New Art

Warning Some Images contain Nudity!

New Art  April 6, 2023

I had thought the last update was big but this one is huge.  I had planned on updating sooner but I came into a big collection.  I did have to sell a good portion of it to pay for the rest of it but in the end I ended up owning some pretty cool pieces.  It has also been a very busy acquisition period with the estate of my late friend Bobby Murphy coming up to auction.  He had amassed an amazing strip art collection with a particular focus on our mutual favorite strip
, Terry and the Pirates by Milton Caniff.  I am happy to add pieces from his collection to mine and the knowledge of where they came from and the passion of the collector who owned them before me will not be lost on me. 

Kubert, Joe - Our Army at War #162 - Twice up cover featuring both Sgt. Rock and the Viking Prince!  Was there ever a more perfect Kubert cover?
Wood, Wally - Weird Science #9 8 page story 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. back of page 6 and 8 and Sally Forth 1972
Oksner, Bob - Showcase #77 cover - Angel and the Ape first appearance.
Wrightson, Bernie - Swamp Thing #10 page 12 - epic battle page with Arcane. 
Kirby, Jack - Fantastic Four #56 page 7.  Twice up Kirby with Joe Sinnot inking. 
Sienkiewicz, Bill - Moon Knight #15 page 27
Sim, Dave - Cerebus #69 page 16
Byrne, John - Fantastic Four #256 page 18
Goldberg, Stan - Chili #16 splash - twice up teen romance goodness and 3 page Kathy #2 story 1, 2, 3
Dani - page from Coffinbound #7, Black Beth and Arkham City #2
Gianni, Gary - Shadow page - beautiful inks and various techniques all in one piece.  Coils of Leviathon page.
Chaykin, Howard - American Flagg #3 page
Perez, George - Teen Titans #42 page 22.  Nice vintage page from a classic story line.  With color guide.
Baker, Matt - Jungle #156 page - reassembled from another story in Fight Comics.

Schwartz , Samm - Jughead #64 - four page story 1, 2, 3, 4
Unknown - Nyoka #42 page 10, 11 and 18.  Fun pages.
Walden, Tillie - Are You Listening? page 84
McCloud, Scott - waterdamaged Understanding Comics page 41 and 64.
Wildman, Andrew - Black Cat #2 page 2, X-Men Adventures #1 page 8, #5 pages 4 and 18,
Beezer, Steven - Trash City print art

Mann, Dilraj - illustration bought at Thought Bubble UK.  Tee-shirt/print design.

European Art
Baudoin, Edmond - page from Duex ou trois choses qui me sont inconnues

Frollo, Leone - Biancaneve #5 page 99, Mona Street illustrations 1 and 2.
Pratt, Hugo - Sandokan pages 2b and 28a
Jacovitti, Benito - Popjac one page gag from 1968
Loustal - La Sang des Voyans page and pencils
Marini, Enrico - Noir dedication Paris Nov 2022

Romance 1 page Advice - a smaller collecting theme for me.
Hickey, Tom - First Love #37 and First Love #42
Johnson, A - Popular Romance page
Avison, Al - True Love 19 page

Strip Art
Caniff, Milton - Terry and Pirates dailies galore!  11/26/34, 4/28/37, 6/4/37, 6/10/37, 5/10/39, 5/11/39, 6/7/39, 8/6/39, 6/28/40, 7/1/41, 4/19/44, 5/1/44, 6/26/45.
Terry and Pirates cut out stamps.
Herriman, George - The Dingbat Family Dec 14, 1911.  Published on Dec 14, 1911 and  Dec 16, 1911
King, Frank - Gasoline Alley 8/23/20 - nice pre-Skeezix car themed example
Godwin, Frank - Rusty Riley dailies 9/25/53 and 10/3/53 horse racing. 
Kirby, Jack - Skymasters daily 5/15/59
Davis, Jim - Garfield 5/25/79 - nice early example
Basset, Brian - Adam Sunday 11/4/90

Hettinger, Andy - Amos and Roach daily from 1912.
Montana, Bob - Archie daily 5/18/53 featuring Ronnie and Archie in the jalopy.

Bailey, Ray - Bruce Gentry daily 8/22/45 - good girl art by future assistant of Milton Caniff
McManus, Gio - Bringing Up Father daily circa 1919 and partial daily from the 20's. 
McWilliams, Alden - Dan Flagg 10/26/66 and Dateline Danger 2/20/69 and 2/21/69 and 2/22/69
Arriola, Gus - Gordo Sunday 6/12/?
Gately, Geo - Heathcliff daily 10/5/76 and Sunday 9/25/77.
Browne, Dik - Hi and Lois 1/12/71
Forrest, Hal - Tailspin Tommy 2061 - one I missed scanning before
Murphy, John Cullen - Prince Valiant Sunday 11/27/77
Bushmiller Society membership
Gray, Harold - Little Orphan Annie dailies 11/15/34 and 11/16/34

Illustration and Misc
Cole, Jack - inkwash art for Sept 1955 Gee-Whiz and later used again in Sept 1962 in Jest

Nagel, Patrick - illustration for Playboy After Dark 1978. 
Bob Murphy Art - art from my friend acquired from estate auction - Editorial cartoon and advertising strip.
Comic Buyers Guide covers - Terry and Pirates, Dragon Lady, Scorchy Smith, Wash Tubbs and Tailspin Tommy

Commissions -
Kaluta, Michael - a long over due but welcomed piece of Corto Maltese and the Dragon Lady.
Yokuri - Corto Maltese commission from a friend.

Anime and Manga related
Urasawa, Naoki - Asadora shikishi illustration done for Belgian publisher contest
Ghibli Studio - Kiki's Delivery Service cel
Ghibli Studio - Castle in the Sky cel
Ghibli Studio - Porco Rosso cel - one I have had for a while but added a painted background to.
Otomo Studio - Akira cel - I made my own painted background for this one.

A few things that came and went
Hogarth, Burne - Tarzan 3/12/44
Adams, Neal - Strange Adventures 208 page with a fun letter.
Kane, Gil - Captain Marvel #19 page 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14,
15, 17, 18, Captain Marvel #20 page 3 and 13, Giant Size Conan #4 page 2 and 19Green Lantern #11 page 25.
Buscema, John - Conan #54 page 26, Conan #55 page 17, Conan #58 page 17 and Savage Sword #96 page 29
Martin, Don - 12 page MAD sports story. 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12
Craig, Jim - Hands of the Dragon #1 cover and splash, Scorpion 3 cover, Wulf #3 cover, Wulf #4 cover and pages 1 and 2
Raymond, Alex - Jungle Jim Sunday 5/28/39
Kirby, Jack - Gladiator pencil illustration
Grummett, Tom - Superboy #67 cover.
Alcala, Alfredo - Swamp Thing illustration, likely with Rick Veitch

Chaykin, Howard - American Flagg Special page 19 and Black Kiss #11 page 10

New Art July 16, 2022
It has been a busy 6 months since my last update.  Some cool new things added to my collection.  I went to both TCAF and Heroes conventions since the last update.  Like my last update more of a European and manga focus with most of the rest of the attention going to comic strip art. 

Comic Art
Herge - Quick et Flupke page from 1930! 
Peyo - La Faim des Schtroumpfs page - unused - redrawn here. 
Gibrat, Jean-Pierre - Matteo T3 page by European superstar.  Hidden pencils under panel 4
Vance, William - Xiii page.  Finally...this one has been a long time coming.
Pratt, Hugo - Young Corto Maltese tier.
Crisse, Didier - Atlantis page
Andrea, Jean-Baptiste - Manie pin-up
Bolton, John - Black Dragon 2 page 18
Cho, Michael - 2 covers.  X-men Masterpiece #2 and Avengers Masterpiece #2
Golden, Michael - two pages from the Nam series.  #6 page 27 and #8 page 4.
Quitely, Frank - two consecutive pages from Authority #20.  Page 10 and 11.
Cho, Frank - Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #1 page
Springer, Frank - Dazzler #16 page 15 - fun, goofy 80's stuff from the team at Marvel.
Robbins, Frank - Human Fly unused cover
D'Armini, Simone - Adventure Time Cover.  Published.
Hughes, Adam - Betty and Veronica #2 page 21.
Mahfood, Jim - Tank Girl page
Bertam, Ian - House of Penance page
Weeks, Lee - some new scans of old art.  Daredevil #380 unused cover illustration and small headsketch.
Chancellor, Reed - Sad Religion back cover - punk rock icon biography
Krenkel, RG - ERB Land of Terror cover piece also an interior plate - Canaveral press. Published
Manning, Russ - Tarzan illustration unknown date but early.  Back.
Marsh, Jesse - Tarzan and the Forbidden City cover illustration and a plate illustration page 245. Published cover and illustration here.
Cady, Harrison - Happychaps from 1908 published in this.  As published
Panda, Chris - illustration - Neon Genesis. 
Stelfeeze, Brian - prelim page to Gun Candy 2

Dragunas, Joe - Dragon illustration and prelim and Knight illustration
Bence, Tyler - sketch page and back
Beezer, Steven - Horror sketch and Kaneda from Akira con sketch x 2.
Murphy, Bob - print of my friend Bob Murphy's hand coloring of copies of art he owned. 

Strip Art
Caniff, Milton - I am happy to add some dandy Terrys to my collection including the fifth one ever.  10/26/34, 4/22/35, 5/13/39 and 6/12/39, and a Dickie Dare strip from 11/1/33.  I also got my previous 3 Dickie Dare dailies that were glued together on one board back from restoration only to discover that they were panels reassembled from 5 different strips.  I am still trying to figure out what to do with these. Here is Dumb Dora strip the Caniff was the ghost artist on from 11/22/33 for Bill Dwyer.  Prints - Steve Canyon cast, Normandie Drake, Merrily Drake, Burma/Dragonlady, Pat Ryan, Terry, Connie, Flip Corkin, Dragon Lady with Handsmaid and sitting Miss LaceMiss Lace cards and this original that I think is a copy/homage to Caniff but possibly by Caniff's hand too. 
Sickles, Noel - Scorchy Smith dailies 5/28/36 and 11/7/36.
McWilliams, Alden - Twin Earths single panel daily 5/28/62, 2/20/69, 2/21/69 and 2/22/69.
King, Frank - Gasoline Alley dailies 25/2/22(single panel) and 7/31/29 plus a single panel tier from Aug 18, 1929 Sunday (published Sunday).
Gross, Milt -  - one of the big innovators of comic art
Foster, Hal - Tarzan panel from 2/10/35
Raymond, Alex - Rip Kirby Daily from 7/1/48
Prentice, John - nice Rip Kirby Daily from 3/22/58
Godwin, Frank - early Rusty Riley Dailies from 7/28/48 and 11/4/50.
Andriola, Alfred - Charlie Chan Daily 5/13/39.
Fisher, Ham - Joe Palooka daily 3/6/41 with boxing.
ary, Jim - King of the Royal Mounted daily 1/22/48
Boring, Wayne - Davy Jones Daily 11/22/70
Forrest, Hal - Tailspin Tommy Sunday 11/7/38
Taylor, R.W. - Million Dollar Kid Sunday 1913

Manga Art
Tezuka, Osamu - Cover to Shonen Club 1958
Ito, Junji - Tomie panel - this is an impossible item, I don't know of any other artwork by Ito in the wild.  Note written on back.
Mizuki, Shigeru - splash from Fantasy Romantic Cat Princess, back
Uchiyama, Mamoru - Burn Koshien splash and page 110 and 111, 122 and123 - Baseball themed.
Urano, Chikako - Attack No 1 page - girls volleyball theme.  Betsuma Magazine (Shueisha)
Hisamatsu, Fumio - Yatteran page - Time Gokan
Takai, Kenichiro - Minus Kid - Hitler Has Arrived! page
Morii, Oono - Kunitachi Monogatari page


New Art January 19, 2022

There are a few themes to this update, strip art, international art and Archie. 

Crepax, Guido - I can't get enough art by this Italian genius.  (Not work safe)
Manara, Milo - nice tier from Giuseppe Bergman story line. 
Munoz, Jose - Alack Sinner page
Breccia, Alberto - Viajero des Gris
Kearon, Ted - Archie Robot page Lion Magazine Sept 1965 (and another that has moved on already)
Blasco, Jesse - Steel Claw 3/9/66 Valiant comics and Return of the Steel Claw Valiant 104 1973.
Pratt, Hugo - Young Corto Maltese tier

Studio Ghibli - Porco Rosso cel featuring Gina and Curtis and another with Porco in his cockpit
Otomo, Katsuhiro - Akira douga with Kaneda on his bike.  Akira cel with Kaneda on his bike from same series. with douga (framed) and Tetsuo on throne.
Okazaki, Toshio - 2 painted pieces from early 1980's featuring mech warriors I know nothing about other than they are cool and kitsch.1 (published image) and 2  (published image)
Sailor Moon cel featuring Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Venus by Toei Animation
Mizuki, Shigeru - two pages from Oho No Otoko.  page 32 and 88
Yokohama, Mitsuteru - color page with strong Tezuka influence
Hisamatsu, Fumio Kaze No Fujimaru page  - cool Tezuka influence samurai page (published)
Hanazawa, Kengo - "I Am Hero" Shikishi

DeCarlo, Dan - Pep #159 5 page story from 1962.  pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. and 3 pages from Betty and Veronica Summer fun #13 3, 4, 5
Frese, George - Archie Giant #3 3 page story from 1956.  1, 2, 3.  Very distinctive style. 
Lucey, Harry - Archie Giant #30 page 3 from 1964, and Archie #114 page from 1960.
Montana, Bob - Archie Daily 7/26/52.
Moore, Tom - Archie #93 page 1, 2, 3 and Laugh 87 one page gag.
Schwartz, Samm - Jughead Annual #8 5 page story from 1960 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Archie's Pal Jughead 64 page 1, 2, 3 ,4.

Strip Art:

Herriman, George - Krazy Kat Sunday with a brick throwing gag 7/20/38
McDonnell, Patrick - Mutts daily 6/2/2000
Frazetta, Frank - Ace McCoy daily 1/22  I got this in trade for my other example of this. 
Trudeau, Garry - Doonesbury daily 9/1/97
Segar, E.C. Nice daily featuring the first chapter of a story and the first appearance of the Sea Hag.  The final panel is great.
Johnston, Lynn - For Better or Worse Daily 4/20/80, 6/17/92, Sunday 5/26/91
Myers, Russell - Broomhilda daily 3/6/79.
Gray, Clarence - Brick Bradford Sunday 2/20/53
Messick, Dale - Brenda Star cutout 1951
Hamlin,V.T. - Alley oop daily 10/19/38
Dumm, Edwina - Tippy Christmas sunday from Life Magazine 1930's.
Davis, Jim - Garfield Sunday 7/20/80.
Caniff, Milton - Terry and the Pirates Dailies from 6/18/37, 4/1/39, 4/30/46 and 5/27/36Steve Canyon promo piece.
prints of the Dragon Lady with her hand maids1, 2, Miss Lace 1, 2, Dragon Lady, Copper Calhoon, Grett Murmur, Herself Muldoon and a duplicate Steve Canyon
Sickles, Noel - Scorchy Smith partial daily 10/3/36
Stamm, Russell - Invisible Scarlet O'Neil daily 6/21/51

Buscema, John - Thor 231 page 2 - Hercules and Thor
Garcia-Lopez, Jose - Deadman #6 page
Williams, Louis - Daredevil 237 page 19. 
Miller, Chris - Alien Worlds #1 - Blackthorne 1986
Adams, Neal - Storm illustration
Steacy, Ken - Marvel Fanfare #22 splash
Brigman, June - Power Pack #17 cover

Rolston, Steve - The Escapist #9 page 10 - gift from comic writer Brian K Vaughan along with this signed print
Tommaso, Rich - Spyseal page and Dragon Lady commission

Here is something new for me.  Two sets of Disney animation pencils from Disney studios.  I like the energy these contain.  Mickey Mouse 1932 (from Nightmare) and Donald Duck 1934(from Orphan's Benefit)

New Art update September 13, 2021
So, 2021 is 2/3 over.  It is time for another update.  I have been trying to shrink my collection but it seems like a bit of a losing battle as I keep finding new art to add.  A few big items this time.  In fact, the two biggest single piece I have ever purchased.

Tezuka, Osamu - god of mang.  Here is an incredibly rare, 7 page story from 1959.  Akebono-san is the name of the story and it was published in Ribon Shojo manga under the Soyokaze-san series which began in 1955.  This might be the single most important art I have owned to date.  Page 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5 6, 7.  Also a tier from Metropolis trilogy manga circa 1950.  From Tezuka studio a few anime cels - Blackjack, Dororo and Princess Knight

Sticking with the manga/anime scene
Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli - cels from My Neighbor Totoro 1, 2 and Kiki's Delivery Service
Mizuki, Shigeru - Jigoku page and a GeGeGe no Kitaro anime cel.  Genga included 1 and 2
Watanabe, Masami - 2 great Urutoman A paintings/covers. 1, 2
Ozawa, Satoru - Alien Rock cover painted comic art.
Keimei, Sharyou - Samurai manga page.
Sera, Suruga - Ai No Renkinjutsu - 4 pages from hentai story with nice witch manga art before the story deteriorates.   2, 3, 4, 5

Kiuchi, Chizuko - manga page in the Shojo style influenced by Tezuka.Suisei no Yukue page 44
Sakabashira, Imiri - color illustration from Billiken gallery exhibtion May 2005. 
Yatate, Hajime/Sunrise Studio - Cowboy BeBop cel of Spike eating ramen.  Genga.
Triangle Studio - Lain, Serial Experiments cel and genga
Misc. cels - Aika cel 1, 2 and Yokio cel 1 and 2

Strip art
Foster, Harold - Prince Valiant Sunday 3/12/39 - great Sunday from early in this landmark series.
McCay Jr., Winsor - Little Nemo Revival 1937
Raymond, Alex - great Rip Kirby with Pagan Lee and the Mangler from 8/30/46
Caniff, Milton - Terry and Pirates daily 7/17/46 - art on back  and 7/1/39 and my favorite story line.
Dirks, Rudolph - Captain and the Kids Sunday 8/22/43  attached to Hawkshaw below
Mager, Gus - Hawkshaw Detective Sunday 8/22/43  attached to Captain and the Kids.
McLusky, John - James Bond Dailies - 116, 118, 381, 390.
Infantino, Carmine - Batman daily 1/15/91
Wunder, George - large Dragon Lady illustration
 Davis, Jim   Garfield Daily 1/4/79 - early Garfield from the first year of the strip.  I really like the earlier renditions of Garfield when he was fatter and walked on all fours.  I know many of my comic art friends roll their eyes at these but there is no denying the success of this strip. 

Chaykin, Howard - Black Kiss #6 cover.  Cool,black and white cover from one of the most innovative barrier breaking comics of its time. 
Barbucci, Alessandro - Sky-Doll cover.  This image was used as a cover for several versions of this comic as well as for a print. In print for Image comics
Green, Randy - Witchblade #31 splash.  I know, I know....not what I'd usually buy. 
Kane, Gil - Green Lantern #23 page 14 - fun DC Silver Age goodness. 
Infantino, Carmine - pages 24 and 25 from Mystery in Space #90.  The bottom panel on page 24 is similar to the published cover image.  Murphy Anderson inks. 
Mignola, Mike - Cosmic Odyssey #1 page.  Some nice images of the Batman.
Mooney, Jim - Superboy 1, 1990 TV series comic page.  Ty Templeton inks.
Hanselman, Simon - Megg, Mogg and Owl page from 2015 Megg and Mogg in Amsterdam. 
Varenne, Alex - Erma Jaguar page
Baldazzini, Roberto - Dragon Lady and Corto Maltese commission.  Prelims 1, 2, 3, 4.

Ditko, Steve - prelims for Aarghhaa 1, 2, The Cape 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6 and Miss Eerie 1, ,2 ,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.  Produced in 2011 for his comic A. 

New Art  Update April 25, 2021

Here is my first update for 2021.  Since I am trying to cut down on new purchases (failing at that miserably), it is a bit smaller an update but some fun new pieces.  This update shows how much my focus on collecting has shifted towards strip art and European artists.  I also did an interview with Bill Cox on Comicartfans Live.  Link is here to youtube

Chaykin, Howard - Black Kiss #6 cover (as printed)

Shimizu, Yuko - cover to the Red Threads of  Fortune (published).

Toth, Alex - Terry and Pirates Portfolio piece 4 or 4.  Dragon Lady Press.

Martin, Don - another fun one pager from MAD #198 from 1978....peak era MAD.  (with overlays)

Calafiore, John - Akira pin up for Anime Invasion (as published)

Schwartz, Sam - Archie Pals and Gals #14 - 8 page story 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8  (looks like Vigoda to me)

Vigoda, Bill -  Archie #111 - 6 page story 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Brinkley, Nel - pioneering female artist from early 1900's - 2 illustrations - other

Erte - Madame Butterfly costume design 1923.  Back of art.

Hernandez, Jaime - Penny Century page - NWS - Nudity

Strip Art -
Gottfredson, Floyd - Mickey Mouse daily 11/20/37  - restored/conserved (see before/after here).
Montana, Bob - Archie 7/26/48 - restored/conserved (see before and after here).  This is not a new piece for me but afer restoration, I am very happy it will be safe for many more decades to come. 
Goldberg, Rube - early Goldberg Machine daily
Godwin, Frank - a big update for me.  Some key new pieces.  Connie Sudnay from 10/4/36, Roy Power Eagle Scouts daily from 1938 and 4 swell Rusty Riley dailies from the Haunted Castle story line.  11/20/56, 11/21/56, 11/22/56 and 11/23/56.
Raymond, Alex - Rip Kirby Daily 6/13/49.  Nice Pagan Lee images.
Caniff, Milton - Terry and Pirates  1/11/39, 2/15/39, 5/26/39, 6/10/42.  Clearly I have a problem, I can't so not to a good Terry, especially from 1939.  There are some really spectacular ones in this lot.  Here is an uncolored Miss Lace print.
Outcault, Richard - Buster Brown Sunday - fun medical theme.
Murphy, John Cullen - two nice boxing dailies 2/23/59 and 3/19/59.
McManus, Geo - Bringing Up Father daily 6/16/43
Young, Chic - Dumb Dora 10/12/28 - before there was Blondie, there was this Flapper themed series
Fung, Paul - Dumb Dora 2/27/31 - Paul Fung took over this strip after Chic Young moved on to create Blondie.
Momand, Pop - Keeping Up with the Joneses
Orr, Carey - Kernel Cootie daily 11/1/21
Schmidt, Charles - Radio Patrol Sunday 8/20/59
Branner, Martin - two nice, early Winnie Winkle the Breadwinner dailies 12/5/24 and 3/27/21.
Voight, Charles - Petey Dink daily 1908
Dumm, Edwina - two fun Cap Stubbs and Tippie dailies 8/4/32 and 29/12/26
Westover, Russ - Tillie the Toiler daily 1928 no month/day - perhaps a specialty piece.
Ratcliff, Ernest - Lindy Daily 1953
Norris, Paul - Jungle Jim hand colored and personalized print

European art
Toppi, Sergio - Flash Gordon homage and the art for a portfolio about the
Battle of Tuotoberg Forest
Frollo, Leone - Naga page NWS
Pratt, Hugo - L'Ombre page and another Sgt. Kirk page
Magnus - page from I Briganti with some art on the back
Sire, Denis - Lisa Bay page 2 NWS
Serpieri, Paolo - Druuna hand painted color guide to a page I own the art for. 
Minus, Walter - fantastic Dragon Lady commission with 3 prelims included 1 ,2 ,3
Cirovic, Slavisa - 2 fun cover prelims -  a cheeky Franco-Belgian homage and European cowboys

New Art as of December 7th, 2020

It has been a
really great year for my collection.  In addition to my previous update, this one has lots of goodies that meet many of my collecting goals.  Without a doubt, the pandemic has been bad for travel but good for comic art. 

Where to start?... Let me start with Caniff again.  This has been a huge Caniff year for me starting with the Male Call daily I posted in my last update. But before Caniff, a commission inspired by a Caniff print.

Manara, Milo - large Dragon Lady Homage colored art.  This was a once in a lifetime experience and opportunity.  Prelim

Caniff, Milton - Dickie Dare Sept 14-16, 1933.  Terry and the Pirates 4/10/37, 10/12/38(great Burma), 1/10/39 and a spectacular Dragon Lady kissing one from 9/29/39.  In addition, a few another Steve Canyon print that was cropped but came with a letter landed in my collection.  Also, another Dragon Lady which is the first I have seen in this midsize format. 

Pratt, Hugo - hugely influenced by Caniff was Pratt.  Here are two Sgt Kirk pages (1 and 2) from the mid 50's and L'Ombre page from 1964 (colored on back and as published). 

Meynet, Felix - a Dragon Lady and Corto Maltese commission with prelim

Gerhard - Corto Maltese commission with prelim

Outcault, Richard - two Buster Browns from 1/2/10 and another from 1912 with a hanging/suicide gag.  Also, a nice illustration for Judge Magazine from 1900.

Strip Art
Calkins, Dick - Buck Rogers 1935
McManus, George - Mismatched Rosie Beau Topper from 10/9/38 and the Bringing Up Father bottom from 4/16/44
Salinas, Jose - Cisco Kid 9/28/57
Gould, Chester - Dick Tracy10/22/32 - from first few weeks of the second year.  Last panel used for collectible cardsFrame is pretty impressive and includes some vintage toys
Merkle, George - Hy Score FBI Agent Sunday 4/5/42.
Davis, Jim - Garfield 8/31/79
Smith, Sidney - Gumps Daily 12/31/25
Mazure, Georges - Jacqueline Daily 1960 - Dutch
Jordan, Sydney - Jeff Hawke daily H6821
Raymond, Alex - Rip Kirby 1/27/49 - lots of Raymond girls.
Fisher, Ham - Joe Palooka Sunday 2/23/41
Godwin, Frank - Rusty Riley Daily 7/18/55

Boucq, Francois - Bouncer #7 page 29 with great vistas, Bouncer, his horse, his dog  and a girl.

Cossu, Ugolino - Glamour book Illustration 1980's.  Italian comic art magazine.

Gibrat, Jean Pierre - Jeanne and Francois from Flight of the Raven and a Cecile illustration.  The Cecile was traded to a friend who introduced me to Gibrat's work. 

Mancini, Piero - Cover to Italian comic by this great artist with influences from Dino Battaglia.  As published.

Ravard, Francois - great looking Nestor Burma page. 

Pichard, Georges - Kama Sutra page (Nudity warning, NWS) 

Royo, Luis - The Philosophers Gone - F

Serpieri, Paolo - First nations illustration

Dodson, Terry - page to Songes II

Mayo, Gonzalo - Vampirella #54 page - I have owned this before. 

Leon, John Paul - DMZ #42 cover (as published)

Peters, H.G. - Wonder Woman tier from the early 1940's.

DelRey, Vanessa - pages 9 and 10 from Daredevil Annual and a page from Constantine

Johnson, Daniel Warren - Akira commission with thumbnail.

Canette, Eric - Spiral illustration

Middleton, Josh - Scarlett Witch and Dazzler illustrations (both traded to a friend)

Frey, Oliver - Capcon's Street Fighter II Official Sticker Book art 1992 62-65, 86- 89, 150-155 and 161 -164

Momiko, Peach - Alita illustration

Mahfood, Jim - Neon Genesis Evangelion commission

Vigoda, Bill - Betty and Veronica Annual #6 1959. 

Stanleigh, Mark - Corto Maltese drawing - local artist

Kaluta, Mike - Corto Maltese and Dragon Lady commission - done but not shipped yet

New Art as of August 1st 2020

It has been a fantastic few months for collecting despite Covid.  Many trades and deals came through and I am happy to be adding some swell art to my collection.  At the same time, I have been downsizing so many pieces leaving my collection which has help fund most of the new pieces.  I last updated in February, pre-pandemic...how the world has changed in these past few months. 

Caniff, Milton - I now own a Male Call daily and not just any Male Call, but THE Male Call.  This will be my biggest piece for the year (I can't imaging anything bigger).  In addition I have added Terry and Pirates dailies from 12/5/35, 12/14/35, 8/19/36 and 10/9/41 (Death of Raven Sherman sequence).  Also, two neat specialty drawings of Delta and Happy Easter from 1946.  I also came across this rather strange tribute piece reverse painted on plexiglass. 

Leonardi, Rick - Cloak and Dagger #6 Cover - colored.  Normally I don't care for had colored art but this piece was so striking, I am happy with the colors (even though different from the red color used on the printed cover).  Austin inks and signed by everyone.

Addams, Charles - Dracula and Castle Illustration done for Interior Design Magazine 1982.  As publishedOut of frame

Ferris, Emil - Warm and charming illustration for the second volume of My Favorite Thing is Monsters.

Rackham, Arthur - illustration for The Vicar of Wakefield.  Out of mat. Varies from published piece. 

Flagg, James Montgomery - The Shameful Confession

Prohias, Antonio - MAD #67 Spy vs. Spy - nice early example from 1961.  It comes from the Gaines estate.

Martin, Don - MAD Magazine #242 one page gag. With overlays in place. 

Montana, Bob - Pep #32 splash page, 1942.  This is from the first year of Archie by its creator.  A rare page.  Also, a daily from 7/26/48

Crepax, Guido - Valentina splash from Reflections.  Published in English in Heavy Metal Magazine Dec 1980. 

Berkey, John - Painting done for commercial project. I have always admired his space ships but this was such a nice one and I liked the dynamic imagery. 

Kane, Gil - Green Lantern #23 page - nice, campy 60's twice up DC art.

Marsh, Jesse - Tarzan from Four Color #161, 1947.

Breccia, Alberto - it seems no year is complete without some new Breccia art.  Here is page 1 from Nadie #4.  As published.

Blasquez, Joaquim - Vampirella # 48 story.  Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Del Castillo, Arturo - Indians page masterfully done. 

Woggon, Bill - Katy Keen Summer Fun #7 page.  Jungle girl Katy. 

Strip Art: 
Murphy, John Cullen - Big Ben Bolt daily 3/17/59 - nice boxing action
Calkin, Dick - Buck Rogers daily
McWilliams, Alden - Dan Flagg daily 6/12/63 - ghosting for Don Sherwood
Thornton, John - Flamingo Daily 1/12 and 3/12
Davis, Jim - Garfield Sunday 1/25/81. 
Gould, Chester - Girlfriends Daily 1920's
Smith, Sydney - The Gumps daily 3/6/35
Webb, RH - Hawk dailies 35 and 36.
Forton, G/Shull - He-Man dailies 1 and 2 got for a gift for a friend.
Weare, Tony - 2 first dailies in storys from Matt Marriot 1 and 2.
Starr, Leonard - On Stage daily 6/6/59
Grace, Bud - Piranha Club Sunday 2017
Crane, Roy - Wash Tubbs daily 11/11/47
Wilhelm, Jack - Frank Merriwell School Days

Vess, Charles - creepy pencil illustration
Baxa - Dungeons and Dragons original art from Dragon Magazine.  Beholder and Eye of the Deep. published 1 and 2.
Beezer, Steven - Trash City and St. George pin-ups used for banners at C2E2

King Features 1949 Card Set - perhaps used in Mutoscope machines.  1, 2, 3, 4

King Feature Puzzles 1, 2, 3.

New Art Update Feb 17, 2020

A quick update.  the 2020's are off to a good start.  Only a few pieces so far but some notable ones.

Sienkiewicz, Bill - New Mutants #18 page 25.  My favorite demon bear page making it my favorite New Mutants page from bill's entire run.  Obtained in a 3 way trade deal with to SoCal collectors.

Forest, Jean-Claude - a page from the first Barbarella story line.  A rare gem from a series to which iconic and legendary don't do it justice. 

Hermann - Jermiah page from T16.  This is an artist I have had trouble finding a page that really spoke to me, and now it is here after years of searching.

Morrison, Bill - Cover art to 4 collectors covers for TV Guide 1998 of the Simpsons. 

Lucey, Harry - Archie 82 - two page story with lots of Betty and Veronica.  Page 1 and 2.

New Art Update Jan 2, 2020

Trying to start the decade off on the right foot with updates.  It has been 4 months and a very busy 4 months with a few art trips that have added many new pieces to my collection.  Here goes.

Breccia, Alberto - one of uncontested geniuses to have ever put pen, ink, collage, razor blades and everything else to paper.  Pages 75 ,95 and 96 from Perramus, a Mort Cinder page from the penitentiary story, a page from Agente Nessuno and Nadie #6. Nadie as published

Manara, Milo - a nostalgic page from the second Guiseppe Bergman story.

Darrow, Geof - splash page from Hard Boiled

Lloyd, David - page from V for Vendetta and color guide.

Campbell, Eddie - page from From Hell #5 page 24

Vess, Charles - Pin-up from Marvel Fanfare of the Blackbolt and Medusa

Byrne, John - Hulk illustration...it looks to finished to be unpublished.

Pratt, Hugo - great looking Sgt. Kirk page with a cool inked drawing of a witch on the back.

Smith, Barry Windsor - early Kull the Destroyer page - predates Conan work.

Eisner, Will - page from A Life Force

Battaglia, Dino - 4 page story from the longer story of Italy's most famous saint.  1, 2, 3, 4.  Pages are colored on the back 1,2,3,4 so when held up the light they look like this 1, 2., 3, 4

Dragunas, Joe - Joe surprised me with this piece as a gift for my annual art collectors gathering.

Kane, Gil - fun page from Marvel Team-ups #6 with lots of Spidey!  Inks by Estrada.

Matthieu, Marc-Antoine - great graphic page from the Julies Corentin epic. Included a copy of the pencils

Nizzoli, Marco - fun commission of Kaneda and his bike picked up in person at Lucca comic con, Italy. A small dedication too.

Caniff, Milton - large Poteet Canyon chalk talk drawing from 1954 with a newspaper clipping of Caniff's visit to the OSU chapter of Sigma Chi and the drawing given to the then chapter president.  A few new hand colored and dedicated prints. Miss Lace 1, 2, Terry, Terry Cast, Christmas, Burma, vintage Dragon Lady and Pat Ryan and the girls.  Also, a cool postcard from the Quaker Oats Giveaway from 1946. 

Bolton, John - page from Sandman Desire - Winter's Edge.

Sienkiewicz, Bill - New Mutants War Child corner box art.

Bati - Nice illustration and dedication picked up at a gallery in Paris.

Darcy, Dame - 5 page Meat Cakes story 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Del Castillo, Arturo - Kraken pages from Lanciostory 1, 3, 6 and 8.

Magnus - Alan Ford #64 page 106 and Necron #8 page 50.  (Nudity warning)

Mannelli, Ricardo - Nude illustration.

Redondo, Nestor - 2 great Rex Sampson pages by the Filipino master. 1, 2

Roi, Corrado - 2 creepy and excellently executed page from UT.  Pages 32 and 35

Duronona, Leo  - Vampirella #78 page

Rubino, Antonio - Pippotto e Barbabucco page from 1920.

Liberatore, Tanino - 2 Ranxerox illustrations.  1, 2

Roach, David - 2000 AD page

Powell, Bob - True Love #15 stand alone one page advice column story.

Webb, Robert - Sheena #5 page 7

DeCarlo, Dan - Pep 129 page 18

Lucey, Harry - Archie Pal's and Gals #18 6 page story (1961) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Parent, Dan - Betty through the ages with homages to Bob Montana, Dan DeCarlo, Stan Goldberg and Dan's own style.

Ruiz, Fernando - Veronica through the ages with homages to Bob Montana, Bill Vigoda, Dan DeCarlo and his own style.

Raleigh, Henry Patrick - 2 illustration.  Harper's Bazaar 1924 and 1920 unknown.

Dedie, Joe - Dedication in Collecting Sticks and collectible stick.  Thought Bubble 2019.

Foxley, Constance - 2 illustrations from Books for Bairns 1900, Snow Queen story.  Color and pen and ink

Jenner - unknown Children's book illustration advert. 

Martin, James - Claire Danes as Juliet commission.

Severin, Alec - Franco-Belgian comics tribute commission and a sketch of Harry

Munoz, Jose - Corto Maltese dedication.  Lucca 2019.

Comic Strips
McManus, George - Bringing Up Father 8/16/21 and 1/20/44.
Messmer, Otto - Felix the Cat daily 5/21/37.
Lubbers, Bob - Long Same 11/24/54, 11/26/54, Tarzan 3912 and 3982.
Oksner, Bob - Soozie Daily 4/8/67.
Goldberg, Rube - That's Life daily 11/20/30
Leiber, Larry - Spiderman Dailies 8/10/87 and 2/27/87.
Byrnes, Gene - Reg'lar Fellers colored partial Sunday 1/1/24.

ART UPDATE Aug 6, 2019

More than another half year since I updated last.  A number of new additions including some rather important pieces to me.

McCay, Winsor - 3 Rarebit Fiends dating from Feb 22, 1905, 1907 and March 4, 1909.  All are quite different and impressive for quite different reasons. 

Ware, Chris - finally, a Building Stories page from Oak Park Newspaper.  Everything I want in a Ware.

Smith, Dan - a nice, large illustration done for "Helen in Search of a Charming Prince." Illustration for the series "Love Through the Ages" by Smith, published in The Atlanta Constitution, March 26, 1933.

Flagg, James Montgomery - Liberty Magazine illustration 4/12/30.

Gruger, Frederic - nice illustration for Agatha Christie feature in the Saturday Evening Post. 

Jones, Jeffrey - early zombie/Frankenstein art by Jeffrey circa 1972.  The previous owner picked it up for $20 directly from the artist in 1970 at a convention in Toronto. 

Breccia, Alberto - those that know me know I can talk endlessly on Breccia.  Happy to add 4 new pages from his early prime period although perhap not his most experimental works.  Pages 6 and 8 from Acqua Contro Uranio published in Corriere dei Piccoli 1971(hand colored on the back(6, 8) to produce this image when held up to the light page 6 and 8) and pages 3 and 8 from Nadie Agent Nessuno 1978. 

Woverton, Basil - Wolvertoons illustration page 59. "MASTICATOR FOR BRASH BOLTER......AND MORE".  On the back is written "I don't intend to get heartburn".  Unsigned but unmistakably Basil.

Sandoval, Tony - I met Tony in person at Angouleme in 2019 although I had been a fan of his work for years.  I got this dedication and this led to some correspondence that resulted in these pages.  From Futura Nostalgia #2 pages 14, 18 and 41 and from Mille Tempetes page 4, a watercolor page and 2 illustrations First Kiss and Poetry
Herriman, George - Archy Does His Part page.

Steacy, Ken - wrap around cover for the Sacred and Profane trade published in 1987 by Eclipse with pencil prelim.  Speaking of Ken Steacy, here is a nice 80's girl with sunglasses and a parody piece of a Super Agent Dawn Pharoah of H.A.C.K.  Also, Fantastic Fear 4 page story where we learn of the true inspiration for the Fantastic Four. Page 1, 2, 3, 4.  An unexpected piece referencing the Sacred and Profane with a fun note on the back.  A super hero by Steacy and two colore pages 1 and 2 from other projects.  Lastly, Ken having a bit of fun with Steranko

Manara, Milo - small dedication in his newest pin-up book.  This is a souvenir of a studio visit and lunch with Manara just before Angouleme this year.  A lot more to the story and circumstances but that is for another time. 

Maroto, Estoban - 3 more pieces by favorite Spanish artist.  1984 Magazine #3 pages 25 and 28 and a Conan book illustration

DeCarlo, Dan - Jetta of the 21st Century #7 splash. 1953!

Lucey, Harry - Archie Joke Book #46 gag page. 

Auraleon - Vampirella 95 page.

Nicholas, Charles - Charlton Romance page.

Sutton, Ronn - The Bird Lady page 1 1973. Written by Jeffrey Morgan

Bergara, Mathias - Dragon Lady and Corto Maltese Commission.

Caniff, Milton - no update is an update without some Caniff.  First up is a large "Chalk Talk" illustration of Poteet that was done Caniff's old fraternity and given to the then Chapter President.  His family contacted me after his passing and the piece now has a new home where it will be well cared for.  3 more common Dragon Lady prints 1, 2, 3 although the second two are large format and my first of that size and then a very rare, early, small format Dragon Lady that cost a small fortune.  Two of them came with letters 1 and 2.  Also, prints of Merrily Sandhurst and Princess SnowflowerTerry and Pirates Christmas daily from 1940 for sale on behalf of a friend.

Strip Art - this is a large part of the update.
Davis, Phil - Mandrake Daily 6/6/38.  Nice daily with Mandrake, Lothar and a magic trick.
McWilliams, Alden - Davy Jones Dailies 4/19/62, 4/20/62, 4/21/62, 7/14/62, 7/16/62, 7/18/62 and Twin Earths Sunday 8/19/56.
Kilgore, Al - Bullwinkle Dailies featuring Bullwinkle, Rocky, Natasha and Boris 9/8/64 and 9/11/64
Starr, Leonard - On Stage daily 2/22/66.
Lynde, Stan - Rick O'Shay Sunday 7/26/59.
Godwin, Frank - Rusty Riley Sunday 9/21/58.
Good, Edmund - Tarzan Daily 2416.  7 try out dailes for Knight Rangers trailer, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6., and a partial piece.
Holdaway, Jim - Modesty Blaise Daily 1353.
Bushmiller, Ernie - Nancy Dailies 10/11/46 and 10/12/46.  A Fritzi Ritz Sunday I have had for a while but missed posting 5/8/41.
Gray, Harold - Little Orphan Annie Daily 7/26/58.
Mavlian, Vatche - page 89 and unused page from Phantom. 

Dahm, Evan - page 29, 239 and 243 to Island Book which was premiered at TCAF this year where I got a nice dedication from him in the book.
Morgan, Jeffrey - 3 pages of Johnny Slaughter from Vortex Magazine.  1, 2, 3
Baudoin, Edmund -  Salade Niçoise - La Promenade des Anglais p24
Neuray, Olivier - Nuit Blanche page
Hino, Hidashi - Spotted Egg page 5.
Kago, Shintaro - splash.

Dedication: I went to Angouleme and TCAF so far this year for conventions.  A few dedications. 
Vianello, Lele - Corto Maltese dedication - Angouleme. 
Sandoval, Tony - Dedication in Futura Nostalgia - Angouleme
Thompson, Craig - Blankets dedication at TCAF.
Jason - dedication in Almost Silent - TCAF
Kirchner, Paul - dedication in the BUS - TCAF
Stan Lee - sketch and signature from 1974 with Jerry DeFuccio and Michele Urry (MAD and Playboy)
Kaluta, Michael and Wrightson, Bernie - 1975 sketch "The Windsock's Nightmare"
Carmona, Williams - last but not least.  A fine art painting by Cuban born artist reflecting on the negative impact Cuba has on South America.  Americana Latrino

Dec 2018 Update

Another half year has passed and some significant additions to my collection I am happy to have acquired. I have been trying to be more focused in my collecting and in making choices that further my collection and curation of that collection rather than just accumulation. 

Ditko, Steve - Tales to Astonish 47 page 6 featuring the old school Tin-man Iron Man and a villian who's nefarious powers are so self evident they require no explanation, the Melter.  Fun art from an era at Marvel Comics where magic happened daily.  Inks by Don Heck

Crepax, Guido - two pages from his prime era.  The first is a chaotic Valentina page from The Magic Lantern.  The second page is a great example of his innovative panel designs from the more erotic Histoire d'O.

Fisher, Seth - a favorite of mine.  Two nice piece by Seth, an inside cover to Tokyo Pop and a Batman Snow page. 

Sienkiewicz, Bill - Dazzler Pin-up from Marvel Fanfare.  I have been after this one for years.  I have a nice companion piece plus the color guide for it and my first time at San Diego Comic con was the right time to add this one.  Here is is framed with the other Pin-up I have. 

Caniff, Milton - Nice specialty piece for a publisher(with a letter), a nude drawing of Miss Lace, a later gift drawing for a fan and a nice Terry daily from 1935 featuring Normandie Drake. 

In recent years I have taken a lot more interest in Spanish artists, in particular those that worked for Warren in the 1970's.  Here are a two Vampirella pages and then some art by another Spanish artist I didn't know until recently who had art in the Warren books as well.
Mayo, Gonzalo - Vampirella #113 page 7.
Gonzalez, Jose (Pepe) - Vampirella #67 page 10
Mozos, Luis Garcia - pages from the Last Winter 1, 6, Law of Life and Nova 2

Waller, Reed - Omaha Cat Dancer page 112.  Great page that has faded a bit with time.

Hama, Larry - Kazar #14 page 6.  Inks by Jack Abel.

Pellejero, Ruben - painted prelim for Dieter Lumpin cover/pin-up.

Martin, Don - 6 prelims for MAD Magazine. 

Oksner, Bob - Angel and the Ape #1  page 29.  Oksner Inks too. 

Archie Art - another relatively new focus of my collecting is vintage Archie Art from the 50's and 60's.
DeCarlo, Dan - PEP #178 page 1.  Possibly Joe Edwards. 
Lucey, Harry - Archie Joke Book #46 page.

Daley, Shawn - I met Shawn at Toronto Fan Expo in 2018.  I bought two pages from his self published Samurai Grandpa (pages 92 and 112) as well as adding a Dragonlady and Corto Maltese commission from him.  I like his art and style plus a really nice guy to deal with.  

Manga art - Although the list is long of Manga-ka that I'd like art from, it is not common to find art by anyone.  I picked up this page on my most recent trip to Tokyo by Hiroshi Kaizuka from Zero Senkoushinkyoku.  Here are a series of page from artist Jiro Ishikawa Brain 1, 2, 3, Daisuku 1, 2, 3, 4.  2 pages by Tomie Kimura from Dokuzetsu Momohei Tsyoi ka Yowai Ka! from Shuukan Young Jump page 1 and 11.

Dragon Lady commissions - carrying on with the Shawn Daley commission, I added a Dan Morton Dragon Lady piece which was a gift from a friend and a Mark Hempel Dragon Lady specialty piece he created decades ago. 

Serpieri, Paolo - I met Paolo for the second time when attending the opening of his show at the Scott Eder Gallery in New Jersey.  Nice little dedication. 

Strip Art - This seems to be where my focus has been this year.

Caniff, Milton  - Terry and the Pirates Daily 8/27/35.  I always like the Normandie/Ryan relationship.
Sickles, Noel - Scorchy Smith Daily 10/18/35. 
Ward, Bill - Torchy Daily 1943.  Another San Diego Pick up.
Sterrett, Cliff- Polly and Her Pals Daily 6/13/34
Kotsky, Alex - Apartment 3 G daily 6/2/61 from the first few weeks of this series.
Gray, Harold - Little Orphan Annie 7/26/58
Lynde, Stan - Rick 0'Shay Sunday 7/26/59
McWilliams, Alden - Twin Earths Sunday 8/19/56
McWilliams, Alden - Davy Jones - 3 consequitive dailies 4/19-21/62
McWilliams, Alden- Pagan Lee illustration.
Salinas, Jose Luis - Cisco Kid Daily 11/13/51 which is sequential with another I already own.

Caniff Prints and Other Terry and the Pirates related material
Elias, Lee - Cover for Terry and the Pirates #25 by Harvey which includes the color guide.  Also a cover color proof for the Terry #21 cover featuring Hot shot and Terry with a harem of girls.  Included a publishing receipt from 1949. 
Terry and the Pirate Children's Tattoo unused sheet.  A rare find. 
Caniff Prints Galore - large format colored and dedicated Dragon Lady, Princess Snowflake, Hot Shot Charlie and Steve Canyon montage.  A really cool girls of Steve Canyon piece that is hand colored but not signed or dedicated.  Unused prints of Princess Snowflake, Poteet,, parka girl, leather suit girl, Summer Smith Olsen, Canyon Montage, Savannah Gay, Reed Kimberley, Holly Hale, Happy Easter , Miss Missou, Madame Lynx, Miss Lace with GIs and without, FetaFeta, Doe Redwood, Steve Canyon with Bomber Jacket and 2 Different Flight Suit Steve Canyons.

New art  Updated June 7, 2018

It has been about a half year since my last update.  Several new things to add to the site, many of which were on my want list for some time.

Gorey, Eduard - not comic art but a favorite and long term want list item.  Quirky, odd and macabre.  Illustration entitled the Swimming Pool from a book entitled The Dream World of Dion McGregor.  Art was accompanied by a book and a record.

Ledroit, Oliver - large, mixed media painting - Tribut e to Otomo.  More images to come.

Bernet, Jordi - 3 nice Corto Maltese themed pieces which are the end result of a larger commission that didn't quite work out as planned.  1, 2, 3.  Also a nice little Torpedo sketch recreating a cover.

Crumb, Robert - a very Not Work Safe page from Bijou Funnies #4 page from a Projunior story.  Crumb at this best/worst.

Williamson, Al - Flash Gordon #5 page 2.  All Flash, all Al.  A long coveted item finally found its way into my collection.

Hewlett, Jaime - Tank Girl pages from Deadline #4 and #25(page 10).  Pages from this series are nearly impossible to find and I have been looking for a long time.  Now two reside in my collection including and awesome first Rocket Boob/Bra image that would later be used again.

Mezieres, Jean-Claude - Early Valerian page from Pars Les Chemins de l'Espace and published earlier in Pilote from La Planete Triste page 8.

Murphy, Sean Gordon - Tokyo Ghost #1 pages 20 and 21.  Comic rock superstar SGM's best work to date.

Williams, J.H. - 2 Batwoman DPS by another modern superstar.  Batwoman #17 pages 10-11 and Batwoman #13 page 16-17.  Williams innovative use of panel design to enhance his artwork made me take notice of his work as the content is outside of my regular collecting focus.

Dragunas, J.M. - added a nice Harry Potter published illustration
from Harry Potter a Cinematic Gallery, an illustration submitted to Spectrum and a smaller illustration to be published in Joe's first art book coming soon, Fanciful Ridiculousness

Krenkel, Roy - a nice, relatively finished illustration of Tarzan.  Always nice to add more art by this classic and influential artist to my collection.

Dahm, Ethan - Pages a and b from Rice Boy and pages a and b from Vattu #2.  Ethan's books are amazing and favorites of mine.

Cravath, Glen - illustration of Isa Miranda. 

Caesar, Kurt - Il Vittorioso page 23.  Great sci-fi images from these normally war related stories.  Hand painted on back as color guide.

Strip Art - No update is complete without Strip art and perhaps a bit of Caniff.  This time, a lot of Caniff.

Counihan, Bud - Betty Boop Daily 11/12/34.  Rare from this short run of dailies. 
Harman, Fred - Stellar Red Ryder Daily from 12/24/45.
Good, Edmund - 7 tryout dailies for Knight Master - fun looking Good Girl art - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and panel
Caniff, Milton - Terry and the Pirates dailies from 12/21/35, 5/15/39, 6/3/39 and 3/24/45.  All stellar examples with 3 featuring the Dragonlady.  2 are from my favorite storyline from 1939.  Also, later, hand-colored Steve Canyon print with dedication and another Steve Canyon print to add to the growing archives. 

Dedications - I got to meet 2 of my manga heroes this year and both times I was fortunate enough to get a dedication.  Naoki Urasawa in Angouleme, France and Inio Asano in Toronto.  I got to shake hands, get a small sketch and a picture with them. 
I also met Lewis Trondheim in Toronto and got a nice Monster dedication which is a favorite of mine and my kids.

New Art as of Jan 14, 2018
It has been over a half year since my last update.  Several new things with a focus on European art although I did add a few important strip art pieces too. 

Miller, Frank - Cover the Elektra Saga #4.  Very nostalgic piece for me.

Herriman, George - Krazy Kat Sunday Dec 26, 1920.  A KK Sunday has been a long time coming and was worth the wait.  Great, early example with all the main players and many of the secondary cast.

Tardi, Jacques - 120 rue de la Gare.  A great page from one of Tardi's most famous comics.  Nestor Burma, Paris street scenes, bar scene and a girl...this page has it all.

Kirby/Everett - Tales to Astonish 82 page 5.  Kirby Hulk with my favorite inker, Bill Everett.  Technically Kirby layouts and Everett art by Kirby Layouts were only slightly less detailed than his pencils were during this era.  Lots of bouncing Hulk.

Crumb, Robert - Motor City Comics # 1 Lenore Goldberg story page.  Everything I could want in a Crumb on this page.

Williamson, Al   - Flash Gordon #5 page 2.  Some artists were born to do a particular character and this is true of Al and Flash.

Eastman, Kevin - TMNT: Raphael #1.  1985 Turtles art by the original creators.  This one-shot was published between TMNT #3 and #4.

Jones, Jeffery - Jeff Jones painting of a woman from 1984.  Sublime.

Kinstler, Everett
Raymond - one of the few comic pages this great illustrator dablled in.  Police Line-Up #2 inside front cover.

Mayo, Gonzalo - Vampirella cat-fight page.  As cool as they come.

Caniff, Milton - 3 vintage Miss Lace original color illustrations done for AFA Squadron #41 from 1950 to 52 to later be hand painted on to ties.  Really... you can't make this stuff up.

Breccia, Alberto - Viajero des Gris page.  Somber, atmospheric page. 

Dragonlady commissions by - Sorgone et Arhkage, Gerhard, and Kaleb King

Caniff prints - nice set of 15 prints unsure of source(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 ,15) and  a nice hand colored Cooper Calhoun small format print.

Nizzoli, Marco - Daredevil and Elektra commission. 

Akira commission from Eric Klaus.

Higashiura, Mitsuo - Kodomo no Higashi splash/cover picked up in a little hole-in the wall, old school manga shop in Tokyo.

Mezieres, Jean-Claude - Valerian color illustration

Backderf, Derf - Punk Rock and Trailer Parks page.  Cool sketch in My Friend Dahmer book. 

Bagge, Peter - Neat Stuff Girly Girl page.

Stelfreeze, Brian - Moonbeam McSwine illustration

Dyer, Jamaica - Heavy Metal pin-up (pencils and colors) and Lake Imagio page. 

Bennett, Andrew - Valentina tribute.

Bonhomme, Eric - illustration

Donaldson, Kristian   - DMZ page.  I have had this for years but missed posting it.

Miller, Gregory - 2 pages from Tales of Reverie.  Pages 6 and 7.

Willumson, Connor - sketch/illo in book.

Frollo, Leone - aviatrix page Naga #14 La Vera Figlia Dello Zar

Micheluzzi, Attilio - Florence Nightingale page

Koeb, Bill - 2 mixed media pieces (1 and 2) and Faultlines page.

Cullum Jared - SPX story page.

Johnson, Louis - Williamson inks on this Daredevil #237 page

Ware, Chris - a little Quimby Mouse throwing a brick in Monograph.  I met Chris at SPX 2017.

Strip Art - I included the Krazy Kat as my second item in this update. 
Buelle, Marge - 2 Little Lulu comics.from Saturday Evening Post both circa 1930's.  Self Defense and Book Store.
McWilliams, Alden - Dateline Danger Sunday 12/15/68.
McCoy, Wilson - Phantom Daily 6/24/49 - more Gwena than Phantom. 

New Art June 4, 2017
It has been a half year since my last update.  My collecting focus seems to have drifted back into a more European trend of late.  I blame having gone to the Lucca comic convention and other factors for this and I am happy to have discovered more great material to read and collect.  I still have some goals but from my original list, very are left. 

Toppi, Sergio - I started out 2017 with 3 new Toppi pieces.  A nice partial splash from Finche Vivrai from which I already own a great page, Biancaneve pin-up and two color pin-ups.  One is from Puccini's opera, Tosca and the other is an unidentified spy/espionage piece.

LeDroit, Olivier - large mixed media painting from Fees&Amazones.  New York suite. 

Druillet, Phillippe - vintage Vuz page.

Gimenz, Juan - unknown painted Blade Runner style page.

Breccia, Alberto - Viajero de Gris page.

Janjetov, Zoran - Before the Incal page.

Pichard, Georges - page from La Religieuse(nudity/torture warning)

Pelajero, Ruben - Deiter Lumpin page.

Achde - Lucky Luke in Washington page

Solano-Lopez, Francisco - El Eternauta page 305 and 358.  This might be the best comic I have read in years. 

Nizzoli, Marco - Corto Maltese in the Moonlight pin-up

Sorgone et Arhkage - "Serpentine" Asian girl pin-up (nude).

Matania, Fortunino - Princess Caribou illustration

Coching, Francisco - Mara-Bini page from 1941.

Crumb, Robert - an all in page from Motor City Comics #1

Wood, Wally - Warfront #37 page 7

Purcell, Howard - Seadevils #16 page 8.  Fun page from this great series.  Howard Purcell Sea Devils is a long time want list item for me. 

Ha, Gene - Showcase '95 #11 page 6.  Very Bollandesque art featuring Batman and Poison Ivy

Woggon, Bill - 4 pin up pages from Katy Keene Holiday Fun #7.  Pages 9, 43, 58/59 and 64

Strip Art - strangely, not a lot to add here other than the Caniff related material that is lower down and none of that is original art.
Kotsy, Alex - Apartment 3G daily 8/9/66
Marge - 3 early Little Lulu Saturday Evening Post cartoons inkwash c1935, 10/16/37 and 11/7/42.

Caniff - Several cool additions to my evergrowing Caniff prints collection
Miss Lace - hand colored and signed.  This is rare one, the only copy of it I have seen.  I also added a second copy of this Miss Lace to my collection. 
Christmas - colored - I have both of these in black and white but the hand coloring is magical. 1 and 2
Copper Calhoon - handcolored and signed.  This is a smaller format print. 
Dragonlady reference print.  This appears to a later reworking of the classic image as there are some differences in the hair from the prints of the 1930's.  File copy from Shel Dorf. 
Dragonlady and Terry Paper doll poster.  I have seen elements of this before but this cool poster from 1942 is a first for me.  Perhaps the only one still in existence.  
Three postcards - the first is a color one from the 1944 Quaker Oats Terry and Pirates Print promotion (the prints are also in display in my gallery) and then two later collage postcards likely assembled by Shel Dorf or other Caniff assistants.  Steve Canyon and Terry and the Pirates

Here are a few King Mutoscope prints/cards.

D'Errico, Camilla - Neon Genesis commission.

Mignola, Mike - Hell Boy in Hell page #7.  Last panel used as back cover.

Dungeons & Dragons and MTG related art - I am a sucker for vintage AD&D art and think the art for Magic the Gathering cards has lead to some spectacular art.  I will slowly be adding to this wing of my collection as these rare items become available.
Prentice, David - Player's Handbook cover recreation oil painting.
Roslof, Jim - page from Endless Quest - AD&D version of Choose Your Own Adventure books.  Page 61 is my favorite with an Intellect Devourer  Volume #27 the Lair of the Lich pages 2, 17, 61, 71 and 89.
unknown - Pale Custodian Magic MTG card art.

New Art as of December 2nd, 2016
I have let things get away from me again.  It has been a busy few months for art and some interesting art has come into my collection.  I also had a recent trip to comic conventions in Tokyo, Japan and Lucca, Italy.  There is art from that trip here too.

Totleben, John - Swamp Thing #35 page 1 splash.  The first page after the magical Rites of Spring issue. 
Tezuka, Osamu - Phoenix partial, unused page from Phoenix.  Found in a manga shop in Tokyo.
Windsor-Smith, Barry - a Marvel Comics Presents #84 from the Weapon X series and a nice page from Rune #5.
McWilliams, Alden - pin-up art likely from Wings Pulp magazine circa 1940's
Matania, Fortunato - Illustration Charles Riding
Buscema, John - SSOC page with Alcala inks.  Already gone in trade.
D'Errico, Camilla - I visited with Camilla this summer and came home with some art.  Helmet Girl 1, Helmet Girl 2, Ice Cream piece, Tentacle girl and Grant Morrison DVD image (as published)
Dragunas, Joe - Several cool pages from the Sires of Time. Camelton and pages a and b.  
Prentice, David - I met David at Fan Expo 2016.  Monster Illo, Mind Flayer commission, Eye of the Beholder commission and Player's Handbook cover recreation.
Estrada, Ric - unknown romance page.

Strip Art
Raymond, Alex - Flash Gordon Sunday 7/26/42.
Caniff, Milton - 4 nice dailies 12/6/35, 12/12/35, 2/8/39 and 2/9/39Dragonlady, Burma, Steve Canyon and Terry/Pat/Connie hand colored prints.  Aviation Hall of Fame Print sets 1978, 1979, 1984.
Segar, E.C. - Popeye/Thimble Theater daily 9/1/32.
Kotsky, Alex - 3G daily 89/66.
Capp, Al - L'il Abner daily 4/11/40.
Turner, Leslie - Captain Easy Daily 10/2/48.
Lane, Ralph - Vic Flint Daily 12/15/45
Smith, Dan - The Zoozoos strip circa 1910. 

Dragonlady by Tim Sale and Scott Chantler

European art including the haul from Lucca
Ricci, Roberto - Urban/Blade Runner commission - layout choices, pencils, inks and color prelim.  I got to meet Roberto in person and have lunch with him and two friends.
Toppi, Sergio - Rocky Balboa.
Nizzoli, Marco - Valentina commission(pencil prelim), Dylan Dog pin-up and sketch cover dedication(I Gatti de Rigga). I got to meet Marco in person.
De Vincentiis, Adriano - Two pages from Viva Valentina 9 (with prelim) and 10.  As published.
Brandoli, Anna - Alias page
Breccia, Enrique - Swamp Thing Bad Seed #1page 2. I got this signed in Lucca.
Caesar, Kurt - 3 pages from Vittorioso.  A top tier page from 1938 and two later pages from 5 (color on the back) and 13(color on the back).
Fortunato, Allesio - Dampyr page
Gattia, Alarico  - Western page
Trigo, Gustavo - Unknown Sci-fi splash
Lalia, Horacio - Argentinian artist.  Torture page and a 14 page gothic romance/horror story 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 ,11 ,12, 13, 14.
Roi, Corrado - Tex page.
Murphy, ? - War page
Zaffino, Jorge - Winterworld - Wintersea page 23.
Massagli, Paolo - Four page

Art from Tokyo
Takeshisu/Burakura duo - schoolgirl illustration Dojinshi con
Unknown Dojinshi artist Kaigai con - illo 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
unknown - Unknown space Manga  - pages 1, 6, 7, a, b, c
unknown - unknown jungle manga (Tezuka style) a ,b
unknown - crazy Japanese manga scene
Kato - war painting (?Model box)
Okuda, Tatsuo - unknown horror manga pages 1, 30, 31 and end.  

Peak, Bob - Olympic commissions for the US Postal Service - Swimming and Soccer.
Hartman, John - a large oil, a pastel and a drypoint.

July 12th 2016 Update
Some great new things added. 
Sienkiewicz, Bill - New Mutants #20 page 06 - A great Demon bear page.
DeCarlo, Dan - Gorgeous Betty and Veronica pin-ups from 1962.  Betty and Veronica Spectacular #26.  A nice prelim by DeCarlo on the back of the Ronnie pin-up.
Miller, Frank - Ronin #1 page 7.  My favorite work by Frank.  Underneath half the panel are original pencils and some unfinished inks by Frank that are pretty cool. 
Jones, Jeffrey - 2 page visual poetry for the Forbidden book. 2001.  Sketch on the back of the first page.
Kirby, Jack - Thor 127 page 2.  Twice up Kirby-Thor.  Colletta inks.
Kurtzman, Harvey - EC page from Vault of Horror
Eisner, Will - page from New York Stories with prelim.
Romita Jr., John - X-Men #206 page 3 - Mohawk Storm.
Mezzo - Les Desarmes page 12 and prelim.
Nizzoli, Marco - a nice piece from his new book, a Dragonlady commission and a dedication in his book.
Sicomoro, Eugenio - Lanciostory #26 pages 3 and 4.
Frollo, Leone - Lucifera #14 page 50.
Miyanishi, Keizo - 3 unknown pages.  114, 117 and unnumbered.
Sukekiyo, Fujisawa - 16 page Hentai manga. (nudity warning) page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16.
Tegenchi - unknown illustration.
Sim, Dave - early art pre Cerebus.
Guerra, Pia - Yorick and monkey sketch TCAF 2016.
O'Leary, Jay - DPS from Push #2, Art for Tyrannohipsterex and He-Maxx toys.  Gaming art and unknown comic page.
Wenzel, Bill - unknown gag. 
MacDonald, Andy - cover (I have had this for years, never scanned for some reason).
Bergin, John - The Law of Life painting 1991

Strip Art-
Schulz, Charles - Peanuts Daily 4/6/62.
Raymond, Alex - X-9 Daily 6/4/34
Robbins, Frank - Early Johnny Hazard from 8/11/44
Miller, Frank - Barney Baxter undated Daily - Victory in Europe
Caniff, Milton - Terry and the Pirates Sunday Jan 1, 1939.  The beginning of my favorite year for Terry.  First appearance of Sanjak and April Kane in this beauty.
Barreti, Antonio (Broxton, Jimmy) - Goldtiger dailies.  Art from a kickstarter project featuring me as an evil scientist.
Daily 1966 Lily Gold in Rio and the Death of Dr. Singh.  Sketch of Jack Tiger and Lily Gold.  Full Dr. Singh sequence.
Godwin, Frank - Rusty Riley sketch.
McWilliams, Alden - Dan Flagg Daily (signed Don Sherwood) 8/30/63.
Sherwood, Don - Dan Flagg Dailies from 3/28/66, 5/25/66, 12/12/66 and 7/10/67.
Fuller, RB  Oakey Doaks 12/7/37? Daily.
Graf, Mel  - Adventures of Patsy Daily 4/30/38.

Caniff, Milton... the Prints.  I have an extensive collection of Caniff prints and I have a large number of new additions as I come close to completing this niche of my collection. 
Dragonlady with mirror - hand colored prints.
Dragonlady cut out doll
Normandie, Burma and the Dragonlady
Steve Canyon with Copper and Feeta
Steve Canyon Stock Co.
Steve Canyon Farrell's print also used as a fanzine cover.
Steve Canyon with plane print.
6 Quaker Oats prints from 1944
Christmas cards 1 and 2 print art
Herald specialty print.

New Art as of April 30, 2016
A short update.
Sienkiewicz, Bill - New Mutants #20 page 25 featuring the death of the Demonbear. 
Williams, Kent - Daredevil and Elektra poster art done for Marvel circa 1991.  Published poster.
Risso, Eduardo - pair of stripper pages from 100 Bullets #4 page 11 and page 12.
Godwin, Frank - Rusty Riley daily with horse racing from 9/14/56 and illustration for Liberty Magazine.
Lee, Janet - final page to Glamor, a horror story.  C2E2.  Dragonlady commission too. 
Heath, Russ - girl pin-up.  Not sure where this is from or if it was ever published.
Parlov, Goran - Y the Last Man #21 page 7 and a Punisher page wtih a Spidey vs. Rhino sequence that turns into a hockey fight.
Guera, R.M. - Scalped #10 page.  Final panel is replaced original art, here is a scan with original art under
Templesmith, Ben - quick sketch done from a Kickstarter project, TOME II.
Nickel, Scott - Eek dailies.  All of Me, Island, Onegative, Pinochio, smurf, superman, tumor, wolfman, 9/8/07, 9/22/07, 10/1/07, 10/6/07, 10/13/07, ghost, minion, Mad Scientist.
Caniff, Milton - prints - Burma, Steve Canyon, Delta, Hot Shot Charlie, Terry and combo Dragonlady, April Kane, Burma and Big Stoop.  

Akira commissions from Langdon Foss and Joe Dragunas (with prelim).
Dragonlady Commissions from Janet Lee (C2E2) and Marco Nizzoli.
Corto Maltese Commission by John Paul Leon - Havana


New Art as of Feb 16, 2016

A quick update in the middle of a cold spell.

Byrne, John - Alpha Flight cover to Marvel Role Playing Game Module. Also a World's Finest drawing by Byrne and inked by Roy Richardson (likely lightboxed).

Artopan - nice first page from BD Nuits Indiennes (adult content, nudity warning) as well as a nice little dedication drawing inside a copy of the book. 

Caniff, Milton - small specialty drawing of 3 nudes.  Possibly from Dutch Treat Club publication.  Signed, personalized and colored (and laminated) Dragonlady print.  Small Delta illustration - likely tryout/copy by amateur artist over Caniff copy. 

Murphy, Sean Gordon - Joe the Barbarian #7 page 6-7 2 page spread.  Nice page from rising modern superstar.

D'Errico, Camilla - Little Nemo Dream Another Dream page. 

Manara, Milo - early Jolanda 33 page.

Moreton, Simon - Plans We Made page from Kickstarter campaign.

Strip art
Gray, Harold - Little Orphan Annie daily 10/17/35
Robbins, Frank - Johnny Hazard daily 8/15/44
Gould, Chester - Dick Tracy 11/23/44

And now for something completely different -
Tone - Corto Maltese and Dragonlady commission.  Tone is a urban street/fine artist out of Montreal.  I have several Tone pieces around the house and I thought he might do an interesting take on the 2 characters.  Here it is with Corto in the middle of Dragonlady in her pre-war and wartime personas.

New Art as of Jan 1, 2016
Another year has passed and it was a good year for collecting.  Here is my latest update.

Giraud, Jean  (aka Moebius) - vintage Blueberry page from the 5th Tome.  Full upper page splash. 
La piste des Navajos published in 1969

Crepax, Guido - Valentina  page from Trotsky. 

Caniff, Milton - Terry and Pirates 21/6/39.  This is from my all time favorite Terry story line and I couldn't be happier with the purchase.

Toppi, Sergio - I started this year with a goal of adding a Toppi or two to my collection.  There are now 7 Toppi pieces in my collection.  Here are the latest 4. King Illustration, Queen Illustration, Helios Illustration and Ubica page 22(.
Ombre virtuali 3(Ken Parker magazine, no.31, agosto 1995)

Breccia, Alberto -
Agente Nessuno page published in Skorpio magazine in 1977

Eisner, Will - Spirit page June 10th, 1951.   Assistant Klaus Nordling and Jim Dixon.  Nice girl art and a kiss.

Ricci, Roberto - Bianca illustration.

Jones, Jeffrey - Young Woman statue.

Sienkiewicz, Bill - Ape and Man illustration.  Found to be published in Spanish book Terra Nostra.

Campi, Fransceco - two illustrations.  Witches' Queen is Dead and Il Nio Cassetto Gigante.

Seth - Music illustration

Girard, Pascal - Reunion page 121 and self portrait at desk

Caniff, Milton - Princess Snowflower dedicated and signed hand colored print.

Salinas, Jose - Cisco Kid Daily 9/29/51.

Godwin, Frank - Rusty Riley 1/15/57 from the Haunted Castle storyline.

Dragunas, Joe - Miyazaki theme art for print, Sires of Time(redone with 2 colors) page and Morgana Illustration from Sires of Time.  

Dekal, Jeff - Dragonlady commission.  Fan Expo 2015.

Orchard, Eric - Bera Cover, pages 7, 44, 48, 102.

Findley, John - 16 page Texas Arcana story from Heavy Metal Magazine.  Pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 ,11 ,12, 13, 14, 15 ,16.

Wunder, George - Terry and the Pirates Sunday 8/24/47.

Prentice, John - Rip Kirby Daily 9/9/58.

Bagge, Peter - Girly Girl page from Neat Stuff 1986.

New Art as of August 30th, 2015
It has been a good month.  With the exceptions of the commissions and art from those artists, most of the art came in on trade deals.

Kirby, Jack - Captain America #198 page 14.  Inks by Frank Gioacoia

Manara, Milo - Large, finished pin up for some Children's Adventure project.

Royo, Luis - detailed prelim for wrap around cover for Heavy Metal Magazine 25th anniversary edition.   

Dragonlady Commissions from Jim Silke with 6 prelims (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) and Corey Furman with his Mucha take on the theme.

Corto Maltese commission from Kwanchai Moriya and 2 other oils.  Homecoming and Beacon.

De Vincentiis, Adriano - page 17 from Succubes #2, prelim for page 18, roughs for page 48 and nice dedication in the book.

Schultz, Mark - Morgana illustration for Sires of Time.

New Art as of July 25th, 2015 
Some cool things found their way into my collection since the last update.  Some big want list items checked off.  I expect to be quiet in collecting for the next half year or so although I am sure some things will trickle in including a few ongoing commissions.

Foster, Hal - Finally, a full Sunday.  Dated 5/18/69 and although later in the series than I would ideally own, it has many great panels with all the main characters featured. 

Bilal, Enki - La Vaisseau de Pierre page 17.  Nice, early, detailed page with classic Bilal imagery.  As published.

Toppi, Sergio - a nice Illustration and a page from Finche Vivrai which reminds me of the Demonbear art by Bill Sienkiewicz.  The Finche Vivrai page is painted on the back to indicate colors when printed and when held up to the light has a nice effect.

Godwin, Frank - Photoplay 1928 Illustration. As published.

Forest, Jean-Claude - illustration from V Magazine 1962.  As published

Fernandez, Fernando - Beagle cover prelim, Spy cover painting, El Hombre de Cuba page, La Fiesta pages 2, 3, 4, 8.  Some of the finest art I have ever seen.

D'Errico, Camilla - Elephantmen #6 Cover, Butterfly Helmet Girl Illustration and Coloring book cover.

Sire, Denis - Bettie title page.  Heavy Metal era art. Nudity warning.

Saito, Takao - Golgo 13/Bond page. 

Pope, Paul - Guide to Burlesque page from GQ Magazine April 2008.

Studio Ghibili - Porco Rosso cel.

Sale, Tim - Corto Maltese and Gwen Stacey commissions.

Stelfreeze, Brian - Furiosa illustration from Mad Max.

Dalrymple, Farel - This Will Hurt pages 288, 299, 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 319, 329, 331, 332, 339, 343, unknown pages and pin-up Omega 6 page 18

Finch, David - Neverland #1 Cover.

Severin, Alec - Front and rear cover to La Machine a Explorer les Temps. Brazil illustration.

Furman, Corey - Nymph and Satyr (after Boughereau) and commission.

Dragunas, Joe - Sires of Time #2 page with prelims 1 and 2.

Graham, Brandon - Wicked and Devine #9 cover.

Brown, Jeffrey - multiple small drawings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5Changebots page.

Kim, Mira - Halloween page 3.

Baczynski, Kristyna - Measure of Space pages 4/5, 6/7, Scratcher 1/2, Nelson 2, 3, Galactic Savings, Sapling, Dinner for Eight, Sasquatch and Coral Reef.

Wiebe, Jacob - Aligator illustration 1 and 2, ballerina, dog and goats.

Strip Art -
Caniff, Milton - Steve Canyon Dragonlady colored print and Princess Snowflower reference print.
Jordan, Sydney - Jeff Hawke Dailies 4411, 4928 and 5949.
Marge (Woody Kimbrell) - Little Lulu 7/3/53 and 1/15/68
Godwin, Frank - Rusty Riley Daily 1/29/55.

Manga/Anime art -
Miyanishi, Keizo - pages from unknown Manga. 1 and 2.
Miyuki, Saga - Horror panel.
Lamantia, Jonathan - Blackjack illustration.

Mahfood, Jim - Dragonlady commission from Emerald City.

Matania, Fortunino - Rosamund illustration

Paxton, William - 1933 Pin-up.

Scalera, Mateo - Batman and Poison Ivy commission.

Jung Gi, Kim - Dedication in a book.

Sevy, Phillip - Powerpuff girls illustration. 

Matthews, Menton - sketch.

Burns, Charles - sketch in book.

New Art as of Feb 25th, 2015.  I was doing pretty good at not getting anything new.  I went almost 6 weeks but I fell off the wagon in February last year.  I had also taken a few weeks off buying around the new year this year too.  Here are the new additions since last.year.

sketches by Jon Muth, Kent Williams. Rick Geary, Rich Koslowski,
Peter Kuper, Craig Thompson and two unknowns 1 and 2.  Also, 2 nice sketches from my friend Alec Severin 1 and 2, Noel Tuazon and 2, Reinhart Kleist, Pete Sickman-Garner and Cam Stewart.

Shepard, E.H. - Illustration for Punch Magazine August 20th, 1919. (as published)

Schuiten, Francois - La Dolce page 21.

Sale, Tim - Femme Fatale from Yeah Baby!

Krenkel, RG - nice, 2 sided prelims for John Carter cover.  Side 1 and 2.

Williams, Garth - Miss Bianca - A Fantasy page 19 (1962)

Alexander, Jason Shawn - Dororthy's Breathe Oil painting.

Sienkiewicz, Bill - no update is ever complete without something by Bill.  Here is a great New Mutants #18 page 20 from the Demonbear storyline and 6 prelims from his Little Nemo, Dream Another Dream project. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.  Also, a nice nude illustration

Fried, Pal - nude illustration.

Thorne, Frank - (Nudity warning on all pages).  An 8 page Ghita story 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and pages 4, 13, 26 and 46 from Lann.

Zulli, Mike - Puma Blues #15 page 18 with flying manta rays.

Correia, Dave - Illustration - strange gothic illustration.

Nizzoli, Marco - nice panel page from the Italian master.

Magnus - page from L'Uomo Che Uccise Che Guevara 1983.

Baldazzini, Roberto - cool and stylish Rip Kirby Tribute.

Maroto, Estoban - Creepy 73 page and color pin-up for Conan and the Sorcerer

Storey, Barron - a bonus piece Barron sent along after a misunderstanding.  Reworked commission piece on wood.

Oksner, Bob - Angel and the Ape #4 page 22 - Wally Wood inks.  Pages from this series are not easy to find and I should know as I have been looking for some time. 

Gajic, Aleksa - watercolor painting.  I don't know a lot about the artist or the piece but I like it.

Woodring, Jim - nice early Frank prelim circa 1995.

Miller, Frank - Sin City page 12 from Hell and Back.

Day, Dan - Master of Kung-Fu #111 page 18. 

Andru, Ross - Showcase #28 page 1.

Percival, Nick - Slaine page from 2000AD #1033.

Dowdle, Max Miller - Shattered With Curve of Horn page from Kickstarter.

Laci - Sherlock Holmes T1 page 14. 

Pittman, Aaron - Sundown #1 page 10 and 11.

Lee, Ryan - The Naturals #1 page 3 and 17.

O'Malley, Bryan - pages from Scott Pilgrim.  #4 page 44, #5 page 7 and #5 page 80.

Baker, Matt - Seven Seas #3 page.

Andru, Ross - Showcase #28 splash - Frogman from the first Frogman story.

Blum, Alex - Tugboat Tessie unpublished story for Seven Seas.  pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Corben, Richard - Swamp Thing #7 page 3 splash.

Vilabos, Ramon - Cloak and Dagger commission.(gift from friend)

Worthy, Thomas - illustration from Judge Mazaine 1880.

Mooney, Jim - Spiderman in the Electric Company magazine page with inks by Espisito.

Dragonlady commission and art from Robert Hack, Joe Dragunas, Cody Shibi, Aaron Pittman, Peter Kuper, Aype Bevens (RIP), Eric Orchard and Jason Pearson.

Corto Maltese by Jim Keefe, Pablo Peppino and Nathan Fox

Blade Runner Commission by Tony Moore.

Harbin, Dustin - 2 cool pieces picked up at TCAF.  A little con gag featuring Chester Brown from Diary Comics webcomic.    The second from This Day in History historical comedy strip.
Caniff, Milton - 3 great specialty pieces and a Burma color print.  The three specialty pieces includes a regret panel for San Diego, a Steve Canyon reading comics and an original illustration of Steve Canyon that was later used to make prints.
Darrow, Geof - Shaolin Cowboy published splash, the Alternative cover to Dark Horse Presents #1 and a Totoro illustration.

Del Castillo, Arturo - El Cobra pages 5, 7, 10 and 12

Davis, Jack - Nice, vintage 2 page MAD art set. 

Petersen, David - Dark Crystal promotional piece for Archaia Press (color version)

Malavia, Nimit - nice girl illustration with a Gibson girl feel to it.

Burns, Charles - Cover illustration for Believer Magazine of Francisco Goldman from 2004

Sala, Richard - cool page I got in a trade with a friend.

Cruz, ER. - GI Combat #269 page 21 by a favorite artist which was subsequently traded to a friend for a Ghosts #3 page 11 also by Cruz.

Catan, Vic - GI Combat 403 page 4. 

Carrillo, Fred - Two pages from The Witching Hour #66.  Page 3 and 4.

Santos, Jesse - some 70's Tragg goodness from Mystery Comics #3 page 67.

IKO (aka Giuseppe Ricciardi) - Tenebres #1 page 43 and #2 page 19.

Messmer, Otto - 3 pages from Felix the Cat #41.  Pages 17, 19, 20.

Tuazon, Noel - A page from Family Ties, a dedication in his new book Foster and a paper bag sketch to go with it.

Zullo, Chrissie - way cool Miyazaki poster art. (published)

Wrightson, Bernie - City of Others #2 page 19 and 22, #3 page 6 and 10, Nightmare Theater #1 page 8, Shining prequel for TV guide illustration and Hunter Illustration for webdesign.  A great new page from 1969 Witching Hour #5 page 3.  A neat, unpublished splash for a Spirit project.

Finlay, Virgil - The Screaming People illustration from Fantastic Magazine Jan 1959 and "The Blonde from Outerspace" from Amazing Stories 1950. 

Roslof, Laura - Vintage Dungeons and Dragons illustration used in an ad for a Dungeon Hobby Shop.

DeCarlo, Dan - Betty and Veronica #202 pin-up.

Unknown - Archie pages from Archie Joke Book #26 page 14 and #36 page 24.and Little Archie #5 page 1.

Black, Bill - a Tara pinup and Splash from AC comics. 

Bollinger - Two medical themed gags. 1, 2

New artists for me.  I met Joe at C2E2, Eric at TCAF, Rodrigo via CAF, Brandon via his work and Jay via Kickstarter.

Luff, Rodrigo - Totem and Nectar.  Two beautiful illustrations by this Australian artist.

Dragunas, Joe - I met Joe at C2E2 and we were instant friends.  I love his work, very much in the vein of his buddy Jeremy Bastian.  Here are a few pieces.  The Sires of Time page 1, 2 and 6Stag, Queen, Totoro, Leaning Girl and Dragonlady/Corto commission.   Since meeting Joe, we met up again at NYC and I picked up the prelim and final illustration he did for a Little Nemo Tribute book.

Graham, Brandon - Vancouver artist who's work seems to be a hybrid of Moebius and Seth Fisher.  Walrus DPS with William Gibson Neuromancer theme(as published) , Thickness page with 2 prelims 1 and 2, Multiple Warheads back cover, Mutliple Warheads page, King City pages 112 and 158 and the cover to Cinema Sewer #18(prelim and as published).

Orchard, Eric - Maddy Kettle pages 1, 2 and 3, Marrow Bones splash and Fox in Boat Print art(with prelim and final print) and Puck.

O'Leary, Jay - a tattoo artist from Idaho trying to make it in comics.  Great layouts. Torso art (giant, poster sized), PUSH page 12 pencil prelim and prelims 1, 2, 3, on strike 1 and 2, bang 1, 2 and 3.  Then came the original art to Push #1, his self published comic.  Cover and pages 2, 3, 4/5, 6, 7 and 12 plus prelims of the cover and pages 2, 2, 4, 4/5, 6, 6, 7 , 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 plus a pin-up prelim.

Peppino, Pablo - a great Argentinian artist who was an assistant to Eduardo Risso.  I found him at the NYC comic con and really liked the work I saw from his kickstarter project.  I bought a page (his first) and had him do a commission and dedication (also both his firsts).  He was as thrilled as I was about the whole thing.  I bought a page from Skies of Fire (page 15) with and without patch and here is the dedication and commission he did of Corto Maltese.  Finally a dedication for a friend.

Strip art:
Foster, Harold - Prince Valiant 5/18/69
Godwin, Frank - 3 great dailies.  4/13/55, 7/16/59 and 8/11/59.
Taliaferro, Al - Donald Duck Daily 11/12/56

Romero, Enrique - Modesty Blaise daily 9929 and AXA Daily #57
Waugh, Colton - Dickie Dare Daily 8/29/35
Hart, Johnny - B.C. Daily 1/4/71
Morse, Wesley - Bazooka Joe Gag 1-62-9
Dirks, Rudolf - Captain and the Kids Sunday 1/23/44
Ross, Russell - Jane Arden Daily 4/20/46
Weare, Tony - Matt Marriott Daily 36 and 37.
Dodd, Ed - Mark Trail Sunday 1/6/49
Prentice, John - Rip Kirby Daily 3/11/69
Raymond, Alex - Rip Kirby Daily 6/21/50, 10/27/53 and 6/8/54
Moriera, Ruben - Rubimor Tarzan Sunday 2/9/47
Greene, Vernon - Shadow Daily A7 circa 1940 (?tryout pre-publication)
MacNelly, Jeff - Shoe Daily 1/25/83 and 2/9/80
Maxon, Rex - Tarzan Daily #48, 1935
Caniff, Milton -  Terry and the Pirates Daily 8/11/37.
Capp, Al - Lil Abner Daily 5/22/45 and 9/14/40
Adams, Neal - Ben Casey Dailies 4/5/66 and 7/9/66.
Longaron, Jorge - Friday Foster Sunday 1973
Browne, Dik - Hagar daily 12/20/76
Wright, David - Carol Day daily 1323
Kelly, Walt - Pogo Daily 5/23/55
Drake, Stan - Juliet Jones Daily 7/18/73

Ducks.  It has taken me a long time but I think Disney and their ducks are finally catching on in my interests.  Here are 3 Carl Barks prelims/layouts for Junior Wood Chucks #10 with attached images of the final pages in Gold Key as well as the Dann Jippes European versions later published by Gladstone in North America. 1 , 3, 10.  Also, a Dann Jippes Donald Duck #90 cover and a Junior Woodchucks #73 cover by Pete Alvarado and Bill Wright. 

New Art as of January 17th, 2014.
  Wow! I started this update in January 2013 but didn't get around to finishing it until now.  It is big because a lot of smaller fun pieces and prints found their way into my collection this year. Hopefully I'll do better than an annual update going forward.

I have been using Mylar bags for my comic strip art for years.  I bought a large batch at that time and slowly they have all been used up.  I ordered another, larger batch.  I have had many people ask me about the bags for years.  I got enough made than I can sell a few.  $4 each in lots of 10 or 25 ($40 and $100) with shipping of $25 anywhere in North America.  The bags are 24 inches by 8.  Shipping to Europe will be a lot more.  Contact me if interested.   Here are some pics of the bags. 1, 2 , 3.

My biggest piece to date.  It is by my all time favorite artist Bill Sienkiewicz and came to me from a friend who has had this piece for years.  I had always admired it but it was always untouchable.  Here it is, the cover the Elektra Assassin Trade Paperback.  It is a large 30 x 40 inche painting and is far more impressive in person than a scan can do justice too.  In addition to the big piece, there were a number of really cool pieces by Bill that were added this time too.  5 commissions.  Corto Maltese (my favorite of the commissions), Stray Toasters splash recreation, Miller Elektra pencils commision theme piece, recreation of Moon Knight splash with Elektra and a Elektra Lives cover redo by Bill.  The last piece is a cool mixed media piece with a very scary clown used for part of the cover of Batman Blackest Night. 

Pratt, Hugo - here is an artist I have been waiting my whole life to discover.  I read the recent reprint of the Ballad of the Salt Sea with Corto Maltese and I was taken.  I have searched for the other reprints but they are 30 years out of print and not easy to come by but a friend leant me most of them and I have enjoyed them all.  I have a new favorite character and you can see a few commissions starting to show up in my gallery of my new found hero.  Pratt art is not easy to come by and especially not Corto art.  I am happy to add this page from the Ernie Pikie storyline published in Hora Cero #9 by Pratt.  A prime non-Corto example of his work.

Uderzo, Alberto - Jehan Pistolet page.  I grew up reading Asterix and Tintin.  These were my favorite comics.  To own a nice piece by Uderzo is such a milestone.  Unlike some of his older works, Johan Pistolet was later and by then Uderzo had developed his signature style that he would use in Asterix. 

Raymond, Alex - Rip Kirby with Honey in Peril and Rip about to come to the rescue.  If only Pagan Lee were in there somewhere.  Speaking of Pegan Lee, here is a gorgeous Raymond print of her. 

Kubert, Joe - How to Draw Double Page Splash.

Elvgren, Gil - Uncle Sam Wartime ration promotional piece.  Published in both Life and Saturday Evening Post.  As published from tearsheet.

Ehrhart - Puck Illustration.

Caniff, Milton - Not originals but I have taken quite a liking to his prints.  Through a trade deal I got a number of unsigned and uncolored prints that were file copies of Milton Caniff via the collection of long time Caniff assistant Shel Dorf.  In a second big deal, I purchased the Caniff items from the Estate of a photographer of Caniff's around 1946 - 1954.  Many photos, negatives and proofs.  In addition, many prints, some colored, some signed and two originals. 
The highlights are the originals.
Terry and the Pirated daily from 8/3/35 featuring Normandie.
Steve Canyon catfight panel used for a magazine article. I found a copy of the reference photo used by Caniff. 
Holly Hale original used for a print.
Pat Ryan headshot and a nice letter
Portrait of Bill Mitchell used in the Aviation Hall of Fame.
Creations - all of Caniff's major series represented here.
Cooper Calhoun
Doe Redwood
Feeta Feeta
Happy Easter
Miss Lace
Miss Lynx
Miss Mizzou
Reed Kimberly
Steve Canyon
Steve Canyon
Steve Canyon
Steve Canyon
Summer Smith Olson
and 4 cool publicity photos of Caniff in studio and with model 1, 2, 3, 4.
From the estate and other purchases, prints of
April Kane, Miss Lace 1, 2, 3, 4 Princess Snowflake 1 and 2, Steve Canyon 1, 2, 3, Cooper Calhoon1 and 2, Deen Wilderness, Delta 1 and 2, Feetafetta 1 and 2, Happy Easter colored and uncolored, Madame Lynx, Maid IX, Miss Mizzou uncolored x 2, Herself Muldoon, Summer Smith Olsen 1, 2, 3.

Dragonlady commissions from Big Wow and a few online deals.
Dragonlady sketch by Shel Dorf, Kyle Holtz, Thorny Silas, Art Adams, Sergio Aragones, Danny Bulanadi, Richard Sala, Mateo Scelera, Dave Williams, Alex Nino, Bruce Mutard, Sanya Anwar, Deam Yeagle, Ian Gibson and Comiccon Caniff Tribute by Randy Reynaldo.

Also in Dragonlady commission theme group but worthy of a few words on its own, a commission from Barron Storey of Corto Maltese and the Dragonlady.  This was an amazing experience and Barron worked through many prelims and problems in his sketchbook.  He made a printout collage of sorts of the images he drew and put it on the back of the art.  The final bonus were the 2 pages from his sketchbook/journal he included. 

Corto Maltese Commissions by Bill Sienkiewicz, Alphonso, Michael Cho, Darwyn Cooke, Tom Yeates and Stephane Roux

McKeever, Ted - large mixed media piece. The King of Los Moertos.

Jean, James - large pencil and pencil crayon illustration by James Jean published as advertising for AND1 shoes.

Colan, Gene - Tomb of Dracula #54 cover by the legendary pairing of Colan/Palmer.  (without overlay).  Also,  page 20 from issue #34.

Romita, John Sr. - TV Guide Spiderman Cover.  Layouts by Romita Jr. but pencil and inks by Romita Sr.

Stelfreeze, Brian - Clarie Danes from Romeo and Juliet.  She will forever be Juliet in my eyes. 

Sale, Tim - Femme Fatale illustration.

Siner, Nicolas - La Grise fantasty illustration painting.

Moore, Terry - two great pin-ups of Francine and Katchoo that I believe are published.

Adlard, Charlie - great Walking Dead pages.  Issue #42 page 16 and Issue #81 page 20.

McKean, Dave - Rogue Trooper #6 cover - mixed media and large.

Akira commission by Thorny Silas

Duranona, Leo - Eerie #96 pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.  Very Toppi-esque.

Flowers, Dan - 3 girl gags 10/16/67, 1/14/66 and 5/15/67.

Chaykin, Howard - Robin Hood Protfolio art. Also, a piece I have had a long time but never posted before. The cover to Amazing Heroes #29 and the first appearance of Ruben Flagg (predates American Flagg by several months).  It is done several layers.  Here it is as composite image.

Strip art.
King, Frank - Gasoline Alley Dai