will - Wonderwoman head sketch.

Zulli, Michael - Puma Blues #16 page 6.  Page with the flying Manta's.

Nielsen, Terese - Code of Honor painted page.

Griffith, Bill - Zippy the Clown daily.  Very funny and thoughtful.

Stewart, Cam - quick Catwoman sketch.

Sim, Dave - nice con sketch of Cerebus reading a comic.

Colan, Gene - Batman and Howard the Duck con sketch. 

Comolo, Georgio - Giger tribute piece.  This is stunning in person.  The face of Li has so much subtle detail the scan can't pick up.

Sale, Tim - rapidly becoming one of my favorite artists.  I see so much more in his work than I use to.  Nice page from Daredevil Yellow and a pin-up for his sketchbook. 

Andrews, Kaare - two sketches from the Toronto con - Elektra and a Dragonrider.

Moore, Terry - Katchoo sketch and also a Francine as the Dragonlady.

Wagner, Matt - two quick sketches of Grendel and Elektra.

Locke, Vince - two great commissions.  Flash Gordon and Dale and the Dragonlady.

Nolan, Graham - Judge Dredd cover or pin-up.  Very cool and clean art.  If you know what this is from, please let me know.

Nord, Cary - Red Sonja sketch.

Bone, Jay - nice Tintin commission.

Moench, Doug - Spectre #23 cover featuring Deadman, Dr. Fate, Demon, Phantom Stranger and of course the Spectre.  D.C.'s fearsome 5.

Tucci, Bill - Elektra head sketch.

Vatche Mavlian - a gift from the artist.  Very fine linework you can't see in the scan.  Excellent use of negative space

Vess, Charles - nice, large watercolor piece by one of the great illustrators working in comics.  Forgotten already what this was from:) 

Golden, Michael - Jungle girl sketch.

Wood, Ashley - great Dragon painting for a european book.  Also a nice painted nude, duostar daily and a prelim for a Flash Gordon commission

Mini update February 12th, 2007

Risso, Eduardo - Flash Gordon and Dale Commission by the Argentinian master storyteller.

Quesada, Joe - Daredevil #6 page 13.  Nice page from an early issue after the renumbering.

Pearson, Jason - Laci sketch inside the leatherbound edition of the Ride TPB.

Perkins, Alex - finished prelim for wolverine poster.

Wilhelm, Jack - Nancy daily circa 1930.

Zeck, Mike - Wolverine pin-up.

Check, Sid - sci-fi cover prelim circa 1962 and Western prelim.

Unknown - Milton Caniff Terry and the Pirates and Alex Raymond Flash Gordon forgeries.  These are nicely done recreations but they were originally created in the 60's with the intention to mislead so calling them a forgery is a more accurate term.  Very interesting items all the same.

February 1st, 2007 Update. 

Well, the new year has started out fairly busy.  I have had some interesting things come in in the past 2 months and am anticipating a few really cool things shortly so perhaps I will have a chance to make a smaller update soon.

Moebius - a really cool page from L'Incal.  I have been looking for the right page for some time and this one works for me.  I really like the rendering of the female character and the background design. 

My jungle girl theme has had a great month.  It starts with what may be the best piece in my JG collection, a giant splash from Kaanga and a second panel splash from Kaanga as well.  Here are more Kaanga pages 1, 2.  Last of the published pieces is a 1940's cover to an Italian jungle girl, Panthere Blonde as well as 4 color acetate production art to a later version of the same character, Pantera Blonde and a color guide to another Pantera Blonde 30.

Also added to the Jungle girl collection are 4 sketches I got as an unexpected gift from a fellow collecting friend.  Jungle girls by George Perez, Rich Larson, Richard Case and Greg Land.

Raufeisen, Andreas - Sorayamesque painting.  What can I say, he does really cool work and this is a great piece.  It is a large painted and airbrushed original piece in the style of Sorayama. 

Middleton, Joshua - Yet another update with more Middleton art.  Covers to American Virgin 4 and 5.  Josh was kind enough to include 3 sketches he did for the cover of issue 4.  sketch 1, 2, 3.

Simon/Kirby good girl panel page from Stuntman #2.  I don't think there has ever been a more important team than Simon and Kirby (other than perhaps Siegel and Shuster) in comics.  The last 2 panels speak for themselves, here is a close up of the last panel.

Breathed, Berke - Bloom County Daily featuring Opus and a medical theme.

Yager, Rick - Buck Rogers sunday.  This piece is huge and one of the nicest Yager's I have ever seen. 

Forte, John - Seven Seas daily with some great good girl.

Godwin, Frank - 3 great Rusty Riley Dailies by one of the finest artist ever to work in the sequential art medium. 1/14/56, 1/18/55, 3/26/56.

Caniff, Milton - Nice Terry and the Pirates featuring the Dragonlady 9/16/49.

Prentice, John - two Rip Kirby's from Raymond's replacement on the strip.  7/6/67 and 8/4/67.

Drake, Stan - Juliet Jones Sunday from 7/6/69.

Starr, Leonard - Nice early On Stage daily 2/26/56. 

Weare, Tony - Matt Marriot daily.  A fantastic British illustrator who's work we don't see enough of over here.

Tufts, Warren - nice Casey Ruggles daily with a beautiful girl. 3/13/53.

Mayo, John - another nice Jungle Jim Sunday from 2/23/47.

Drucker, Mort - nice page from Mad or Cracked.  signed by Mort.

Bernet, Jordi - a nice sketch in a book dedicated to me by a friend.  2 other book dedications 1, 2 and a page of sketches all by the Spanish master storyteller.

Zeck, Mike - Master of Kung-Fu #5 page 17. 

Blum, Alex - Hooks Devlin 6 page story from Fight Comics #40.  pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

unknown - High School Romance #8 pages 1 and 2.  Killer splash.

Cazeneuve, Arturo - Speed Taylor page from Speed Comics #21, 1942

Beekman, Doug - nice Flash Gordon and Dale commission by Doug.

Dragonlady pieces by Scott Blair and Rachel Z.  Computer colored version of Scott's Dragonlady.

Stelfreeze, Brian - 2 nice sketches, one with a predator theme and a nice catwoman.

Bendis, Brian - Goldfish sketch.

Maleev, Alex - little DD headshot.

Severin, Alex - several more nice doodles that came along with kind letters from the Belgian master. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

McDonnell, Pat - a complete set of the first 5 Mutt's books with sketches. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Warren, Adam - 2 sexy prelims for Dirty Pair.  1, 2.

Last, but certainly not least,  a 24 page Tarzan Story by Igor Korday entitled Mugambi the Legend, a Tarzan Tale.
Very nice illustrations on all of these pages.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24.

November 27th, 2006 Update.   Yeah, I know,  I know, a long time between updates but the move and renovations have taken up a lot of my free time. Next update in the new year.  Without further ado, new art.

Herge - Art doesn't get any more important to me than this piece.  I grew up reading Tintin, Asterix and Disney long before I discovered Marvel and DC.  The meaning of Tintin to me is hard to put into words but Herge has certainly been an influence on all my comic and artistic tastes.  I finally decided to pursue a piece and with so many fakes/forgeries and studio pieces out there I wanted to make sure I was getting the real deal.  This is an illustration from 1946 from Tintin magazine and from before the formation of Herge studios. 

Middleton, Joshua - great Inara illustration used for a print.  I can't seem to get enough of this great artist's work.

Hughes, Adam - Miss Adventure pin-up one and two plus a Wildcats cover prelim.

Baker, Matt- Speaking of good girl artists, none can compare to Matt.  Here is a great Tiger girl page from Fight #54.

Webb, R.H.  - Kaanga #7 page featuring Anne.

Bernet, Jordi - 9 new sketches, some rather detailed by one of the all time greatest comic artists. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Smith, Jeff - 2 sketches.  Fone Bone and Bartelby sketch and Phoney Bone.  I read the book for the first time recently and fell in love with the characters.  Dedicated to my 3 kids who will inevitably end up having this wonderful tale read to them several times. 

Darrow, Geof - Big Guy sketch.

Pitarra, Nicholas - speaking of Geof Darrow, Nick did this mindblowing commission for me as a tribute to Geof's work. Among the details, Starting top left...the character who's coming out of the building is the first character you see in hardboiled...the slogan on the opposite side of the same building just says darrow for ever (D,->, four fingers, ever) in the classic darrow sign advertisement style. The next building is the building from which the giant monster/dinasaur from big guy and rusty bust out of/is created in...the next building is the willeford building from hard boiled (they build cyborgs or something(its been awhile scince I've read it). The next building is the all you can eat seafood advertisement....the next is the seth fisher advertisement (it reads "Keep Fishing"he has a fishing reel in hand with a fish hanging out in front.Then the classic darrow pep boys advertisement...only now its the rapping badguys from shaolin cowboy issues 3/4. Kong and Godzilla are in the middle ground...both in the process of crumbling a building(look close in the crumbling rubble and see hundreds of bodies falling amongst the debris).The middle building has bigguys battle ship in a advertisement. One top of that same building...you see a small house size building...if you look real real close...you'll see "monkey boy jeff" spray painted on the side of it.going to the forground...you have the donkey...i refrenced the saddle to best of my ability (from shots darrow used in the book) I left out some of the detail on the donkey so he wouldn't blend in with kong. then you got big guy and rusty (I love them both)....then shaolin...then nixon from hardboiled further to the right. the building under nixon is covered in mutated monsters attacking people...in refrence to the mutated monsters that attacked the innocent bystanders in big guy and rusty....you can also see the car that runs over nixon at the begginning of hardboiled(its built into the building...and facing you(on the same building) The most devestating badguy of all time...the dinosaur from big guy and rusty (now holding a cola can...just an advertisement).....the building next to that building(moving left) is just a basic building with doohickies on the ruff(darrow uses that box advertisement allot as well,but mines still blank for now).the next building on the left is just a standard building with junk on top....oh yeah...i tried to put waldo ...of where's waldo fame,inside the donkeys horse shoe...but the it was so small that its hard to read....i got about five opened advertisements to filll in...i'm thinking of doing random characters that darrow has illustrated. oh yeah I forgot...on what little is left of kongs building(the one turned to rubble...you can see an adv. with the baby that just says "mine"....I'm sure theres more that i can't think of right now.....everything is darrow inspired....i had to throw the fisher ad. in there...he's got his chest hair shaved into a heart (like on his website). The stuff Nick Added since then are Electricity Boy sign from Seth Fisher's Tokyo Pop, Moebius Bill Board (starwatcher), Matrix Billboard, Miller/Darrow Billboard and finally, the far right billboard with Quitely, Fisher, Moebius and Darrow's names together representing the main players in this new comic art style.)

Comolo, Georgio - after looking at Georgio's work for so many years, I figured it was about time I got to see one in person.  Thanks to Enrico for setting this Kaneda from Akira commission up.

Briggs, Austin - Flash Gordon Sunday.  Not much to say about this piece that the title and art don't say.  Brilliant artist at his finest.  July 18th, 1948.

Mayo, John - Jungle Jim Sunday Feb 16, 1947.

Drake, Stan (Starr, Leonard) - Kelly Green artwork.  I can't imagine a better combination of artists.  Fantastic work by both.

Quesada, Joe - Daredevil Father # 1 page 23. 

Hollingsworth, A.C. - 2 Scorchy Smith strips. 1, 2.  Girls, guns and rocket ships, perfect sci-fi.

Buscema, John - 3 Savage pages. Issue #68 pages 19, 25 and 26.

Totleben, John - Werewolf illustration.

Miller, Frank - the "other" Frank Miller, really great Barney Baxter Daily 10/11/47.

Wunder, George - Terry and Pirates daily 1/27/47

Stewart, Cameron - Tank Girl pin-up, Island Girl sketch and Flash Gordon Head shot.

Leonardi, Rick - 2 pages from Cloak and Dagger, inked by Al Williamson.  Issue 12 page 1 and Issue 4 page 14.  Nice Beyonder appearance, now there is a comic character from the past I could have done without:)

Wildey, Doug - 2 page story from Alarming Tales #3, page 1 and 2.

Porges, Paul Peter - 11 illustrations from MAD Magazine #209.  Two different Gags, World Class Bordom and Exposed Jocks. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.

Edwing, Don (Duck) - 3 pages from MAD Magazine 293.  3 One pagers. "The Extraordinary Eulogy Entrapment," "The Chilling Chopper Chapter," and "The Astounding Aeronautic Adventure."

Clarke, Bob - Mad Disco cover.  Mixed media piece.

Coker, Paul Jr. - 22 gags from MAD Magazine # 182."Beat the Recession with These Helpful Mad Penny-Pinching Hints."
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22.

Jaffee, Al - one page Medical gag from MAD Magazine #302.

Grbic, Borivoje - Serbian artist I met on line.  Very nice work, looking to break into North American comics.  Beautiful Dragonlady and a Jungle girl sketch.

Perez, Ramon - Dragonlady sketch from Nov 2006 Paradise Fan Con.

Scott, Nicole - Catwoman Pin-up and Elektra sketch.

Unknown - Jungle girl pin-up.  Any help?

Sayger, Stuart - Poison Ivy sketch from a friend.

Vess, Charles - Pin-up from The Horns of Elfland circa 1976. 

Cho, Michael - nice space girl.  I met Michael at the Nov 06 Paradise one day con and we got to talking about strip art. 

Mortimer, Win - Spidey Super Stories #4 page 25 starring Shanna.  A favor from a long time online friend.

Postic, Nick and Marinkovich, Nick - The Dark Knight pin-up.  The two Nicks most striking image to date.

Next update early 2007.

August 8th, 2006 Update.  It has been a bit slow for the last few months and so no update in a while.  We are moving soon so a lot of packing and preparation to do.  Regardless, some interesting art has found its way into my collection.

Pitarra, Nicholas - I met Nick online. He is the most amazing and friendliest artist I have met in some time.  I am a big fan of Moebius, Darrow, Quitely, Fabry, Seth Fisher, Nathan Fox and others who follow in this similar style.  I was amazed by the pieces I had seen by Nick and have been lucky to pick up 2 commissions and a third huge commission will be on its way shortly.  For now, Kaneda and Bike and Sheena.

Bernet, Jordi - Torpedo page.  This is probably my favorite Torpedo page that I have seen to date.  I missed it on ebay a few years ago but managed to get it in trade from the always friendly Joe Jusko.  Steve Morger also managed to hook me up with his new Clara book and sketches by Jordi in both his Clara book and in the other Bernet book I owned that Manuel Auad was kind enough to send me.

Sienkiewicz, Bill - Brilliant, large illustration from Delirium.  It is a true multimedia piece with linen/paper being applied to board and then painted with various media.  The scan doesn't do the materials justice but other than coming over for a visit, this is the best image you will get of this piece.

Middleton, Joshua - Poison Ivy sketch.  I didn't get this one in person, but a very welcome addition to my collection.

Stelfreeze, Brian - Catwoman/Wildcats #4 cover.  A great example of Brian's unique approach. It looks like the cover is upside down at first glance.  Very cool.

Harris, Tony - Legends of the DC Universe #27 cover.  This is a fully painted piece by Tony featuring Aquaman, Batman and the Joker.

Johnson, Dave - 4 recent pickups that were done or arranged at the Toronto comic convention but Dave wanted to scan and he sent them to me later.  Meagan(gone in trade already), Dizzy and Lono, Sheena and Dragonlady.  Amazing art by the 100 Bullets cover artist and very funny and nice guy to talk to.

Chaykin, Howard - American Flagg cover - actually used as a cover for comic journal American Heroes.  It is done in 3 parts, a main piece with Rueben and 2 overlays.

Sickles, Noel - a new Scorchy Smith panel that I traded for my previous one.  The other one went to  collector who had the other half of mine so he could put the full original back together. 

Jaffee, Al - I loved MAD magazine when I was growing up.  One of my favorite features was the MAD fold-ins and I am glad to add a funny one to my collection.  I also like the theme of this one.  I deal with victims of gun violence through my occupation and I feel strongly about stronger gun control measures.  Anyway, enough of politics, it is a fun image.  This is a scan of what it would look like folded.

Ingles, Graham - Haunts of Fear page 5.  Very nicely executed page by Ingles showing his fantastic use of lighting and some nice girl art.

Leonardi, Rick - Cloak and Dagger piece from Marvel Age Annual #1.  Austin inks.  I loved this series when I was growing up.  I have recently bought 2 more pages from this run but they have not arrived in time to add to this update so look for them with the next update.

Drake, Stan - a nice Sunday from later in the Juliet Jones run. 7/29/84.

Pittarelli, Jeff - great Kaneda and bike commission.

Guay, Rebecca - Black Orchid splash.

Peters, Michael - Dragonlady convention style sketch. 

Tan, Phillip - Everquest pinup, Ironman #79 pages 4, 5, 6 and 9.  The Everquest is my favorite, crazy detail and line work in this one.

Mannion, Steve - jungle girl pinup.

Chen, Sean - Kumori #1 cover.

Lark, Michael - Little Sister GN page.

Sevilla, Hector - Lullaby splash.

Mayhew, Michael - Mary Jane prelim 1 and 2.

Ormston, Dean - Monarchy page.  I really like Dean's work, his style varies a lot but when he is mimicking Mignola, I think he is at his strongest.  Also see the painting I have by Dean.

Conrad, Will - Red Sonja convention sketch.

unknown artist - cool and sexy sci-fi page.

Balan, Nadir - Victoria Secret Service Cover #4.  A moment of weakness.

THE NEW MANGA - recently I have enjoyed a number of Manga titles and have become a fan of the artwork.  I have been seeking out artists working in various comics that have a strong Manga influence and here are a few of he new pieces in this genre.
Tortosa, Wilson - Battle of the Planets #11 pages 2, 9 and 21
David, Edwin - Battle of the Planets #1 pages 4 and 5 and #3 pages 6 and double page splash.  Also a promotional splash and some art on the back of one of the pages.
Gossett, Chris - Elektra the Hand pages 10 and 13
Cowboy Bebop pin-up and Sakura Wars pinup by Brian Valeza.

Cardoselli, Stephano - Dragonlady, Jungle girls and Flash Gordon and Dale commission plus cover 1, back cover and pin-up.

Greene, Verne - 15 Mac the Medic Dailies.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.

unknown - 2 Jungle girl pages from All New Comics #4, pages 6 and 8.  If you know anything about the character or the artist, please drop me a line.

Pekar, Joe - nice sketch of the White Queen.

May 18th, 2006 Update.  This may be my last update for about 2 months.  Once again, I am trying to cut down on spending:)  This update features some real gems and the art I managed to get at the Paradise Comic convention in Toronto at the end of April.  Also, check out all the new art by the great rising star, Timothy Green II.   Enjoy!

Stelfreeze, Brian - to be honest, I was not familiar with Brian's work until I picked up GunCandy #1 and the Ride and the covers blew me away.  I am glad to be adding the covers to Guncandy #1 and #2 to my collection.  I think issue one is one of those iconic images that will go down in comic art history and puts brian near the top of cover artists.

Eisner, Will - Spirit page from May 23, 1946.  Great page featuring classic Eisner layouts and some great images of P'Gell.  Also, a cameo of the Spirit in disguise in the final panel.  There is a little copyright note on the back of the art that looks like it was hand done by Will Eisner.

Manning, Russ - Magnus, Robot Fighter # 21 page 6.  Manning art is not easy to come by, especially from this great sci-fi series.  Although Magnus does not appear on the page, there is some great robot art here. 

Crandall, Reed- nice, twice up Flash Gordon page from Issue 6.  I think the page speaks for itself. Great panels, beautiful backgrounds and main characters throughout. 

Garzon, Jose - a nice Flash Gordon page from the Gold Key run.

Unknown artist - This is a really cool and historical piece for me.  As a jungle girl fan, I am always fascinated with Sheena's sisters in other parts of the world.  I have been aware of Panthere Blonde for years as a golden age vintage jungle girl published in Europe.  Recently I stumbled upon an original piece from the series.  This piece would be circa 1940's. 

Speaking of Jungle girls, lots of new pieces to the collection theme.  First, Tony Dezuniga does Sheena, Robert Hack does 2, one of Sheena and one of Rulah as well as a nice little head sketch.  Then at the comiccon I got pieces by Ramona Fradon, George Perez, Bob Layton, Nicola Scott, Bart Sears, Arthur Suydam , David Lloyd(won't scan well) and Adrian Alphonsa.

The Dragonlady theme was also furthered with a brilliant piece by J.G. Jones, Jill Thompson, Noel Tuazon 1 and 2 and the two Nick's(Postic and Marinkovitch)Chris Ivy did one for me as well outside of the con.

The Flash Gordon theme had a really great Michael Mayhew piece added to it as well as art by Robert Hack.  There was also a sketch by Jay Stephens.

My final theme for collecting is Daredevil and I had some neat pieces added both at the con and through other means.  Michael Lark did this great 3 character con sketch from me with a rough on the backBright Anvil studios did this jam piece featuring Elektra, Kingpin and Bullseye by Craig Yeung, Marvin Law and Logan Luberra.  A nice Elektra by Alex Perkins and a page from DD #303 by Chris Ivy.

Stephens, Jay - a great piece that was done for the Comic Book Artists Magazine tribute to Will Eisner as well as the Flash Gordon sketch.

Chaykin, Howard - Cody Starbuck page.  Nice early Chaykin from this space opera.

Severin, Alex - another nice letter with a sketch from my friend and a fine artist who lives in Belgium.  The sketch came up over a philosophical/religious discussion.

McClure, Darrell - a nice group of vintage illustrations and a Annie Rooney comic strip by this artist.
12/21/55 Annie Rooney Daily, Joe Guest Illustration, 3 illustrations for a Yachting magazine 1, 2, and 3.

Lloyd, David - V for Vendetta sketch from the Toronto con.

Graff, Mel - Adventures of Patsy daily from 11/15/4?

Tuazon, Noel - nice illustration from a literacy campaign.  It has a happy home next to the big arm chair I read bedtime stories to my kids in. 

Smith, Andy - nice Red Sonja sketch by the Dynamic Forces artist.

Ok, now for the BIG update.  I am a big fan of the European art stylings of artists like Moebius, Herge and the more recent Geoff Darrow, Frank Quitely, Glen Fabry and others that follow in that tradition.  It is no wonder I was drawn to the art of Timothy Green II, a newer artists.  I have liked his art and you can see multiple examples of his work in my gallery already but with his most recent project working on Aeon Flux, he found a project that seemed like a perfect fit.  I loved every page of the book and gave consideration to buying the entire series but cooler head prevailed and I ended up with a nice selection of pages and covers from the book.  But first, Yoda:)
Aeon Flux #1  Cover part 1 and 2.  Pages 3, 4, 5, 9, 11, 18, 21
Aeon Flux #3 Cover part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  pages 14 and 15.  The cover is really neat how it came together(published cover).
Aeon Flux #4 pages 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13
TPB Cover part 1 and 2Interior cover and prelim.1 and 2.
Alternative rejected cover.

April 21st, 2006 Update.

Well, it has been a busy month and a half for collecting for me.  Some rather big pieces for my collection and some pieces I have been working on for a while. Next month, Paradise Toronto con swag.

Kirby, Jack - Fantastic Four #42 page.  My first twice-up Kirby page.  I officially feel like a comic art collector today:)  I have earned a badge of distinction.  Vinnie inked this page.

Hughes, Adam - nice vintage Jungle girl sketch by Adam.  I can't believe this second theme piece I have looked at 100 times over each became available this month. 

Zulli, Michael - Puma Blues Trade Paperback wrap around cover painting.  I loved Puma Blues when I was a teen growing up.  I think it is the first comic where I just stared at the art for hours on end trying to figure out how Mike did it.  There were some brilliant still life pieces in that book.

Middleton, Joshua - 2 page with the now famous x-23 in her early appearances.  NYX #3 page 9 and NYX #4 page 20.  Also, a fun little con sketch by Josh.  

Salinas, Jose - a nice Cisco Kid daily from 11/14/52.  The inking in the final panel is brilliant.

Wood, Ashley - a great Elektra piece by Ashley.  Thanks to J.Sid for giving it up.  2 sketches from Ashley as well, Doctor Jeckyl and Mr. Hide theme and Vampire and girl.

Cardy, Nick - yet another Tarzan daily.  This is the third one I have it makes for 3 consecutive dailies from 1950.  Numbered 3405.  It is also signed by Nick which makes it all the more rare.

Quitely, Frank - All Star Superman sketch. 

Sienkiewicz, Bill - 2 sided large preliminary/sketch sheet.  Front and back.

Colan, Gene - Nice Daredevil #68.  Nice images of Daredevil and Gene doing what only Gene can do.  I just love the energy and dynamics that are on this page.

McNiven, Steve - New Avengers #10 page 14 and a nice girl sketch.

Opper, Frederick - Nice illustration from 1890. One of the greatest forefathers of comics.

Severin, Alex - another nice sketch in a letter from artist and friend from Belgium.

Torres, Angelo - 2 neat 4 panel pieces from Mad Magazine #277 with charactures of the cast of M*A*S*H and Gilligan's Island among others. 

Bagge, Peter - cool sketch done for CBLDF charity auction.

Bastian, Jeremy -  OK, are you sitting down.  Get ready for some really great detailed work.  I asked Jeremy to do a commission in the Flash Gordon and Dale theme and it came out brilliantly.  Flash may be ackward but the rest of the piece is more than I could have hoped for.  I also acquired the cover to Pirate Girl and an interior page and a pin-up piece of Pirate Girl.  Jeremy is a real talent and a nice guy to boot.

Richards, Cliff - 2 nice character design sheets for girls 1 and 2 and a cover for an unknown comic.  Cliff worked on Buffy and this certainly has stylistic elements of his work on the series.

Conrad, Will - a page from Serenity and a Red Sonja costume concept piece.  I could go on for pages about how cool a series Serenity was and how much I am enjoying the new Red Sonja series and its retro comic story feel. 

Oeming, Michael - speaking of Red Sonja, here is a cool sketch by Michael.

Mayo, Ralph - Jungle Comics #137 page 6.  Nice Camilla page to add to the biggest Golden age Jungle girl collection out there.  If you have any pages from ANY golden age jungle girl themed books, please contact me.

Beatty, Terry - Nyoka style jungle girl illustration.

Pound, John - Mad Magazine #297 pin-up.  Very poignant image.

Champi, Bill - Oh Diana! comic strip from 9/24/5?  A fun, racy piece with a lingerie panel.

Truman, Tim and Christopher Schenck - 4 watercolor pages from Robin Hood.  #1 page 13 and #3 pages 5, 18 and 20.

Salonga, Noah - Red Sonja #7 pages 9 and 19.

Tulka, Rick - 6 new age illustrations from Mad #290. Robot Footballer, Japanese Yen, Nyet Soviet, Segregation Chest, Steroid Ben and Mail-order Bride.

Adlard, Charles - 2 pages from Scarface #1.  pages 20 and 29.

March 20th, 2006 Update  

A few new pieces added to the collection over the last month and a bit.  I have some nice stuff on the way but as of yet it is not here so they will show up in the next update.

Risso, Eduardo - Red Sonja #5 cover.  It took me a while to "get" Risso's work.  I appreciated it but not until I read 100 Bullets for the first time this year did it click.  He is a true comic genius.  I would embarrass myself further by making any attempt at describing his greatness.  I am pleased to add one of his vary rare covers to my collection.

Severin, Alex - my friend and Belgian artist came up with yet another brilliant commission.  I am in awe of this one as well.  It was time to add a few new jungle girls to the collection and this certainly fits the bill.  In his correspondences, Alex often adds little sketches, here are a few 1, 2, 3.  Lastly, pencil prelims for the Jungle girls pieces.

Speaking of Jungle girls, nice early Adam Hughes Sheena. 

Kaluta, Mike - nice piece of finished, colored artwork (100% original) from Wizards of the Coast RPG. 

Bernet, Jordi - nice girl convention sketch.  Now to find a nice Torpedo page with girls:)

Baker, Matt - yet another update with Matt Baker art.  Short of getting a splash, this is one of his best panel pages I have seen.  It is from a Glory Forbes page from

Mayeryk, Val - Really cool Young Masters back Cover. 

Mayhew, Michael - Vampirella #11 comic page.  Fantastic pencil rendering.

Cardy, Nick - Aquaman #39 page.

McWilliams, Alden - Twin Earths Daily - another stellar example(pun intended) of Al's work on this great strip and his unsurpassed rendering of female beauty. 12/11/62.

Giordano, Dick - Dracula Lives #10 page.  Wonderful inkwashed paged by the veteran artist. 

Pagulayan. Carlo - Elektra #13 page with inks by Danny Miki.

Leav, Mort - Fight Comics #19 page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  Really fun Kayo Kirby story. 

Lubbers, Bob - Firehair #11 page.  Great early use of duo-shade. 

Bellamy, Frank - Garth Daily 26/3/75.  Nice 2 panel daily.

Hasen, Irwin - 3 nice examples of an early unpublished strip pitch.  1, 2, 3.

McKimson, Tom and Chuck - Roy Rogers Dailies from 4/6, 4/11 and 4/12 from 1950.

Last, but certainly not least, a head sketch of Zee by Brian Woods.  This was a gift from a friend and fellow collector I have never met in person but feel like I have know for years.  He was going to the NYC con (disaster con this year) and I also saw Brian was attending.  Shawn was kind enough to get contact info for me and arranged this con sketch of the cool paramedic girl in DMZ which I am enjoying reading right now.

Feb 8th, 2006 Update

Well, this is the year of the Dog, my year and it came in with a howl.  Lots of new art that came in, and not just anything, some real gems as you will see.

Middleton, Josh - my favorite new artist and among my favorite all time artists.  There is something about Josh's lines that speak to me on a different level than I can comprehend, I just know they move me.  I have added the Shazam/Superman #1 cover, Shazam splash from page 26 from issue #1 and two nice panel pages from issue #2, pages 9 and 10.  As an added bonus, Josh include some rough sketches, a rare look into the process 1, 2, 3.

Moebius - very few comic artists have such a voice and presence as Moebius.  His influence on European art is immeasurable and he is certainly a big influence on modern artist like Geoff Darrow, Timothy Green II, Seth Fisher, Frank Quitely, Glen Fabry and others that follow this movement.   This piece was obtained believing it was 100% original.  It is a very long story but it has been determined to my satisfaction the following facts.  This is the original art used to make a print for "City of Fire" portfolio.  The original pencils are by Geoff Darrow and inks by Moebius.  The original penwork was then copied and this piece has that copied linework that was later painted by Arno.  There is white out and blueline pencils on this piece so this is the original line transfer and color art that was later made into a print.  The pencil signature by Moebius is original. 

Bisley, Simon - nice acrylic painting by the Biz. 

Mignola, Mike - Hellboy page from Box Full of Evil.

Commission are one of the main themes of the month. 

I have gotten a Dragonlady and a Flash Gordon and Dale piece by Alex Perkins.  Alex also included a lot of prelims 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Alex Severin, a charming and talented Belgian artist also did a brilliant Flash Gordon and Dale piece and a nice Dragonlady piece. 

Michael Peters also contributed a commission to my Flash Gordon and Dale theme. 

Jeff Pittarelli did a fine Irish McCalla as Sheena and Buster Crabbe as Flash Gordon for my collection.

Sienkiewicz, Bill - a nice vintage Hulk sketch.

Romita Jr, John - 4 nice pages from his monumental run on Daredevil.  DD 252 pg 21, DD 259 pg 2, DD 266 page 11 and 13.

McWilliams, Al - nice Buck Rogers #17 page 7 and a fantastic 10 page story from Starstream #2  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Jordan, Syndey - Jeff Hawke Daily H6811 from 1980.

Renaud, Paul - cavegirl sketches 1 and 2.

Mazzuchelli, David - Batman con sketch.

McKimson, Tom and Chuck - Roy Rogers Dailies from 3/27, 3/28, 3/29, 3/30 from 1950.

Tufts, Warren - 7 new Casey Ruggles Dailies.  7/20, 7/22, 7/24, 7/25, 7/26, 7/27 from 1954 and 1/18/50.

Yap, Guan - Samurai #3 cover.  I remember the Aircel comics fondly from my early years of collecting.  Also Samurai pin-up and a multimedia illustration.

Blair, Barry - 3 early elflord pages (5, 10 and 18) from the first series as well as a nice color page from the second series.   2 unknown Blair pieces as well girl and page.

Giacoia, Frank - Sherlock Holmes Daily 11/22 circa 1954-58.

Barry, Dan - Tarzan Daily 2777.  English language text covered for overseas publication.

Lubbers, Bob - Tarzan Daily 9/27/52.

Dec 30th, 2005 Update

I am a little late with an update this month.  I have found a few new gems for my collection.  A little bit of everything from the classic strip and golden age comic art to new artists. 

Kubert, Joe - Tarzan #239 Drums of Death layouts.  This is the highlight for me of this update.  I don't think I have the words to do this find justice.  page 1, 2-3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17.

Baker, Matt - it seems like no update is complete without some new art by the greatest good girl artist.  Here is a Kid Kane story from Atomic Comics #4.  Some classic girl images by Matt. page 2, 3, 4, 5.

Baker, Matt - Fight #51 page. 

Schultz, Mark - Xenozoic Tales unpublished page.  Most of Mark's pages for this series have never been sold.  This page was to be published but got delayed in the mail and so Mark redid it for publication.  Just prior to publications the originals showed up and were published.  So I have been told this is one of 4 or 5 pages that were slated as replacement publication pages but were not used.

Darrow, Geoff - Hardboiled page.  Nice detail on this non-character page. 

Sienkiewicz, Bill - no update is complete without something new by Bill.  Elektra Assassin #7 partial splash.  No Elektra but a great piece and an image I remember well from the series.

Middleton, Josh - my favorite new artists.  X-23 sketch.

Staples, Greg - Batman splash from Riddle of the Beast.  I am told the other characters are Robin, Zantana and a dead Riddler.

Byrne, John - Fantastic Four #215 page(Sinnot inks) and Alpha Flight #25 page.  Nice partial splash of Vindicator.

Cardy, Nick - Nice Tarzan Daily from the 50's.  One of the rare signed pieces by Nick.

Rio, Al - Exposure #1 page.  Modern good girl art.

Berg, Dave - 2 pages from Mad Magazine.  page 2.

Recreations - 3 recreations by Jerry Butler Famous Funnies Cover #213, Buster Crabbe Cover #5 and Zoot Comics #16.

Caniff, Milton - 4 promotional pieces done in the late 60's and early 70's.  1, 2, 3, 4

Cardoselli, Stephano - Azurek Stories Cover.  Nice painted art to an Italian comic.

Pearson, John - Daredevil color illustration.

Giolitti, Alberto - Starstream #1 splash by an Italian master.

Keefe, Jim - Flash Gordon and Dale illustration.

Firchow, Stephen - More Than Mortal #8 pages 2 and 7.

Longaron, Jorde - Friday Foster Dailies 30/7/71 and 29/7/71.  Two nice dailies featuring Friday and Petal.

Maleev, Alex - DD con sketch from 2003.

Biancarelli, Franck - nice dedication by a friend in his new graphic novel Galfalek. 

Freas, Kelly - four preliminary drawings 2, 3, 4.

Fujitani, Bob - nice golden age splash from Boy Heroes #1.  Likely published elsewhere, I don't find a record of this comic in Overstreet.  Regardless, nice art by one of the unsung heroes of comics.

Grimm Ghost Stories #14 - 5 pages by Frank Bolle 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Al McWilliams page and a great 6 page story by Ricardo Villamonte 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Mahfood, Jim - Girl Scouts pin-up.

Prentice, John - House of Mystery page by the man that had to fill Alex Raymond's shoes. 

Massey, Devon - 2 sided sketch piece used in Cavegirl pin-up book.  back.

Roland, Harry - Jungle girl illustration.

McManus, George - Bringing Up Father Daily from 1/5/42.

Bode, Mark - Miami Mice sketch.  What can I say, I have nostalgic weakness for funny animal books from the early 80's.  I bought these comics in High School.

Ormstom, Dean - Wizards of the Coast artwork from an RPG. (D20)

Burns, Jim - Penthouse Comics cover prelim.

Hamner, Cully - Double page splash from one of my favorite comics of the year.  The Ride.

Rivoche, Paul - Paul's tribute to Will Eisner's the Spirit for Comic Book Artist magazine.

Godwin, Frank - Rusty Riley Daily 3/13/56.

Tuska, George - Scorchy Smith Daily 3/12/5?

Moore, Terry - Strangers in Paradise page.

Miller, Frank - long before the Frank Miller of Dark Knight and Sin City fame, there was the comic strip illustrator of the same name.  2 fantastic Barney Baxter Dailies 10/9/42 and 10/20/42.

Bolle, Frank - Robin Hood #6 page.  Contrast this to the other work by Bolle in my update, quite a difference.  This page is gorgeous.

Thompson, Jill - Black Orchid #3 page 13.  Nice large panel page with Orchid.

Romita Jr., John - Daredevil #272 page 27.  Williamson inks.

Drake, Stan - Heart of Juliet Jones Sunday 12/3/67.  The Sundays for this series are very rare.

Jones, J.G. - Fatale T-shirt design.  Nice sexy splash-type page.

Gross, Peter- page from Lucifer #47 page 13 and a sketch.

Kirby, Jack - The king at work in 1961 from the World Around Us #31.  Don't know the inker?

Kirby, Jack - Nice vintage page from 1954.  In Love #3.  Unsure on the inker.  This is apparently a story about a comic book artists.

Dominquez, Luis - a 2 sided romance cover illustration front and back and a sketch book page of girls.

Goldberg, Stan - Millie the Model #43 page with inks by Bill Everett.

McBride, Clifford - Napoleon Daily 9/2/3?.  Fantastic art work on this rare strip.

Gotto, Ray - Ozark Ike Daily from 5/12/50.  Nice blue wash, my scanner did a major injustice to this piece.

Blake, Bud - Tiger Sunday from 2/11/73

unknown - Flash Gordon page #4.  Not sure which series or who the artists are.

Haut-Koenigsbourg, Carmona - Les Aventure d'Aline.  A page from a French graphic novel.  That is all I know about this page.

October 16th, 2005 Update.

This has been a great month for my collection.  I got lucky and found a nice lot of golden age jungle girl pages, the stuff that really scratches my collecting itch.   I think I have added more pages to my theme in the last month than I have in the last 4 years.

Tiger Girl pages by R.H. Webb from Fight Comics #66, Fight Comics #67 page 5 and endpage and Fight Comics #71 pages 6 and 7.  The Grand Comic Database attributes all these pages to Jack Kamen.

Matt Baker Tiger girl page from Jungle #155 page 2.  This is original art that has be taken from a previous story in Fight comics.  All the paste-ups are original. 

Matt Baker - a page from the only Flamingo comic story that Matt worked on.  Great article on him in Alter Ego a few months ago.

Ralph Mayo Camilla page from Jungle Comics #146.

Lily Renee Ranger Comics #30 page - good girl art.  I believe a Werewolf Hunters story.

S. Benrat page from Ranger Comics #44 from Sky Rangers.  Not an artist I am familiar with but some very nice and detailed work.

R.H. Webb Firehair pages from Rangers #53 and #63.  More great girl art.

A really cool page from Monster #2?  Not sure who did it but it has a strong Eisner influence.

Williams, J.H.  - Chase #8 splash with inks by Mick Gray.

Murphy, John Cullen - Big Ben Bolt Daily 3/26/68.

Chatton,R.T. - Buck Rogers #100 page. 

Colan, Gene - Savage Sword #133 splash inked by Pablo Marcos.

Romita Jr, John - Man Without Fear #4 page - Amazing Kingpin Splash.

Beekman, Doug - I met Doug online and we worked out a great trade.  Interior cover to Savage Sword #161 and an uninked Jungle girl page.

Swayze, Mark - Slam Bang Comics Jim Dolan splash.

Ziegler, Bill - Draget Daily 10/7/52.  Brilliant panel work on this piece.  The 3rd panel is among my all time favorite panels.

Fabry, Glen - Vikings #1 page 13 - full splash.

Grell, Mike - Tarzan Primordial #2 splash.  Mike Grell doesn't get any better than this amazing piece.

Chaykin, Howard - Conan #83 page.  I finally found a Jungle girl page by Howard.  What can I say, it is a pretty lonely world as a Jungle girl fan:)   Also a great Red Sonja pin-up that I am told was published in a Marvel black and white magazine.

Mignola, Mike - Hellboy.  Not much else to say other than WOW.

Larrocca, Salvador - Heroes Return #1 page.

Sparling, Jack - House of Secrets #143 Cover.  Cool horror cover from one of the great comic pioneers.

Drake, Stan - Juliet Jones Daily 2/20/62.  Another piece I was drawn to by a single great panel.

Lago, Ray - small watercolor.  Beautiful art that is a total mystery to me. 

Waller, Reed - Omaha the Cat Dancer page.  No nudity but some great dialogue.

Norris, Paul - Flash Gordon daily from 10/22/83.

Phipp, Robb - Sheena and Rulah piece. 

Godwin, Frank - Rusty Riley from 10/26/55.  Nice last panel with Rusty, Patty and a horse.  First panel is also nice with 5 figures in a great dynamic group image that only someone like Godwin could pull off.

Sale, Tim - Catwoman When in Rome #2 page.

Gulacy, Paul - Marvel Comics Presents #75 - Shanna story.

Sienkiewicz, Bill - prelim for a movie poster.  Really nice multimedia piece.

Buscema, John - Savage Sword #12 page 9.  Alcala inks, brilliant first panel.

Buscema, John - Savage Sword #17 page 6.  Another great Alcala inked page.

Gan, Steve - pages 58 and 60 from Solmon Kane story in Savage Sword #13.

Harris, Ron - Star Trek Dailies from Nov 81.

Stelfreeze, Brian - Lily White illustration.  I really liked Brian's covers for Gun Candy and the Ride but they were gone and so this will hve to do as the theme is similar.

September 4th, 2005 Update. 

I have been fairly active collecting this month and the Toronto Comic con also added a fair number of new pieces to my collection.  In no particular order, here are the new ones for this month.

Finlay, Virgil - Amazing Stories illustration from January 1959  from "The Blonde from Space" by Henry Slesar.  Finlay is one of the great illustrators of the pulp magazines who also crossed over into comics for a short time.

Godwin, Frank - 2 nice illustrations from unknow publications.  1, 2.  In my humble opinion, Godwin was the finest illustrator to work in comic other than Frazetta. 

Tuazon, Noel - 2 nice children's illustration destined for my kid's bedroom.  Hopscotch and Whale.

VanBuren, Rae - nice Abbie and Slatts example from 4/8/47.  The first 2 panels are beautiful examples of VanBuren's illustrative technique.

Quitely, Frank - Transmetropolitan #6 Cover - after having met frank and having had a chance to see more of his work I had to get a nice representative piece by him.

Williamson, Al - Secret Agent Corrigan daily 4/18/74.  Fantastic last panel.

Cole, L.B. - Nice page from Wild Animals which I believe was likely a World Around Us feature.  Regardless, this has been one artist I have wanted to get a piece from for years.  The portrait in the last panel is as classic a Cole image as I can imagine. 

Nodell, Martin - Nice illustrative page from Classics Illustrated by the famous artist of Green Lantern.

Wunder, George - a fine Terry and Pirates daily from 7/31/57 featuring one of Wunder's beauties.

Perez, George - Logan's Run page from Perez's prime.  #2 page 26.

Lubbers, Bob - Cowgirl Romance #11 page 6.  Nice good girl art from the golden age.  Also Ranger #32 page 2 which features Firehair by Lubbers.

Guice, Butch - Dane pin-up.  I understand this was a pitch for a comic that didn't make it.  Also 2 pages from Olympus #1 (page 6 and page 20) as well as a pin-up of a cyclops.

Boring, Wayne - Davy Jones daily from 10/2/6?.

Sale, Tim - some nice panels on this page from Deathblow.  In particular the girl panel.

Debeck, Billy - strip art from Feb 5th, 1931.  Nice early example of this strip likely a Barney Google.

Elkin, Mac - nice EC page with a time machine!  Weird Fantasy #9 page!

Burrows, Faith - nice Flapper piece from 1928. 

Granov, Adi - pages from Iron man #2 page 9 and 12.  Adi has fantastic pencils which he applies after the inks as well.  His illustrations are beautiful in person and the best pieces of art on this series are the talking head pages.  Check out this panel and this panel.

Chaykin, Howard -  like I need more Chaykin art:)  I couldn't resist this large pin-up when I saw it.  I am sure I have seen it in print before but I can't place it.  Any help?

Hoover, Dave - Jungle girl piece from 1987.  This piece has special meaning to me as my wife gave this to me for my birthday without me knowing she was buying art.  This is the first time she has bought art and it will always have a special place with me.  I think she is finally given up hoping I will stop collecting:)

Webb, R.H. - Jumbo 162 page 6.  Some nice good girl panels at the bottom of this page.  Some nice early experimentation with lighting and other techniques on this page.

Kane, Gil - Savage Sword of Conan # 85 page 13.  Inks by Bulanadi.  Nice dynamic panel layout and classic Kane anatomy.

Frenz, Ron - Ka-zar #16 page 6 and Ka-zar #20 page 17.  The first is a fantastic Shanna and Ka-zar page and the second has a nice image of Shanna.  The second page is also my first experience with art that has been colored after it was used for production.  I think it came out well on this page but I am still not sure about the whole idea. 

Looney Tunes illustrations - 1, 2, 3, 4.  Two house ads and possibly 2 covers from Loony Tunes.  The two house ads feature many of the main characters from the series and these two will soon be up in the kid's bedroom as well.

Mannion, Steve - nice piece that Steve did with a Klimt theme.  I think their styles merged very nicely on this piece.

Moebius - Nice sketch inside a hardbound graphic novel.

3 various pages from Rangers Comics by Fiction House.  Issue #7 page 24 by Paul Isip featuring a potential injury to eye panel in this Glory Forbes story.  Issue #25 page 4 by Lily Renee from Senorita Rio storyline.  Issue 32 page 2 by Bob Lubbers in this Firehair story.

Alphona, Adrian - Runaways #2 page 13 and pages 11 and 15 from issue #3.  I like Adrian's line work and his unique approach to facial emotions. 

Roach, David - Star Trek NG Avalon Rising #1 page.  Beautiful inking in on this page, check out panel 2.  wow!

Gulacy, Paul - Shanna page from Marvel Comics Presents #77 page 13. 

unknown artist - Shanna pin-up.

Bachalo, Chris - Shade the Changing Man #11 page 21. 

unknown - Shanna story - unpublished.  Nice page, on the back Alan Weiss written.

Immomen, Stuart - Sojourn #7 page 9.  Fantastic work characteristic of Immomen.  Few people use lighting and shadows as well for dramatic effects.

Rival, Rico - 3 pages from a Jungle girl comic from the Philippines. 1, 2, 3.

Javinal, Frederico - 2 pages from a Jungle girl comic from the Philippines. 1, 2.

Mikesell, Nick - 3 jungle girl illustrations. 1, 2, 3.

Toronto Comic Convention Swag August 2005.  Below is the art I picked up at the show.  I was fortunate enough to find some really fine pieces at the show.  It was a 3 day show and I got to catch up with a lot of friends and acquaintances as well as having a chance to meet Frank Quitely and to see Josh Middleton again.
 Now for the art.

Land, Greg - 2 pages from Sojourn #33, pages 5 and 10.  Although Greg wasn't sketching, he did bring some art that was phenominal to see in person. 

Middleton, Joshua - probably the highlight for this con was getting a nice sketch from Josh.  He did the Branches character from Sky Between Branches and it is stunning.  I also picked up this cover piece that Josh had done for a promotional comic for the NBA that will soon be released.  I also recently got a Meridian page as a gift from a fellow fan and collector, Meridian #6 page 14 (thanks Aubrey!).

Jungle girl sketches from Frank Quitely, Dan Day, Yanick Paquette, Francis Manapul and Nick Postic.

Dragonlady sketches from Dale Eaglesham, Leonard Kirk and Mark Bagley.

Steward, Cam - catwoman head sketch.

Laird, Peter - sketch of the 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Miyazawa, Takeshi - Mary Jane sketch.

Injejikian, Azad - another Sammy sketch.  If you have not checked out his 4 issue image run of Sammy, you are missing a fun read.

Andrasofszky, Kalman - one of my favorite local artists.  I picked up a cover to Witchblade/Tombraider, 2 more I-Candy pages (14 and ?) as well as an I-Candy commision.

Adorjany, Attila - 2 concept pieces of female characters for a video game entitled Breathe.  1, 2.

Chiu, Bobby - an illustration artist who set up at the con.  Nice spacegirl sketch.

Wheaton, Ken - Phantom sketch by the current artist.  A gift for a friend.

Quitely, Frank - not really original art but a piece of interest.  This is the promo poster for Superman.  I asked Frank to deface it with a thought balloon and he signed it with both his pseudonym and his real name.

Day, Dan - last but certainly not least.  Local vetran artists Dan and Dave Day (brothers of Gene) set up at the con.  I was amazed to see Dan's work on Sherlock Holmes which was published over the years by 4 publishers but the majority through Calibre press.  His pen work reminds me of the Frank Godwin and other artists who took influence from Gibson and Flagg(thanks Doug for educating me on these pioneers).
I couldn't help my self, 10 pages from various books, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.  # 10 is probably the most amazing of the lot but each has its merits.

<>That is it for now.  I have a few pieces on the way right now so another update in a month.

August 1st, 2005 Update:

Eisner, Will - Spirit Sunday page from 1950, Oct 22nd.  Although no Spirit on this page, fantastic panels and everything that Eisner is famous for. 

Godwin, Frank - Book Illustration from The Book of Courage c.1929.  Also, a great Rusty Riley daily.  The middle panel is just brilliant.

Sickle, Noel - Scorchy Smith partial daily.

Caniff, Milton - a promotion piece done c.1968

Everett, Bill - Tales to Astonish #87 end page.  Great Subby page with pencils and inks by Bill. Twice up.

Serpieri - Beautiful Druuna pin-up.  Fantastic shading on the Druana character made famous in his graphic novels and in Heavy Metal Magazine.  Nudity Warning!

Jungle girls!  No update is complete without a few new Jungle girl images.  A nice R.H.Webb page from Fight comics #72 featuring Tigergirl, a Nyoka #41 splash with Nyoka tied up and a nice Sheena pin-up by Don Marquez.  Also, Bill Black redoing a Matt Baker Tiger girl page for AC comics and Nyoka Cover #2 from AC comics as well.  A 4 color separation production art to Pantera Biondi, an Italian Jungle girl from the 50's.   Rick Taylor also drew these 4 fantatic Jungle girl pin-ups 1, 2, 3, 4.  A 2 sided sketch page by an unknown artist, front and back.  

Finally, a cover from Newton Burcham who was once one of my favorite semi-pro artists and someone I considered a friend until he absconded with $700 of my money which I paid him for commissions in advance when he was down on his luck.  I still like his art but if anyone knows him, please ask him to do the right thing.

Biancarelli, Franck - great european artist I met on line.  Here are two great page from his graphic novels LE LIVRE DES DESTINS #1 and GALFALEK #2. Franck was also kind enough to agree to a Flash Gordon commission which is among the favorites I have gotten.

Stout, William - Tarzan color piece.

Jones, Jeff - Gorilla ink illustration.

Hsu, Peter - Quadrant painted cover!  You don't see a lot of art by Hsu around, let alone a cover.  This is a large piece of painted art from a series I remember well from my teens. 

Romita, John Sr. - blue line pencil romance page. 

Bilau, Anthony - Great painted Sci-fi cover.  Nice art by South American artist who I have been told died tragically at a young age just after breaking into comics.

Strip art update - Roy Crane Buz Sawyer 1953.  Framed so sorry for the lousy scan.  Leslie Turner Captain Easy 12/16/5?.  Matt Marriott strip c. 1960 by Tony Weare.  Russ Westover 1/5/29 Tillie strip in 2 pieces.  Fantastic Terry and Pirates Sunday by George Wunder 9/21/52.

Blondie 173 cover - unknown artist, possibly Fung. 

Estrada, Ric and Pablo Marcos - Amethyst Annual #1 page.  A comic from my first month of comic collecting.  I remember riding home on my bike with this comic trying my best to maintain the near mint status of this book for future riches:) 

Beachum, Mark - page from Penthouse comics Backlash story.  sketch on the back. Nudity warning!

Guay, Rebecca - Black Orchid pages. Issue #7 page 19, Issue #26 page 8, Issue #15 page 28.

Bourone, Marc - sketch.

Leonardi, Rick - cloak pencil sketch.

Heck, Don - Danger #11 page 1 splash.  Great classic comic art by one of the pioneers.

Dorian, Colleen - Distant Soil splash.

Green, Timothy - 2 more pages from Fraction #5 page 4 and 9

Hickey, Tom - golden age partial page from Black Cat comics.

Johnson, Lynn - calander art.

Newell, Eddy - Spiderman sketch.

Walthery - sketch in a graphic novel Natacha.

R.G.Taylor is a distinguished artist with a long history in comic books including his own series Wordsmith.  In addition Rick has worked for DC's Vertigo line and has worked on American Splendor among other books I don't recall.  I bought a large collection of art from Rick recently.  There are a number of nice pin-ups of Betty Page and other models below as well as 10 pages from Sandman Mystery Theatre.  The Betty Page pin ups were intended for a book that fell through due to licensing issues.
Betty Page pin-ups - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and the cover
Girl pin-ups (some nudity!) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Sandman Mystery Theatre #10 page 8, 10, 19, 20
Sandman Mystery Theatre #11 page 5, 12, 14
Sandman Mystery Theatre #12 page 12, 25, 28, 29 and 30.
Wordsmith covers - Color Wordsmith #2, #6, unknown, unknown2
Wordsmith pencil covers (finished art as published) a, b, c, d, e
Even easier, it can all be seen in the New R.G. Taylor Gallery

Kane, Gil - Tarzan sunday art for

3 Williamson/Frazetta Flash Gordon prints 1, 2, 3

May 4th, 2005 Update:

McKean, David - Black Orchid page.  Nice page in beautiful frame.  Already on hold for another collector.

Frazetta, Frank - Ace McCoy Daily.  Stunning inking with great figures and a nice girl panel.

Sienkiewicz, Bill - Shanna commission.  Bill did this piece at the Toronto Comic convention May 1st, 2005 for me.  It is easily in my top 5 favorite pieces of all time.  I will let the image speak for itself, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Sienkiewicz, Bill - Elektra sketch.  An Elektra Bill did at the con as well for me.

Green, Timothy - I got another package of art from my favorite new artist.  Here is the cover to Fraction #6 from DC, issue # 3 page 1 (chicken page) and two pages to a European graphic novel called TimeBrigade(Brigade Temporelle).  These are large pieces of art and the detail on them is crazy. page 6 and 16

Middleton, Josh - another of my favorites.  A nice Kidden Nixon sketch from NYX and pages to NYX #1 page 12, NYX #3 page 10 with a few panels of X-23 and NYX #4 page 6 with a cool flashback scene.  I like the technique Josh used in the NYX#4 pages, it has an Adam Warren feel to it.

Mignola, Mike - Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser #4 end page.  This is my favorite art by Mike, his style was newly formed and very fresh and exciting.

Granov, Adi - Original art for Marvel card to soon be published.  Nice example by this up and coming artist.

Andrasofsky, Kalman - Nice page from I-Candy #2.

Wright, David - Carol Day daily #2718.  Nice example from this brilliantly illustrated British daily.

Chantler, Scott - I caught up with Scott at this years Toronto comic convention.  I got a great illustration he did for a business postcard with a fun retro theme, a dragonlady sketch and a piece featuring characters from his graphic novel Days Like This.

Dragonlady sketches from the two Nicks(Postic and Marinkovich), Scott Chantler, Eric Kim, Greg Boychuk, Kalman Andrasofsky and Francis Manapol.  I am running out of local artists to get jungle girl sketches from so I have a few other themes going including the classic villianess of Terry and the Pirates. 

Keown, Dale - Sheena sketch.

Grummet, Tom - Jungle girl sketch.

Azad - Jungle girl sketch and a cool piece of Sammy down on his luck.  If you haven't read Sammy the Tourist yet, you are missing one great character.

Sim, Dave - Cerebus as Flash Gordon with backgrounds by Gerhard.  Fun sketch by one of the great comic book creators.

Mavlian, Vatche - I picked up a cool Sherlock Holmes page by Vatche and he sat down at the ACTOR booth long enough for me to get a Flash Gordon sketch from him.  This guy is among the best illustrators working in comics.

Mack, David - Elektra sketch.

Chen, Sean - Sheena head sketch.

Chaykin, Howard - Pin-up to American Flagg issue unknown.

McLeod, Keagan - Jungle girl sketch.

Craig, Wes - Sheena sketch.

Postic, Nick and Nick Marinkovich - Promotional piece for Underworld Movie adaptation.  They also did a stunning Dragonlady for me and an Underworld sketch for a friend in Europe.

Staton, Joe - E-man pin-up.  I am not sure where it was published but a great piece of one of my favorite books when I was growing up.

Mychaels, Marat - Demonslayer #1 cover. Inks by Robert Jones.  This is a bad ass cover.  It is a cover, it is bad and you can figure out the last one yourself.  It was one of those impulse purchases that when I opened the package I had to ask myself, "what were you thinking?" 

Bakerish? - 8 pages from Atomic Comics #2.  Art has a strong Matt Baker feel to it and he is know to have done other art is this book.  Beautiful splash and pages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 but the last page or two are missing.

Sink, John - 5 page romance story First Love #25.  Some of the most striking good girl art I own.  No wonder the boys were reading "girlie comics" :) page 2, 3, 4, 5.

Astarita, Rafael - Jan of the Jungle story page from Rangers #62.  Beautiful inks.

Mannion, Bill - Sea Goin' L'il pin-up

Gil, Armando with Mignola inks - Ka-zar #28 page 22. Shanna page.  Really corny page. 

Wunder, George - Terry and Pirates daily 9/16/49.  Nice early example of Wunder's long run on this series.  Beautiful girl art.

Hollingsworth, A. - Nice Scorchy Smith Daily 5/5/?

Bald, Ken - Judd Saxon Dialy 2/9/?

Torres, E.E. - Wrap around cover 1968 Phillipines comic.  18 girls!

April 2nd, 2005 Update

Gates, Art - Crash, Cork and Baron - Three Aces Story page from Speed Comics # 19 page 3. 1942.  Beautiful golden age art, the first panel is lush and there is some great "Ju Jitsu!" action.  Check out the pick-up line in panel 2.

Kaluta, Mike - girl sketch.

Kirby, Jack - Silver Surfer Graphic Novel page 18, inks by Sinnot.  No main characters, but some classic Kirby motifs and layouts with the decadent inks of Sinnot. 

Ingles, Graham - Planet Comics #25 page.  A girl, a hero and a monster, it doesn't get any more classic than this.  Close up of first panel, fantastic  detail.

Cho, Frank - Daredevil sketch.

Ushler, John - unknown (and possibly unpublished) war comic strip circa 1950.  Very cinematic layouts and great action.

Fox, Nathan - another commission by one of my favorite new artists.  Nathan certainly brought his style and sence of humor to my Jungle girl theme.  The back of the art had a decent prelim for another take on the commission, here is a scan.

Suydam, Arthur - Nice Swamp Thing page by Arthur.  It is a partial page, not sure if it was ever used in anything.  I was told it was a tryout piece by Arthur for the Swamp Thing series. 

Fox, Gil - 3 more Jeanie Dailies, Undated.  1, 2, 3.

Fastner & Larson - Jungle girl color piece.

Robbins, Trina - Leopard girl sketch.

Sienkiewicz, Bill - Early Batman con sketch.

March 2nd, 2005 Update

Jones, Jeff - I'M Age from 1981.  Nice example of this classic strip.  The art is quite large and breathtaking in person.

Unknown - Flash Gordon #2 cover 1952.  WOW!  Classic golden age Sci-Fi cover.  Not here yet but it is in the mail.  Anyone know who gets credit for the art on this one?

Helmers, Topper - Jungle girl sketch.  Nice addition to my theme collection

Eric Wolfe Hansen commission of Rulah and Sheena.  A great addition to my commission gallery.  There was also a color print of the piece that Eric did here!.

Coching, Francisco V. - Jungle girl page c. 1941 from Bahaghari magazine from the Phillipines.   Likely the oldest non-Fiction House Jungle girl.  Very lush work reminscent of Fosters early work on Tarzan.  Page has not aged well and has numerous condition problems as the scan shows but a key piece of jungle girl history.

Oeming, Michael Avon - Valkarie pin-up.  Nice dramatics in this piece.  Oeming is able to convey so much in posture and facial expressions. 

Keefer, Mel - Mac Divot daily 4/1/67.  I have seen very little art by this artist and the Dragnet daily i have by him is still the most impressive piece of strip art I own  Here Mel's attention to details and characterization are spotlighted.

Deodato, Mike - Elektra #13 page 7 - Action page featuring one of my favorite characters in one of the comic titles that I disliked the most.

Fox, Gil - Jeanie Daily 8/3/52 - Good girl daily strip by the king of good girls.  I have a few more of these coming.

Kamen, Jack - Haunt of Fear #2 6 page story.  Interesting story.  The Kamen attribution came from the dealer I bought the art from.  Certainly Iger shop and likely has some of Kamen's hand in there.  Nice good girl art and goofy story. Pages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

January 23rd, 2005 Update

Green II, Timothy - one of my favorite new artists.  I love the detail in his work that my scans are unable to convey. Fraction #3 cover(and color rough),  Fraction #3 page 20, Fraction #2 page 9, Synn #5 page and Heavy Metal Snake Charmer pages 1 and 9.

Powell, Bob - Jungle girl story from First Love #19.  Classical good girl art and melodrama.  page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Kelly, Ken - 4 sketches by the fantasy master.  #1, 2, 3 ,4

Zulli, Mike - Puma Blues #18 splash,#22 page 35 and #12 page 16 plus a nice sketch of Europa.

Webb, Robert - Another nice good girl page by the master.  Fight Comics #52.

Leonardi, Rick - Cloak and Dagger splash page from issue #14.

King, Frank - Partial sunday circa 1950's.

Enriquez, Rol - Jungle girl pin up.  Nice pin up with blue line pencils underneath.

Sparling, Jack - Wow!  Good Girl Hap Hopper Sunday!  July 5th, 1942.

Penn, Nick - two untitled dailies c. 1950? 5-9 and 9-9.

Tuska, George - Nice good girl Rangers Comics page, issue 19 page 42.

Wildey, Doug - The Saint Daily 10/10/?.

DeZuniga, Tony - Savage Tales from issue 9 featuring Shaana.

Iger Studios - two nice good girl pages from Secret Romances #13.  page 28 and 31.

Jones, Rob - Dick Giordanos assistant does a Sheena commission.

Keefer, Mel - Wambi #10 page by the E.C. great.

Perez, George - Avengers #193  page 22.

Celardo, John - Nice Kaanga and Anne page from Kaanga #18 page 6.

Astarita, Rafael - Jungle comics #46 original art.  More vintage Jungle girl art featuring Anne and Kaanga.

Spiegel, Dan - Terry and Pirates Daily featuring sharks and the Dragonlady. 

Baker, Matt - Glory Forbes page from Rangers #46.  What can I say,  I like good girl art and no one does it better.

Suydam, Arthur - Beeman illustration.  Nice characteristic work by Arthur on a interesting theme.

Bryant, A.S. - Champ Comics #20, 1942. page 34 and 35.  Very nice artwork for this era in Twinkle Twin storyline.

unknown - El Capitan story page from unknown comic (perhaps Hello Pal).

Berrill, Jack - Gil Thorpe Daily 27/8/67

Bald, Ken - Judd Saxon daily 28/10/60

Burles, Kent - Sheena/Irish McCalla commission.

December 2nd, 2004 Update

Caniff, Milton - Terry and Pirated Daily from 1936 featuring the Dragonlady in all 4 panels.  Nice blue ink wash on this one.
Mayo, Ralph - Camilla splash/title page from Jungle comics #148.
Plunkett, Sandy - Jungle girl commission redo.  Nice jungle girl image, recreation of a a well know piece.
Ayers, Dick - Sheena and Rulah commission.  Great golden age touch to my theme collection.
Jaffee, Al - Trade Paperback Cover with sketch on the back.
Williams, Kent - painted piece from Blood.
Hickey, Tom - Chamber of Chills #11 Single page feature.
Spinger, Frank - Dazzler #4 featuring Doom.  Bulanadi inks.
Elias, Lee - Mystery in Space #92 - nice silver age sci-fi page.  Twice up.
Webb, Robert - Fight #32 9 pages of a 10 page story featuring Rip Carson. page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10
             This story has some great good girl art, in particular the splash and on page 2 the execution scene.
Fabry, Glen - Global Frequency#3 (page 7)page showcasing Glen's talent.
Fisher, Seth -  Nice page from Flash:Time Flies #1 page 14.
Chaykin, Howard - I just can't stop loving his work.  Splash to Men of War #14.
Sienkiewicz, Bill - 2 pages from Hulk Magazine featuring Moon Knight.  #14 page 9 and #? page 7.
Phipps, Robb - Jungle girl sketch.
Buscema, John - Alcala inks on this great Ka-Zar #6 page 30.  (already gone in trade)
Kubert, Joe - Our Army at War #192 page 19.  Nice classic kubert layouts and pencils with inks by Jack Abel.  A pairing that I initially thought of as odd but they work out great together. 
Andru, Ross - Flash 180 splash and page 19 from the same issue.  Esposito inks of course. 
Finch, David - 4 pages from Ascension.  I have some previous art from this as well.  He put 2 pages on a single sheet of 11 x 17 comic art paper.  Featured in these pages is a splash and some girl art.
Bald, Ken - Dark Shadows Daily 9/29/71.  Nice image of Barnabus.
Heimdahl and Stoffel - Bugs Bunny daily strip from 7/10/71.  I don't know much about this particular genre but it is a fun strip.
O'Barr, James - Crow sketch.  Nicely executed and moody piece from 2004 titled Isolation.
Cooke, Tom - Drift Marlowe Daily, uncertain year.  Real cool layouts and blacks in first panel.
Lloyd, David - Nice wasteland page with art very similar to his V for Vendetta masterpiece.
Godwin, Frank - 2 nice Rusty Riley Sundays.  3/24/57 and 7/27/58.
Grell, Mike - a cool Sheena commission.
Baker, Matt - Fun and sexy 6 page Tugboat Tessie Story.  Despite it only being six pages, 2 pages are dedicated to Tessie's beautiful daugher stripping down to her underwear and swimming.  Lots of nice Baker girl and lingirie art.  Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.  Nice pencil sketch of skygirl on the back of the last page.
Hannon, Mark - Rear cover painting to 1985 Heavy Metal Magazine.(scan pending)

November 5th, 2004 Update
Grell, Mike - Green Arrow Long Bow Hunter Limited Series #3 pag 22-23.   Awesome and huge 2 page spread.  The first panel is an oil or acrylic painting that is pasted on the board.  The other colors are all watercolor or acylics.

Boyette, Pat - Cool Flash Gordon #15 cover from Charlton.  Classic Boyette art with a classic sci-fi theme.

Norris, Paul - cool Flash Gordon page from Four Color #204 page 34.  Cool golden age Flash Gordon art from this classic run.

Even more sci-fi with an Adam Strange page by Lee Elias from Mystery in Space #100.  Nice images of Adam and his jet pack.

Doran, Colleen - Distant Soil unused page. 

Martin, Heather - cool Sheena and Rulah commission in 3 pieces.  Inks, pencils and color.

Orsak, Joe - Jungle girl pin-up.

Iger Shop - Cowgirl Romance #7 4 page story.  One of the best Good Girl Art Stories I have seen!  Lots of the best classic headlights, suggestive scenes and a great catfight panel.  Ahhh, the good old days:)  page 2, 3 and 4.  Here is a close up of the middle 2 panels of page 2(cat fight and headlights).

Gotto, Ray - an Ozark Ike Sunday from Dec 21, 1947.  This was actually in my collection before traded away and than later sold to someone else.  It has now found its way home.  I think this was the first piece I let go of in my collection, before that I was one of those Black Hole collectors where nothing ever left.  This is one of the two pieces I most regretted parting with and so I am glad to have it back.

Stroman, Larry with Al Williamson inks.  2 pages from the Cloak and Dagger Graphic Novel.  page 1 and page 13.

Colletta, Vince two fantastic golden age pages by the most maligned inker of the silver age.  New Romance and Popular Romance.

Newell, Eddy - con painting/sketch.  

Lubbers, Bob - Tarzan Sunday 4/19/53.  This is a huge piece of art, took 9 scans pasted together to get this image.  Not a lot of Tarzan but some fantastic art none the less. 

Oct 20th, 2004 Update.   
A few new pieces this month. 

Adkins, Dan - Tales to Astonish #93 page.  Nice large art featuring Subby. 

Raymond, Alex - Rip Kirby daily from 3/10/53.  Melodramatics galore.

Lopresti, Aaron - Jungle girl pin-up.  Full color piece.

Fastner and Larson - convention style sketch.  Original line work is a copy, the coloring and shading is original. 

Reese, Ralph - 5 Flash Gordon Dailies.  Star Wars influence apparent. 

Bushmiller, Ernie - Fritzi Ritz Sunday.  Nice early example of this strip, 1941.  Fun gag and nice girl art. 

Certa, Joe - 5 Page Story with Atom Bomb Splash from Chamber of Chills.  page 2, 3, 4, 5

Whitman, Maurice - 3 page of Kaanga art from Kaanga 19 2nd and 3rd page.

Raboy, Mac - Flash Gordon Sunday.  (not here yet)

Nebres, Rudy - XL cover.

Mager, Gus -  Hawkshaw Sunday 6/27/37

Suydam, Arthur - Libby page from Penthouse comics #2.  (nudity warning)

Forte, John - South Seas Daily.  I am a sucker for these.  Nice girl art by one of the greats of the golden age.

Simon, Joe - Magic Man illustration on this page.

Ayers, Dick - Bee Man Illustrations on Letter pages from Double Dare #2, page 2

Sparling, Jack - Gladiator illustration from Double Dare #2

Complete color guide to Double Dare #2.

Kotsky, Alex - Apartment 3-G Sunday 11/4/6?.  I have had this one for a while but for some reason never scanned it before.  Nice 3 tier piece.

Andriola, Alfred - cool sketch piece of Lova Moore from Kerry Drake.

Aparo, Jim - Aquaman #41 end page.  Really cool Aparo art on this half page. 

Williamson, Al - nice jungle girl sketch and a second sketch with 2 girls.  Lastly the ultimate sci-fi print by Al.

Stanley, Hugh - unknown Deco British strip art. 

Robbins, Frank - cool page from Daredevil #155 with Springer inks.

Fox, Nathan - Daredevil and Elektra commission.  One of two commissions, the second is yet to come.  Nathans gritty style came out great on this piece.

Barry, Dan - Flash Gordon Daily 2/12/59.  Nice early Daily by one of comics greatest legends.

Evans, George - Senorita Rio page from Fight Comics#54.  Nice early art by one of the Golden age greats.

Foust, Mitch - another nice jungle girl piece by Mitch.

Anderson, Brent - 2 page splash to Ka-zar #11. 

Mahfood, Jim - page to Spiderman Tangled Webs #19 page 9.  Some really fun images on this page.

Baker, Matt - Rangers #46 Glory Forbes page by Matt Baker.

Godwin, Frank - 10 Rusty Riley Dailies from the top 2 or 3 illustrators ever to dabble in comics.
                Rusty 1  10/19
                Rusty 2   10/22
                Rusty 3   12/24
                Rusty 4   1/24
                Rusty 5   3/2
                Rusty 6   5/12
                Rusty 7   8/17
                Rusty 8   8/30
                Rusty 9   9/21
                Rusty 10   9/3

Miller, Ian - Swamp Thing Quest of the Elements Cover rough.  This piece is huge, larger than twice up art and detailed pencil and inks with a wash.  

Wunder, George - Three Terry and Pirate Dailies dated 11/7/70, 11/6/70, 11/5/70.

A few quick ones.
Byrnes, Gene - Fantastic Reg'lar Fellers Daily that blew me away.  I am a big fan of Pat McDonnell's Mutts and this piece made me look twice.  I am sure Pat must have drawn inspiration for his strip from this fantastic series. 

Johnson/Bulanadi - 2 Daredevil pages of no significance other than they were among the first comics I read as a kid.  Daredevil 198 page 22 and Daredevil 203 page 7.

Manapol, Francis  - Battle of the Planets cover preliminary. 

Lark, Michael - Con sketch of poison ivy. 

Flemming, Tom - Elektra detailed pencil sketch.

Chua, Ernie - Batman #269 page.  Nice Batman action page from 1975.

September  1st, 2004 Update - Toronto Con Additions.  Although no longer a comic con, I managed to pick up a few pieces at the convention this year.  I have started a new theme in addition to Jungle girls, I am also getting Flash Gordon and Dale as a commission theme.  After Mike Kaluta hit a home run with his sketch last time, I was inspired.  With that said, it was a hard choice deciding who to ask Adam Hughes to do, so I left it up to him. 

Hughes, Adam - Flash Gordon and Dale commission.  Adam was among the the nicest and most gracious artists I have met.  It was a pleasure to meet and deal with Allison as well.  By far the best part about the con was Adam Hughes and getting a sketch was just icing on the cake.

Kirk, Leonard - Flash Gordon and Dale commission.  Nice addition, even being relatively unfamiliar with the character, he captured a real golden age feel to it.

Eaglesham, Dale - Flash Gordon and Dale commission.  Another nicely done example.  I also managed to pick up a Daredevil splash from Dale.

McLeod, Kagan - Also did a Flash Gordon and Dale piece.  Well done but the Dragonlady he did last time for me is still my favorite.

Marinkovich, Nick and Nick Postic - Flash Gordon commission.  These guys are amazing and they did another fantastic job on this piece.  See recent updates for other work by them.

Lee, Andy -  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Ten fantastic painting of Flash and Dale by Zen master Andy.  The energy and flow in Andy's work is only surpassed by his ability to wield those calligraphy brushes effortlessly. 

Tuazon, Noel - a very nice Raymondesque Flash Gordon and Dale.  I love Noel's work and a nice guy to sit and talk with.

Deodato, Mike - Elektra commission.

Laird, Peter - Ninja Turtles sketch.

Stewart, Cameron - Catwoman head sketch.

Andrasofszky, Kalman and Janet Hetherington added to my Jungle girl collection.

Young, Skottie - Sheena commission in Skottie's unique style.

Morales, Rags - Hawkgirl pen sketch.

Repovski, Peter - Phantom pin-up,  Zendra unpublished pin-up and an inking exercise page.

That is it for the con.  Other pieces added in the last month.

Middleton, Joshua - NYX #1 splash.  One of my favorite comic images ever.  A near grail acquisition for me. 

Mack, David - Nice page to Daredevil #19.  David signed it at the con for me.

Montanta, Bob - Archie Sunday art.  I have been looking for an example since I traded away my last one.  Although a little later(1963), Montana never lost his touch.

Darrow, Geoff - Nice page from Heavy Metal.  It is huge and framed so the only image will be this poor digital pick.  Very detailed work and very impressive in its size.

Sienkiewicz, Bill - New Mutants #18 page 30.  Real nostalgia piece for me signed by both Bill and Chris Claremont. 

Chaykin, Howard - cool page from Batman.  Nice images of classic Chaykin girls and the Batman.

Hoffman, Mike - I picked up this cool 22 page sketchbook on ebay.  Take a look.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18,
19, 20, 21, 22

Materna, Frank - 3 cool Steve Roper Sundays. 16/8/98, 25/8/02, 14/3/99

Baker, Kyle - Page from Alice in Wonderland.  Neat interpretation of this classic tale.   Words are on an acetate overlay not show in the scan. 

Wood, Ashley - Spawn Blood and Shadows - sexy, splashy page featuring Ashley's unique style. 

LeBlanc, Andre - 2 pages from Phantom #23 by King Comics including the splash and page 3 of a 4 page story.

Coll, Charles - 2 Golden age pages from the Shadow #4 page 4 and #12 page 12.  The Shadow was not drawn on the original art but on vellum overlays.  This was done to give it a different look on the printed page.  I haven't owned any of these comics so I don't know how it worked out but cool Golden age art and comic art history.  page 4 without overlay and with overlay.

Young, Chic - Blondie Daily from 1957 about "making love".  Fun and innocent comic strip featuring one of the most enduring of all comic characters.

Mosley, Zack - 2 Smilin' Jack Dailies.  6/7/59 and 7/7/59

Mason, Rolfe - Brenda Breeze Sunday c. 1950.

Belfi, John - Golden Age Daredevil #33 page.  John was the inker but penciler unknown. 

Messmer, Otto - Felix the Cat original art from Felix the Cat #14 c. 1940.  Wow, original art by one of the great comic pioneers.  Felix is classic in the final panel but the action and fun on the rest of the page is equally as spectacular.

Sagendorf, Bud - Popeye splash from #14 1951.  Page features Popeye, Olive Oyl and Swee'Pea. 

Nordling, Klaus - Good girl art from a Kid Dixon story, unknown issue of National Comics.

August 3rd, 2004 Update.  A few new items.

Baker, Matt - 6 page Kayo Kirby story from Fight #54 by the kind of good girl art.   page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Peters, Michael - brilliant Sheena and Rulah commission.

Hollingsworth, A.C. - a Holly's Follies panel and a fun golden age piece.

Powell, Eric - 3 pages from a 9/11 tribute.  page 1, 2, 3

Bernet, Jordi - 2 new sketch pieces, page 1 and page 2 front and back

Leonardi, Rick - Daredevil 249 page 24, Williamson inks.  Cool page, also features some guy with big claws.

Weeks, Lee - Daredevil sketch

Holtz, Kyle - 3 pages of art from Destroyer, #7 page 3 and 5 and page 2 from issue 8.

Gallego, Blas - pencil jungle girl sketch.

Hybsier, Anna - Sheena and Rulah commission.  Nice color piece.

3 unknown golden age pages from Italian comic Luci Del Lunapark.  Great inkwashed art page 1, 2, 3

Middleton, Josh - NYX #1 page 19.   A surprise from a friend.  Nice page with Kiden.  Also, near grail piece coming by Josh soon issue #1 rave splash!

Ortiz, Jose - 2 cool pages from Vampirella #106 page 4 and 7.

Palumbo, Giuseppe - cool page from Sherlock Holmes from Martin Mystery Special 17.

Pratt, George - sketch inside Graphic novel.

Taylor, R.G.  - Tanya Roberts Sheena sketch

Hansen, Marc- Ralph Snart sketch.

Brigone, Willi - Frazetta sketch reinterpreted.

Kirchner, Paul - The BUS strip from Heavy Metal comics. 

Marsh, Jesse - Robin Hood Sunday 21/9/52

July 9th Update.  A very small update although some really nice and notable pieces.

Fox, Matt - Journey Into Mystery #102 page 5.  Larry Leiber pencils.  Groovy Sci-fi page from 1964. 

Infantino, Carmine - Flash Splash from Issue #303. 

Krenkel, Roy. G. - 2 sided sketch page.  I have a few other Krenkel pieces but this is my favorite by far.  Awesome.  back side.

Ivy, Christopher - great Sheena/Rulah pencil pin-up.

Maleev, Alex - 2 pages from Cloak and Dagger in Strange Tales.  Chris Ivy inks. page 9 and 11.

Johnson and Bulandi Daredevil #200 page 27.  My ongoing quest to putting the first comic I read continutes.  If you have any pages or know where they are, drop me a line. 

Mens Magazine Illustration by Bruce Minnie for Gothic Tales of Love, June 1975.  Drug Adventure Story. 

Pat McDonnell of Mutts original specialty piece.  It was done for Cartoon Artists Professional Society (CAPS) Fundraising Auction. 

Next update will hopefully be in August. 

June 24th Update. Mostly sketches from the Toronto Comic Convention.

Another amazing commission picked up from Alex Perkins.  Rulah.

Jungle girl sketches by Stuart Sayger, Azad, Nick Craine, Amanda Conner, Micheal T. Gilbert, Cary Nord, Ty Templeton and Willow Dawson.

Dragon Lady sketches from Kagan McLeod and Sean Ramsey.

Tintin by Chris Zdarsky as well as a page from Prison Funnies.

The Ultimate cons sketch by Mike Kaluta of Flash Gordon and Dale.

Cerebus by Dave Sim, one for me and one for a friend in Germany (Hi Thorsten!)

Horn, Greg - quick headshot of Elektra.

R.G. Taylor Tarzan and Jane piece for a friend in the US (Hi Aubrey)

Burles, Kent - 2 gaming illustrations of Sci-fi and Fantasy women.  1 and 2

Fowler, Tom - 2 illustrations.  One of Robot surgery and another city scape that reminded me of an Eisner cover.

Van Buren, Ray - a sunday(3/3/68) and a daily(29/11/67).

Andrasofsky, Kalman - 2 pages from I-Candy.  1 and 2.

Levins, Tim -